?'s from a beginer...

  • I will be starting my program tomorrow and wondered if there were strong opinons on two things:

    1. is it ok to add a 20 min. kettle bell routine in addition to the described plan on cardio days?

    2. Am I correct in understanding that on weight training days you will really only do one main exercise per muscle group end that with a "12 rep super set" of a second exercise? If so, is there anything wrong with pushing past the 12 reps or would the opinion be that more weight should have been used instead?



  • You could work in kettle exercises as your superset, something to think about.  If you would like to do it after your HIIT, you need to keep it at low/ moderate intensity and I would only do about 10 minutes.  You could work in an extra 40 minute cardio day low/ mod intensity with your kettle belle routine on your normal free day.  Here is my reference, hope it helps ;)  hussmanfitness.org/.../TPBodyforLife.html

  • Oh I forgot to answer part two, I normally go past 12 if I can, but then adjust for my next workout ;)

  • Thank you!