Starting on 3/19/12-Anyone want to join?

  • Hello! I am restarting BFL on 3/19 after stopping about a month and a half ago due to sickness. I need a friend to keep me motivated and to compete with..also to bounce ideas off of back and forth. Anyone starting on 3/19? 


  • I'll buddy with you.  I just signed up today.  I'm not sure how to find the workouts?  If you are interested, shot me an email at


  • yay! let"s go.... I'm in too.....


  • Alright!! I am excited for Monday!  Let me know how your first day was and I'll do the same!

  • Hi Candace,

    I began this past Monday, but I'm there with you.  Have you set up a journal and an eating plan?

  • in terms of a food plan.. I am using FITDAY to track all my food... they are free on their site. or you can download the application for a notebook for $20.  the advantage to buying the prorgram, is that you can personalize foods.

  • Did you consider using the BFL food plan?

  • Trying Again,

    Thank you! I am jacked about starting again!  I am using the BFL journal, eating plan I am still working on. I'm finding that I keep repeating my meal ideas over and over again in the same week, which is boring so I am searching for other ideas.

  • I am starting today the 18th (my free day will be Saturday I decided), so I'll be right there with you when you start tomorrow!!!  Yay for us!!!!  I am going to make today my cooking day to get ready for the week because, like you, I get bored and want to have new things to eat throughout the week.  It helps me feel less deprived and less likely to want to cheat.  I've been using the  Eating for Life book and I really like a lot of those recipes.  So far I really like the golden pancakes, ham and egg casserole, tuna casserole, breakfast burrito, and chicken pita pizza.  I've been making the recipes all week but haven't started the exercise program until today.  I am going to check in every day here so we can stay on track.  I'm with you all the way!!!  

  • Hi, I will be starting my 3rd challenge tomorrow. My first challenge I quit after the 3rd week, second challenge I went from 164 lbs to 138lbs and felt absolutley great! Unfortunatly my husband was in a car wreck and had severe spinal injuries. I have used this as an excuse to fall back into old habits and have gained back to 160lbs. I really only put half of what i could into that second challenge and still had amazing results. I'm hoping to put 100% into this one and learn to deal with stress in a better way than eating my way through it. Also has an easy to use free food program called my plate, I think it can be down loaded to phone apps also. Yes I plan on using the meal plan here but it can be entered into sites such as myplate where it will give you calorie count and nutrional info if that makes it easier or more motivational for you to track your food.

  • Hello, everyone my name is Lewis Bray I'm about 315 pounds and I'm only 21. i live in the UK I'm getting ready to grind the the holymcholyson of out this! here to give support just as much as getting it. not going to to go on to much, because i did that in the past and it didn't get me anywhere I hope i can may be get in contact with some of you to get tips and tricks to get through those tough times!

    Thank you Lewis

  • I'm with you!

  • I am starting today, really really excited.  I'm with you and anyone else that is just now starting the program.

  • Is there a program that tracks our food? Or the paper version of food goals and stuff that I see in the BFL book?  Or if there is something on the site-I'd be interested, please tell me where on the site it is.  I'm new to all of this. Thanks!

  • Here we go!