Starting (again) Monday February 27!

  • Tonja, GREAT JOB girl! Took me a minute to figure out they were in an Excel doc... but I definitely see changes! And 14 pounds of body fat is ROCKIN'! I think you're right, another Challenge will get you to that final stage of being tight and toned, but don't discount the tremendous progress you made this time around. Plus, you stuck it out! You are part of the 5% who made it to Day 84!

    I am actually canceling my photo shoot. I am definitely not as lean as I want to be, and I know I am not going to shed another 5% body fat in one week. I am starting in a similar place as Tonja and simply don't feel confident enough, yet, to be a in a bikini. But this is the beginning, not the end! Honestly though, I am relieved to be almost done with the eating part. The workouts are no problem. But I like being allowed to make [conscientious] food choices; if I want bacon or some goat cheese, by gosh I want to be able to have some.

    Last week I found an incredibly awesome blog called that is amazing. It really breaks down myths and gives great information on nutrition, training, cardio, etc. Some methods described in it are similar to B4L (HIIT cardio, strength training, etc) and in addition it has given me some great ideas and perspective over the past week.

    T, that book you picked up sounds great. I may look into it. Thankfully I really didn't grow up with food or body image issues but I know a lot of people who did and are worse for it, and a lot of that had to do with their parents and the general stigma surrounding eating ("clean your plate", "the are people starving in China", etc). You should also check out a book called 'The 9-Inch Diet', it's written by Alex Bogusky who is an ad mogul and my former boss. lt talks about how our portions have increased dramatically (along with our waistlines) over the past decades. The book basically says you should eat off a 9" plate which is what families used to do; now our plates are 12" or more! It's the same idea as the palm/fist method: What place serves a cut of meat that small these days, or a potato that small? They don't. You're even hard pressed to find items that small in the grocery store. One steak from the butcher counter is usually enough for 2 people or even 3. I ran into this today at the store. I bought a piece of salmon and it was just shy of a pound. The fish guy asked if that was enough and I said "Oh yeah, it's for 3 people" and he really looked at me funny.

    Time to finish dinner: Making lean chili with little cornbread muffins. I am back to eating breads; my system got MAJORLY out of whack when I cut bread out of the picture. I got cold sores and major constipation (TMI?) so I decided to just start having it again. The bread I buy is organic, locally baked, only 50 cals, 18g carbs and 4g fiber per slice so it is good stuff anyway.


  • Good morning,

    I hope you guys see the light at the end of the tunnel!  T, I am glad the you found a book - very interesting!  My Mom had hyperthyroid disease (didn't know it), but ate horribly & never gained wieght.  I was bean pole & played sports 24/7 which kept me thin, but I would eat & eat...  Then, I hit 30 - bam, life change.   MW, completely agree with proportions are way off in our society.  I am watching what I eat proportionly too.  I am definately sticking to the 6x a day too.  I have had family in for the past couple of days & wow - everything was HUGE & I was stuffed.  Did my UBWO this morning and planning the rest of the week to follow it (didn't plan to switch to 5-25 program) and work on a few more goals.  Have a good week!

  • Good afternoon,

    It is pretty peaceful on this forum... I am hoping you guys are chugging away!  Slept in this morning had freaking CRZY dreams and didn't want to get up.....   TRX tonight & doing my ab workout.  

    Keep it up & its almost over!


  • Hi Tonja,

    Yes, I am chugging away. Did Jillians DVD yesterday and was sore right after!

    Plan on toggling between her cardio DVD and her weight DVD 6x a week.

    So are you officially in challenge two?

  • Hey, T!

    I am unofficially just doing shorter challenges until the fall.  Following the nutrion side, but being a little easier on myself.  It is weird once the pressure is off its just easy.  Doing BFL workouts this week & 5-25 next week and for a few weeks then back to BFL.  I need a change up... I am comfortable with the workouts.    Glad to hear you still at it!


  • LBWO done!  TRX class was great last night - she had us do some of the workout on bosu balls which kept it very interesting & the AC was out.  I was sweating for 2 reasons.  Have a great day guys...when is your last day??


