Starting (again) Monday February 27!

  • T & MW-

    I think that you guys are doing GREAT & it is soo nice to see the end of the tunnel.  I read the same article this afternoon at lunch.  If I would've read it before now, I would add more cardio and maybe the free meal 3 times during the week.  I don't know?!  I had some pretty large expectations on the front end, but after reading the Hussman article - I have waay too much body fat to lose in just one challenge.  

    Catty, I think adding CARDIO is a great idea.  

    T & Catty, enjoy the movie too!  If its not Disney, we aren't watching it or Batman cartoon.  We need a date night!!

    Have a good weekend,


  • Good morning guys!

    Yes, I finished my UBWO this morning and it was my last!  So, sweet.  I am going to get up and do cardio tomorrow too.  I have my last assessment and I think it will go well.  This morning I really noticed how much stronger I am than just a few weeks ago!  

    I hope you guys enjoyed the weekend & the movies!

    Keep going strong!


  • Hello all,

    I don't want to jinx myself, but as of last Saturday two more pounds lost!!!  Hoping it's the extra cardio, or the logging of my calories.  Please please let it continue lol!!  Though I probably lost ground over the weekend, what with Cinco de Mayo and my older son's birthday.  My cheat meal involved guacamole and Carvel's mint choc chip ice cream cake.  Oy.  This morning it was back to the drawing board (i.e. the gym).  I missed my weekend HIIT cardio but to be fair, I probably walked about an hour at a huge outdoor flea market, then danced until my legs wobbled on Saturday night!

    Yes Tonja the whole family enjoyed the movie.  And I second your idea of a date night.  My husband and I began doing that a few months ago and it really brings us together, we can interact and talk about non-kid related things.  Though it usually ends up involving the kids anyway....

    I've been thinking about what will follow after this is done.  I'm kinda not that keen on circuits (the 5/25 thing).  I know they are really great and in theory they sound awesome, but the problem is my gym.  Jumping from one thing to the other, with no rest in between, is going to be impossible if the weights I want are on the other side of the gym, or if someone is on the machine I want.  That's why regular sets work, b/c usually when one person is finished a set, the other jumps in while you are resting.  Ive done circuits in the past and it's been a problem, trying to go directly into the next thing.  Just don't know how to resolve that one.

    Ok gang fully speed ahead! We are nearing the finish line it's in sight!


  • Good morning/afternoon all-

    Tonja- When is your last official day of the challenge? I can't wait to see your progress pics!

    The Avengers was AWESOME!!!! I want to go see it again. They say it grossed 200.3 million this weekend, the most ever in history.

    Catty- good for you losing those two pounds. How much cardio have you added and how many calories are you taking in? As I've said before, I'm going to start adding more cardio this week. I know what you mean about the circuit training at the gym. Unless you belong to a smaller gym and you go on off peak hours, it's almost impossible to jump from one to the other. The only suggestion I have is building your own home gym. Since the weight will most likely be light because you're having to move from one exercise to another, you could probably just buy a few sets of dumbbells. When I do Jillian Michael DVD's (which is all circuit training) I use my 3 and 5 pound dumbbells, but she is doing more aerobic type weight training, moving really fast.

    I love Mondays (and hate them). Monday is always a "start over" day. LOL My weekend consisted of Italian food, popcorn, and biscuits. But today is a new day and I'm getting back on the wagon. UBWO plus cardio tonight.

    MW- where you at girlie?

  • T, Today is my 84th day!  Completely, understand about Monday's - I used as my wiegh in day to keep me on track over the weekends, but when the scale stopped - ugh!  I stopped all together weigh in & using my clothes.  I hope my pics show something, I might have to change bathing suits to help.  I am going to enter because I finished, but it will take another challenge to get to the next step/level.  Read in the hussein article was in one of MW posts.  A lot of the champions added extra cardio.

