Starting (again) Monday February 27!

  • Hi all,

    Can I jump in too?  I started last week, but everyone seems to be similiar!  I have a 2 & 4 year old; work full time and need some me time!

    Here are my current stats:


    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 155 lbs (current 149.5!)

    BF%: 33.3% (yikes!) and did fitness assesment at the Y = below average

    Did my pictures (hooorrribbbble!), but it will only get better from here!

    By the end of the 12 weeks - reduce body fat to 24% and above average on my fitness assesment!  

    We can all do this!  

  • Wow, am I sore from LBWO yesterday, feels great though.  

    I am taking photos and measurements tonight----scary!

    Happy Day 4!

  • Hi gang,

    I also started Mon. 2/27 and woo am I feeling the LB workout! Made myself hit the treadmill this morning was difficult since legs still sore but I pulled it off!

  • Tuesday, I did TRX class and I am still sore today, but I am up for my upper body workout tonight!  Cardio was difficult yesterday.  I just can't keep the up on drinking water - breakfast check, morning snack check - drink H2O.

    Have a GREAT day everyone!  Keep up the good work too!


  • hey for those of you who have done this before - what tips can you give me for surviving during travel? I have to attend a conference in April which will involve tons of food.  Any suggestions?

  • Cattymeow, I would try to stick to eating whole foods---like chicken, fish, even meat and veggies with little or no sauces/breading.  Lots of fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal.  Also, workouts should be great at a equipment!

  • I am worried about my cardio today, my bootie and legs are sore from yesterday! :)

  • thx guys for the tips...yes I was thinking of getting the Myoplex shakes as my between-meal snacks.  Many times the hotel yogurt is full of sugar. Maybe bring some hard boiled eggs too lol...but my overarching goal is the fact that it's in Miami and I'll be wearing a bikini!!!  nothing like that picture to keep me motivated....

  • cattymeow, I was going to suggest the Myoplex shakes and don't forget the bars. The biggest thing to remember is that by April you would've made some much progress and you don't want to ruin that hot body in the bikini :) In addition to what NashGal said stay away from the bread, lol If it's whole wheat just have one slice (especially if it's a bagel). You can bring the oatmeal packets....all you need is hot water. I would also suggest that in the evening try not to have carbs with your meat....just veggies. The reason I say this is because who knows how or what they are adding to all the food that you will be eating throughout the day; some things are out of our control (additional sauces, dressings, etc), this kinda balances it out, I guess, lol. Anyway, I did that in the past when I had vacations etc and it worked.

  • Hi all!

    Happy March! Hope everyone is doing well today. It is snowing here in NH and I'm looking forward to getting outside with my 3 y/o later to build a snowman! I haven't gotten in my cardio yet today but hope to do it once I get out of work and have to head home to the little ones. I am still walking around like an old lady from yesterday's LBWO - ouch!

    I STILL haven't done my photos and measurements. I need to get on that before I get too far into this. Tonight I hope to get it done.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!


  • Jess-

    I completely understand about getting your workout done right after work and before you head home!  Good luck with the snow (rare here in Mississippi).  Soreness = stronger muscles!  Also, I have tried this drink H2O with baking soda and this neutralizes your bodies chemicals that make your muscles sore.  I notice a difference, but it taste like salt water.

    Get the photos done too - I look at mine every morning and it just keeps me inspired of the "old me"!  

    Have a good day & enjoy your cardio!


  • Tonja, really? Water & baking soda.....oh goodness, lol. My grandmum would give that to me when I had an upset stomach as a kid, lol. I'll have to try that again. Especially since my butt is sore from running this AM.

    No snow here in DC only sunny skies, sorry Jess :P. I have to admit (originally from Canada) I do miss the snow :)

    Everyone have an awesome day where ever you are and get that workout in!!!

    ~Zsa Zsa

  • Hi Tonja!

    Thanks for the tip! I also wanted to say that I love the way you broke down the weeks in your profile. I think that is a great idea and will have to do that myself.

    I think seeing a photo of myself everyday will definitely motivate me to keep going towards my goal. I am still carrying 15 extra pounds from my last pregnancy (have a beautiful 3 month old little boy) and let's not talk about the 10 I never lost from my first pregnancy!

    Like you, I need to work at becoming more of a morning person. I belong to the Y here and I will have to look into the health assessment that you took. I would be curious to see just how out of shape I currently am...and it will definitely give me something to strive for.

    All the best,


  • Yikes!  I have learned that I can NOT go out to lunch with my coworkers and eat Mexican.  Those chips & salsa - I just started slamming them down with out thinking about it!  I did order a good grilled chicken salad, but it wasn't worth the chips.   Next time, they want Mexican I will have to say no or offer to go to a safer place for me.  Geez!

    I still have an upper body workout tonight - I will keep on track & the rest of the day.

    I hope everyone else is doing well.

    Jess, I am in the same boat...  I did Jenny after my 1st (he's 4) and lost all of it!  Then, I did the HCG and lost all of it, (baby girl is 2) but it came back.....  I didn't get in shape, but I fit in my old clothes.  This time. I want more energy, to be healthier and show/tell my kids that it takes work to be healthy.  

    Y is a good place - I just had to make an appointment for my assessment & our cardio equipment is so cool.  I just bought a heart monitor & it automatically links up to the Y cardio and keeps up with my heart beats per minute; it will log it and send an email to my house to log it.

    Another person that I am following/friends with has a blog and it is just inspiring to read & she is few weeks in front of us.

    Enjoy reading and maybe I should blog, but I have no idea how to do that.

    Have a great evening & work out!


  • Hello,

    I am getting in the convo kind of late, but I also started (again) on Monday.

    I'm thinking of my body in a bikini so I am not giving up this time.

    5'5, 147 lbs.