Starting (again) Monday February 27!

  • MW, I live in Mississippi & never heard of the SSS place!  I will try the meatball & mushrooms!  Yum and I have everything at home for that one!  Friday night, dinner is planned.  Thanks!

    YES, I am ready for you to give us more dinner ideas - salmon &  pinapple salsa!  Also, sounds good, but I have tilapia & mahi mahi in the freezer.  

    Sorry about the meal replacer that doesn't taste good.... I bought some protien bars & I couldn't stomach them tasted like rubbery chocolate.  

    I tried something new with my chicken - old bay seasoning (which I use to steam shrimp & boil sweet corn) had a marinade for chicken on the back - it was good & different.  Sodium is high, but I just drank more water.


  • Hmm yeah looks like closest Savory location to you is either Texas or North Carolina... dang! You can order their products online though. You might be able to find something locally otherwise, or just make it by hand.

    Mahi you can just boil with a little salt, pepper and maybe even a small sprinkle of sugar. Then pair with a fruit salsa like pineapple, mango or a green papaya salad (one of my all-time favorite Thai dishes). It goes well with sweet flavors, and is also good in tacos.

    Tilapia I would stay away from. Almost all Tilapia in the United States is farm-raised in China in questionable conditions. They are fed a diet of corn and soy, and it is almost certainly genetically modified feed. This creates fish that has all the flavor of a boiled noodle, the possibility of carrying GMOs, and they have only about 1/8 the Omega-3 fatty acid content of salmon but as many Omega-6 fatty acids (not so good for you) as bacon or 80/20 ground beef.

    Check out Think Thin protein bars. They are sold in some major grocery store chains as well as natural stores. They have NO sugar, 7g fat, 20g protein, and come in a great variety of flavors (chocolate covered strawberry, tangerine, lemon, brownie, espresso, and more). The texture is excellent, they aren't a ridiculous amount of work to eat like a lot of bars tend to be. It's nice to have some true flavor variety too; I am beyond burned out on chocolate and peanut butter protein bars.

    I remember Old Bay from when I lived in North Carolina. Not so well known out here. I have been rubbing my chicken breasts with high quality olive oil and broiling them with salt and pepper. They are coming out incredibly juicy. I might also try some herbes de provence, it usually gives a nice savory flavor. If I have the money next week I am also going to invest in some black truffle oil and experiment with that.

  • Ok, this is just a mini reply to everyone because it's time to go workout.

    First, welcome Faith! The more the merrier.

    Second, mw, at least you're making good choices like just a dab of sour cream and a pinch of cheese. Progress not perfection right. And I can't read your comments anymore because you always make me hungry. Everything sounds delicious. Lol...I am definitely trying the greek taco thingy.

    Tonja, I saw some people on real housewives of OC a few weeks ago doing TRX and I thought of you. Looks interesting. Ill have to check out the site.

    Did anyone see the biggest loser finale? Kim looked AWESOME. It made me start reading my biggest loser book. Someone gave it to me awhile ago but I never did the plan. Might try that next.

    Ok, off to do Jillians Banish Fat Dvd.

  • Yum.. I love the Garden of life and His ('Dr. Jordan Rubin's recepies) here's one with the raw food concept you might want to try. Raw Cheesecake Pudding

    Serves 2 to 4


    1 cup raw cashew butter

    1/3 cup lemon juice

    1/3 cup raw honey

    4 dates

    1 teaspoon vanilla

    ½ teaspoon Celtic sea salt


    In a blender, chop dates first to make sure they will integrate into the pudding smoothly. Combine all remaining ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Refrigerate and serve cold.



  • Mmmmmm!   You guys are all making me hungry, lol!  

    I was feeling discouraged with my rate of weight loss, so I added up my calories and realized I needed to slim my portions down.  I've been being very strict and more boring, since: for instance, instead of making soup from scratch, as I like to do, I found a brand of canned soup with no added sugar, and I'm throwing in 100g of chicken and a little lemon juice and fresh thyme.  that way, the calories don't creep up without my realizing.  It's OK, but not exciting.

    Have you guys read the Hussman Fitness website?  He's the one who wrote the "Why the Body for Life Program Works," .  Anyhow, he's been my favorite go-to guy lately.

  • MW, I was laughing at your description of people in Colorado...I lived there for 8 years (Boulder/Denver) before moving to London.  I remember when I first got there, saying to my sister, "Do you think people get a ticket here if they go on a bike ride without putting on bike shorts and a stretchy shirt?"  It made me laugh.

  • faith, when did you live in Colorado? I grew up out here, in Longmont specifically (15mi NE of Boulder). I moved out East for a few years in the early-mid 2000s and then came back in 2008. SO MUCH changed! I can't believe the population explosion this are has been subjected to. There are still beautiful areas and lots of open space, but places that are populated are busting at the gills. Rush hour, and even daily traffic in general, is just unbelievable out here. I avoid it as much as I can. Good thing I work from home!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the Hussman Fitness site! I am reading through it right now and can feel my spirits picking up and a plan forming in my mind.

    To be honest I've been in kind of a slump this week. I look at my thighs, and my belly, and I think "There is NO WAY I can get all this off and looking good in 2 1/2 weeks." I don't want to overwork myself and the lower fat intake is working out well (chicken, fish, 99% white ground turkey) but I am not sure I believe this stuff is going to magically drop off super fast in the home stretch. Today I made a point to wear a pair of jeans I hadn't been able to wear until 3 weeks ago, to remind myself that all this work is for SOMETHING darnit!