    Keep it strong,


  • Hey all! Holy moly what a weekend! I am exhausted. Got up and did HIIT this morning but I had to back off on the treadmill speeds a little bit... I realized once I started going how completely fatigued I am from the weekend. Saturday I taught at the BMWCCA Driver's School, then Sunday was the race event. I got 2nd place out of 9 drivers in Ladies Class! I actually had the fastest raw time but my car is so heavily prepared that my PAX (handicap) is extremely difficult. I not only have to be faster than most of my competitors, but significantly so. It was a great day that my first event I placed, and drove well. But spending 2 full days on not enough sleep (5 hours Friday night and 8 hours Saturday night) in addition to being outdoors in full exposure to sun/wind for 8-10 hours each day really wore me down. I'm spending today cleaning the house (we have pet hair and dirt everywhere!) and shopping for a trailer to tow the race car on. I drove it to/from the site and it is just terrible on the highways. Plus there are always idiots who think I want to street race... ugh.

    My Free Day on Saturday was great. I kept my morning/afternoon eating in check (though I did have some bacon with breakfast) and then for dinner my codriver, my husband, and I went to an amazing Mexican restaurant that has some of the best margaritas ever. I could only get through 1 1/2 before I had to throw in the towel. I have missed margaritas, and chips and salsa. And cheese! I got a combo plate with a huge chile relleno on it... soooo good. Yesterday I couldn't work out because I had to be at the race site mega early and the fitness center at the hotel wasn't open, and I was literally on the go Sunday from 6 a.m. until 8:45 p.m. when we got home. Phew! I did keep my eating in check at least: Two Myoplex Lite shakes for breakfast, a protein bar for a snack, turkey sandwich and carrots and a few dried banana chips for lunch, and I had another shake for another snack. For dinner we stopped along the way and I got a grilled chicken breast with some beans and rice. Taking a huge cooler of food definitely helped get me through. I did accidentally drink a can of Coke yesterday. It was one of those weird moments where I was on autopilot: See cooler of soda, take soda, drink soda, then realize "Oh crap! I just drank a soda!"

    Catty, congrats on the 2 pounds! That is tremendous! My weight is holding steady... time to add cardio to weight days. I'm curious how much you are adding in as well. How about you, T?

    I'm thinking about switching gyms... a Planet Fitness is opening near my house and they are doing their $10/mo introductory rates. I drove by today and the place looks huge. My gym right now is kind of meh: Low ceilings (feels really sweaty in there some days), very small weight area so when it's busy you can barely walk around let alone work out, not very many mirrors, only 2 machines per muscle group for lower body. Plus I'd love to start taking some classes and am hoping Planet Fitness offers that. Sometimes doing this alone feels so solitary. I am SO HAPPY to have you guys for support but it's different when there is someone sweating next to you, pushing you harder, suffering with you. Misery loves company, right? ;)

    Tonja, OMG you are almost there!! Congrats to you and your perseverance! I think you have done a simply amazing job!

    OK time to clean my house. Note to self: Clean BEFORE leaving for the weekend.

  • Quick update: I did go ahead and make the switch to Planet Fitness. They have 99 cardio machines, two circuit training areas, and what looked like at least 12-16 machines for upper and lower body, plus 8 weight benches (my old gym had 3), lots of free weights, and high ceilings which gave the place a much more airy/clean feeling. Lots of perks, cheap rates and no personal trainers; my kind of place!

  • Hi Ladies!

    Tonja, congratulations!  You've made it!!!!!!!

    MW, the race sounds fabulously fun (with lots of waiting parts...I know how that stuff goes).  Enjoy your new gym, I'm totally jealous.  Mine is low-ceilinged, small, crowded and sweaty, but we're in the center of London, and I don't think they come any other way around here.

    Catty, yay for two pounds!

    This past weekend was hard on my challenge.  Out of town guests, dinners and parties and clubs.  I decided to let the diet go but just try to be moderate and make mostly good choices.  I think I did except that I drank a lot more than I have in a long time.  I'm very curious to see how my Tuesday weigh-in will go.