  • I think the last day is technically Monday, May 21 but I'm going with Sunday the 20th. I sort of took a "Free Day" on Tuesday because I overdid it on lower body and needed a break. The day off helped... did my HIIT cardio yesterday morning and rocked it. 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5mph for my 10! When I started, my 10 was 6.5 mph. It's just amazing how much progress a person can make in 12 weeks.

    I have had MAJOR sugar cravings lately. Yesterday I walked by a boutique cupcake shop and the urge to go in was ridiculous. I am going to have some grapefruit with breakfast this morning instead of my usual mainstay of oatmeal or toast and see if that helps. In the meantime I'm actually eating cereal again (plain bran flakes or raisin bran), and had a couple small brandy snap cookies my husband's sister made the the other day. At this point I would rather bend, albeit very slightly, to the cravings so I don't binge next week.

    The other day I couldn't resist and measured. My wearing waist is down another 3/4"! I don't really see it in the mirror but jeans that used to be tight are definitely loose now, and jeans that used to not fit at all are fitting fine. It's definitely a good thing.

    The end feels somewhat anticlimactic though... photo shoot cancelled. Probably won't make my body fat % or weight goals, but that's ok. I have come far, as have all of us. And this is just the beginning!

  • MW- Wow, 9.5! That's awesome. I could only get up to 9.0 before I stopped doing BFL.  I am with you on giving in to the cravings, just a little, so I won't binge eat. Knowing I can have it in small quantities doesn't make me feel deprived. The other night I had 4 ginger snap cookies. I had eaten dinner and my net calories for the day was only 846 and I was still hungry. Following what my new book says, I honored my hunger instead of depriving myself and had 4 cookies and some almonds. I felt satisfied after that.

    Tonja- I stopped BFL weeks ago so I don't have an end date. I've been doing Jillian and eating healthy. I love Jillian's DVD's. I have a love/hate relationship with that woman. BF is buying me another one of her DVD's this weekend, Ripped in 30. It got 5 stars on Amazon. I can't wait.

    And what is a boso ball? LOL You always do exercises that sound so interesting.

  • MW, way to go 3/4" is amazing.  Your cardio 10s kill me & I did mine this morning ...still not awake enough to run that fast.  I almost fall off at 7.  Also, I completely understand about the anitclimatic end.  Funny, I am much better with everything that I do and I was wanting sooo much to have one of those picture perfect transformations, but I'll take what I got...I am just still chugging along just with a little more realistic goals this time.  Keeping my proportions correct too.  

    T, bosu ball is like half a excerise ball on a small stand.  I use to do squats & standing lunges on makes you really work on stabilizing yourself. & see the picture of one.  Glad to see your still at it and I will need to check out the Jillian too.

    Today, is Thursday and TRX class was on Tues. PM and my butt is sooo freakin sore!  It hurts to go up & down steps and to sit.  It must be good combination.  Currently, still doing the BFL workout


  • YOUUU  GUYS DID IT!!  Let me know your results too.  I'm going threw burn out this week!?!  I thought you could just swing into another mini-challenge.  I have been absolutely exhausted & taking a few days off this weekend and then going to the gym, but not hitting my 10s just going to keep up my routine.  

    MW, ran outside on Sunday did 2.8 miles - died!  I jogged about 45% - it is getting steamy here & I did around 8am too.


  • Hey everyone! WOW that was a long, amazing 84 days. Phew!!

    I should probably be super excited but I hit a burnout point too, all last week. Got in only 2 or 3 workouts; I honestly don't remember. My husband's 22-year-old sister moved in with us (from out of state) and it threw my entire world out of flux. We are in no position to accommodate her and apparently us saying "Hey, come visit some time!" means "Hey, if you ever break up with your boyfriend and have no money, come on out!"

    Despite that, I did maintain my clean eating and am back on the wagon this week with active rest. Emphasis on active. I KILLED a super tough hike yesterday. My average from trailhead to summit for this particular hike used to be about 1 1/2 hours. Yesterday, I did it in 45 minutes. After working up a mondo appetite I went out to dinner with my husband for my birthday. We went to a new-style Italian restaurant that uses lots fresh and local ingredients. It was an amazing meal, and pretty darn healthy too.

