MARCH 12, the first day of the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Starting on March 12th, I would love the support of someone else starting with me.  A few questions, what snack bars and shakes should I get?  My goal is to lose fat and gain muscle, I do not what to get huge just more fit and improve my overall health.  I am currently 185lbs (down from 205) just be changing my diet, now I have to lose all that soft suff around the middle.  Any help would be great?

  • Hi Shane. I'm starting on the 12th as well. I'm new to this challenge also.


  • Are you going to use the snack bars and shakes?

  • Hey Amy, just spoke to EAS.

    In case you were going to use the supplements here is some information

    Myoplex shake after workout

    and Myoplex lite shake or bar as meal replacement.

    I think you would use the Myoplex Lite after workout, they made it seem like males use the original and female use the lite after workout, double check to be sure.

    Oh well thought I would share, good luck

  • Hi Shane. I am planning on using the shakes and bars. Although I'm not a fan of shakes. Thanks for the information.

  • Hi there,

    I just started on the 1st and I've already lost 4 lbs in a week.  Make sure you don't miss your snacks, it really helps at night.  I used to eat really good during the day and would be starving at night so that's where my weight collected.  But now I'm eating throughout the day and I'm not starving like I used to.  I've been eating the Balance Nutrition Bars for my snack time, cookie dough...yummy!  Its hard but not as bad as I thought :) You're gonna do great!  Good Luck!

  • 46 yo male here. I am reading the book (again-read it 10 years ago) and plan on starting monday morning. It's also my birthday-what better day to start right?. Im stocked up on myoplex and betagen. I have a bench and a full set of dumbells and a cardioglide. Good luck and let's stay in touch.

  • Thanks so much. Any more tips you have would be great.

  • Nothing better than starting on your birthday. Good luck.

  • Count me in!!  I did this for the first time in 2003 with great results.  Looking forward to feeling focused again.

  • Starting today and would love to be member of group

  • What are you guys planning to do for cardio? I have a cardio glide but I plan to walk for bike ride somedays.

  • Kodiak, some suggestions ..

    -Use the forms religiously-you'll see progress when you up your weights on exercises.

    -Myoplex for 3 of the six meals. Betagen helps muscle recovery.

    -Start at very reasonable weight amounts-the 1st set may seem too easy but you'll see why on the high points.  Move up weight when highpoints aren't a struggle.

    -Use the eating form to plan meals-eating right is easier when they are planned and not by accident.

    -I always have low fat cottage cheese and yogurt on hand.

    -I use the 16 oz gatorade bottles for water. I always have 5 or 6 in the fridge chilled and just refill.

    -Watch your alcohol intake as it supresses your gains for a day or 2. I rarely drink anymore so shouldn't be a problem for me.Not to mention trying to get in a workout when you are hungover.

    -Plan a way to workout if you travel. This was a big issue my first time.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks for the info

    When I spoke to the people at EAS nutrition they told me to take the myoplex original after workout and  take the betagen 3 times a day and use the myoplex lite bars and shakes for snacks between meals.

    Three times a day seems like a lot for the betagen

    I started making my meals for the week, I am looking forward to starting.

  • Tread mill 90 % of the time and some biking