    Now that the guests are gone, I'm having more trouble because my husband is gone to the States for a conference Sun-Thurs.  I do OK on the food without him, but it's VERY hard for me to make it to the gym on my own.  Well, I do the cardio on my own every time, but that's because I know that he's going to get home from work and ask me how my workout was.  So yesterday I was just hung-over all day, and today I didn't make it out of the apartment at all.  So tomorrow will be back to the drawing board, as you so aptly put it, Catty!   MUST...WORK...OUT...

  • Aaw, thanks Faith!  All I can say is just get back to it and I think that you will be fine!

    MW, I think you will enjoy the "big" gym just to change up to some of the classes.  I am hoping they offer TRX or something similiar.

    Catty, I forgot way to go on 2lbs!  5-25, I was just going to do it on the excercise ball & just see how it goes!

    I am actually going to get up early & do the 5-25 cardio.

    Have a good evening,


  • Hey everyone,

    I have been super busy at work because our year end is coming up. Also haven't been feeling good. I think my blood pressure has been really low the last few days and I feel weird. Needless to say I haven't worked out at all this week. However, my diet has been spot on.

    CONGRATULATIONS TONJA!!! You are my hero! Can't wait for the pics.

    MW- Can we trade lives? LOL...yours is so much more exciting. Congrats on second place!!! I keep meaning to respond to your concerns on not losing your midsection by the end. Don't worry about it, it will come off eventually with your hard work. Thank God life doesn't stop after 12 weeks. LOL....Oh, and I joined Planet Fitness awhile ago but then I had to cancel because of the location. It seemed really cool and I like the "No Bully Zone" or whatever it's called. I think they sponsored Biggest Loser this season because all of their equipment was Planet Fitness and when the contestants went home they would workout at a Planet Fitness. Plus they are cheap!!!!!  What more can you ask for? I just wish there were more by my house.

    Ok. off to eat lunch. Have a wonderful day everyone!


  • Time to catch up... happy Hump Day everyone!

    Faith, it sounds like you made the most of the adverse situation. I know how difficult it is when you have guests, parties, social events, etc. I have a friend's BBQ to attend on Saturday so I'm bringing homemade sangria (mmmm!) but will hopefully be able to mostly eat grilled veggies and chicken.

    I started adding in cardio yesterday. I did UBWO and then ran for 22 minutes after. I kept my speed low and once I felt pretty warmed up I kicked the treadmill up to 7.5mph and kept pace for 5 minutes! I wasn't even winded by the cooldown. I am tired today though... HIIT totally kicked my butt. It was great going into a mostly-empty gym at 9 a.m. though; I had a whole row of treadmills to myself.

    Thinking that maybe I am beginning to see that "accelerated process" people talk about in the final weeks. I am definitely feeling thinner every day. Less pooch on my sides, stomach getting flatter still, and my thighs no longer touch in the middle when I stand up straight. I haven't picked up the calipers or the tape; I want to wait until the last day and just give it my all between now and then.

    Lately I have been watching/reading a lot about food quality and am going to start spending a lot more time and money on buying local. Food Inc and The Omnivore's Dilemma are so eye opening. I don't think I ever want to buy food in the grocery store again! Thankfully there are tons of farms in the area so I can buy organic, free-range, non-grain-fed, never-frozen meats. Plus the farmers market stands are opening up so I can buy produce, greens, eggs, and honey from those. Fish is a little trickier so I'll probably have to keep going to Whole Foods for that. I am ready to start eating better quality, fresh food. I am debating on building a self-sustaining greenhouse this fall. One of my friends told me about aquaponics, a self-sustaining plant hydration system where you set up a fish pond and planter boxes. Then you pump the pond water into the plants, which filter out the waste from the fish, use it for growth, and return clean water to the pond. How awesome is that? I am also looking into solar panel leasing for the heat (Colorado has over 300 sunny days per year so there is abundant solar energy to be utilized). I have a friend who welds and can construct the frame for me, then I just have to buy the materials for the sides/roof and build the pond + planter boxes.