    Tonja, good job on the 2.8 miles! You'll get there. Keep up with the HIIT and maybe add in a distance run each week and see how goes? I am going to start doing that: 3 days of strength and/or core exercises, 2 days of HIIT and 1 day of either a distance run or a hard hike.

    So yeah, stats. Didn't meet my body fat goal (wanted to be at 23%), but the inches I lost is mind blowing. So I'm taking that as a triumph because I really had no idea where I would be with that. Here is a quick summary with Before / After listed for each.

    Weight: 161 / 152  (-9lbs)

    Body Fat: 31.5 / 26.2  (-5.4%)

    Hips: 38.5 / 37.625  (-0.875")

    Chest: 31 / 32.25  (+1.25")

    Wearing Waist: 37.75 / 35.5  (-2.25")

    True Waist: 33.875 / 29.5  (-4.375") (WOAH!)

    Thigh Left: 23.5 / 21.625  (-1.875")

    Thigh Right: 23.5 / 21.5  (-2.0")

    Calf Left: 14.375 / 14.125  (-0.25")

    Calf Right: 14.75 / 14.5 (-0.25")

    Bicep Left: 11.875 / 11.75 (-0.125")

    Bicep Right: 12 / 12 (0)

    Total Inches Lost: 10.75"

    Wow! My body composition has also changed drastically. I lost about 11lbs of fat and my body is much leaner and more toned looking, especially in my arms and legs. The rest will get there.

    Hope everyone is having a good week!

  • Hi gang,

    Long time no speak/hear!!  How is everyone doing?  What are y'all doing?  I ended up with an Internet personal trainer/coach (I've been following him more or less for a couple of years, but now signed up for coaching) and have lost a few more pounds. The abs are looking pretty cool!  Thighs shrunk but not quite where I want them to be.  Also following a different eating plan but it still revolves mostly protein and veggies with some very healthy carbs and fruit.  

    Just wanted to check in and find out what's going on, if anything.

    Take care,


  • Hi Catty!!!

    I was thinking about you all the other day as well. I started Grad school so I've been pretty busy. Haven't really had time to focus on working out, etc. Eating is pretty good during the week but once the weekend comes, it's all over with. LOL

    The online personal trainer sounds interesting? Where did you find him/her and is it expensive?

  • Hi N,

    No I don't think he is expensive but I guess that is all relative.  His name is John Romaniello and he's really cool.  He also goes by Roman Fitness Systems.  You pay for a 4 month minimum or 6 month max.  This new coaching program he started in May was limited to 10 people, and if we have awesome results we may end up in his next book! As scary as that sounds, the reason I did it was b/c I was ready for the next level, so to speak.

    I know what you mean about the weekends.  I had a party last weekend so I asked him about the feast/fast thing.  I feasted at the dinner party and next day I didn't eat until dinnertime.  It was pretty rough, never did that before, but it's supposed to help reset your metabolism after you've been "dieting".  I swear, if my current career doesn't work out I'm going into personal training and nutrition LOL!

    BFL was a great program which helped set me up to go to the next level.  Tell me about grad school.  What are you studying? Are you going full time/not working? It's funny, I went to school for so many years and even when I finished law school, I still went back for various courses like Spanish or whatever.  I forget, I'm sorry, did you post earlier that you have children? How old are they?

    It's going to be 100 degrees in Philly today.  Ain't complainin I love the heat.  Stay cool, wherever you are!


  • Hi guys,

    I have fell off the BFL wagon just this week......3 year old Birthday Party, out of town & 4 year old swim lessons.... busssyy!  I have gotten out of rythm and TIRED.  I am trying to figure out next week & plan a little better and get back to it.  Sound like you guys are rolling right along.  N, I remember you talking about going back to school!  Cathy, I am with you changing my career to personal training & nutrition - sound like a good idea to me too.  My brother (who is very over wieght) is on a diet plan that has no preservatives...........nothing processed and has to make everything, but has lost 40lbs in 5 weeks!  I am so proud of him & hopefully he will be able to start exercising too.  So, I think the nutrion is the key - I just wish it could be simplier & quick to just cook all of it.  He has to make almost everything on Sunday for the week.  

    Keep in touch,