    Planet Fitness so far is great. I like the clientele a lot more. It seems like people there are more focused, a younger demographic that I feel more comfortable around, and everyone is super courteous including the staff. It's also nice to have proper locker rooms and showers. One funny thing is that there is not ONE scale in the entire place. Maybe because the gym is so new they simply haven't added any but it's kind of nice. If it's not there, you can't obsess. :)

    TONJA! Where you at? Just wanted to offer my sincere congrats in finishing the Challenge! :) We are hot on your heels girly!

  • I am back - I took a real day off - no TV or internet too!  I had a Monday on Tuesday evening at the Y.  I walk in the door for my assesment and the girls up front told me that trainer CANCELED!  I freaked....  TRX trainer helped me out an hour later.  While we are doing blood pressure - daycare paged me immediately to see them!  Freaked again!  Turned out to be the wrong child.  I thought geez - all I want is to get this done & go home to have my final lap beer!

    So, it looked like I rocked my fitness assesment started at below average and most of my accomplishments were above average.  I got hits on my RHT (after 2 freaks!), flexablitiy (average which was poor) and sit-ups which I went from 30 something to start to 46 in a minute.   I can't explain these sit-ups except that they are awkward kind of half-sit ups.  My assesment didn't print to tell me my actual changes.  I will update that later.  I lost 12lbs!  I took my picture and ugh & I even swiched bathing suits.   I feel that I look better than the picture tells...  

    I am to start another challenge on Monday, eating 6 x a day, doing the 5-25 transforation for a few week and see how it goes.  I think that I look great, but could use improvements in my waist line & legs.   I will post my pics on my profile and I am still trying to decide to enter the challenge.  I think I will because I planned too.  You can do it more than once!


  • Posted my pictures on my profile under files..........  I'll take it, but another challenge and I think I will be happy with my body.  I told MW per my calculations that I lost 14lbs of just fat!  I was at 33% body fat & now at 26%.  I would like to be about 20-21% and that will do it.... I can actually weigh the exact same & reduce BF.  So, I guess you all see my new goal.  Going to start back up on Monday...

    Have a good weekend,


  • Happy Saturday!!!

    Well, I made a decision to get healthy. Not physically but mentally. I have been a binge eater for quite some time now,  most likely because I have been on some kind of diet a good portion of my life. If I'm bored I binge, if I'm lonely I binge, or if I fail one week on a diet I binge. So I started researching books on  Amazon and found a book called "Intuitive Eating". It has really high reviews and my local library just happened to have it. I have been reading it and I am liking it already. It's basically telling you to forget about dieting (because they don't work for physical and psychological reasons and cause eating disorders) and start listening to your body as far as when you're hungry and when you feel satisfied. It explains the whole reason we binge is because, in our minds, we feel like this is the last time we can ever have whatever it is we are eating. That's why I think, for me, the free day is more harmful than helpful. If I just stopped eating when I was satisfied, knowing I can eat more of it later, even if it's only an hour later, than I probably wouldn't have eaten until I felt like I was going to explode and then hated myself after. Which I don't ever think is healthy.

    It's amazing to see the stories in the book and read the reviews online. These people have went through or are going through the same thing as me. I always look at my boyfriends youngest daughter as a great example. When she is full she will tell you when she is hungry she will tell you. One time I tried to give her more dessert than my boyfriend allows and she actually refused it. She said she was full and didn't want anymore. The book talks about this too. How children have a natural intuitive eating ability until adults taint it and try to make them "clean their plates".

    So now my journey is to change my way of thinking about food. I think the first phase you can eat anything you want. There's no such thing as "good" food and "bad" food. Eventually, once you master the art of listening to your body and it becomes second nature, you start to be more health conscious with your food choices. They say eating this way, listening to what your body wants, your body will eventually settle at it's normal healthy weight for your height.

    I wish I would have read this book years ago. My Mother is bulimic and I definitely don't want to go through my whole life with body image issues, an eating disorder, and missing out on social events just because it's not my "free day" or I deem some particular food as "bad".


  • Tonja, you look great!!!!!

    Smaller EVERYWHERE, especially in your midsection. But what's even better is you are now above average on everything and lost 14lbs of pure fat! You go girl!!!