  • FaithRainbow,

    The scale has not been my friend on this challenge & I believe it was on the C9er thread told me to toss it!  So, about 2 weeks ago I decided not to weight or measure.  I can't wait NOW until next week.  I have made my meal plan almost tooo boring - it has been getting to me.  Grilled chicken, grilled chicken & more grilled chicken.  So, I would mix it up and sometimes making from scratch is better......... I am noooo cook, but I have made some of my favorites healthier.  MW is the chef in this group too.  Go back & try her sweet potatoe rounds recipe - I wouldn't cross the road for sweet potatoes, but the recipe is one that I am going to try!  Also, need to check that website too.  

    I know this is funny, but as a kid I wanted to go to school in Boulder!  My Dad had to go to Colorodo Springs to the Coor's plant about every year & he would take us sometimes... beautiful!

    I am on BFL schedule today too.  I did sleep in this morning and cardio will be tonight.  I get crabby on Wednesday nights & I just decided that I need some more ZZZs.  I will get back to it tomorrow.

    MW, I hope you back to cooking interesting meals again - I missed them!

    Have great Thursday!

  • Tonja, funny you mention that. I already have my gears turning for tonight.

    I have a piece of wild-caught halibut, purple cauliflower, a ripe pineapple, white yams, and a red bell pepper to use up before we leave to race this weekend. Talk about wild color variety! I think I am going to cook some quinoa and add some of the red pepper to that, then roast the cauliflower with dark spices, roast the sweet potatoes in my "trademark" style (haha), then broil the halibut and top with pineapple salsa. Should make for a colorful and hopefully tasty meal.

    I think I am going to be sick of chicken soon too. I did find a recipe on Epicurious for lemongrass chicken that was delicious. I cut the oils down to almost nothing and it still made a very tasty marinade. I think I served it with quinoa mixed with lemon juice and olive oil and a side of grilled long beans. Nice, fresh tasting dish.

    Oh and ricanbelly, that cheesecake pudding looks incredible! Definitely going on my to-make list for a Free Day.

  • I stretched out of my comfort zone a little and got a rutabaga for dinner today (they call them swedes here).  I didn't really know what to do with it w/o adding tons of butter, cream or cheese, so  I boiled it and mashed it and added some veggie bouillon powder, then sauteed some extra lean ground beef (they don't seem to be big into ground turkey here--I can't find it), with fresh garlic, ginger, some lemon juice, herbs and spices.  Then I mixed it all together. It looked pretty gross, but it tasted delicious!  I added some fresh rosemary from my kitchen planter, and it ended up tasting a little bit like turkey stuffing.

  • MW, I moved to CO in 2003 and was there till just recently.  For the past almost-two-years, I've been splitting my time between CO and London; I only moved to London full-time in January.  Although I'll be there for three weeks in June, and then again in August.  My husband still has a house in Arvada, and both of our families live in the area.

  • Good morning!

    I just realized that I did my last LBWO today?!  It will not be my real last, but in this challenge - it seemed sooo daunting at first.  Also, I am just TIRED & ready to sleep in a little tomorrow.  LBWO went well this morning and yes, I need to step up some weight on my next one.  

    Everything seem to be in check here...chugging away.  Breakfast was a protein shake, am snack protein bar, lunch will be grilled chicken & salad, PM yogurt, dinner?? & snack ?

    I haven't decided to switch & start the 5-25 or do BFL workout for a few more weeks & switch.  I am going to take a litte time off the nutrition plan - keep the 6x a day, but loosen up on the food options.  

    MW - glad to see you back & have fun this weekend.

    Catty &  T getting worried about you two!  Miss you!

    Have a good Friday & weekend,


  • Aww thanks Tonja! Things going pretty well, keepin busy.  I'm trying to stay on top of the eating, using MyFitnessPal app on my phone.  Lower body workout this morning, all went well.  I have kicked up the cardio a bit, now I do it on all 6 days not just 3.  That was what I did in the past and it worked.  What's up for the weekend???  Leaving work early today, my oldest son returned home from his first year at college and we are going to see The Avengers.  When you have a geek husband and two teenage sons, there's no choice in the matter LOL!

  • Hi Tonja!!!!!

    I'm here. I probably should have mentioned a long time ago that I don't have internet. if I'm not replying at work then I have to reply at home on my cell phone, which I hate because it takes too long. So if you don't hear from me that's why. But I'm definitely still reading what you all are saying. I'm starting Grad school at the end of this month so I'll have to get internet at that point.

    I'm with catty, I'm definitely going to do more cardio. This week hasn't been good with working out. At this point I don't think I'm going to finish the challenge. I may go ahead and start the biggest loser. I'm already starting to see a difference in scale weight just by eating clean not lifting so much. But I love our little group so I'm staying on the forum!

    Going to see the Avengers tomorrow. Can't wait. My BF is dying to see it so this is his birthday gift. We're also going to a little Italian restaurant that everyone raves about.

    What about everyone else?

    Tonja, I bet it was bitter sweet knowing this was your last LBWO! Woohoo!!!

  • Tonja I like the loosening up on the food options after you're done. I read something on the Hussman Fitness B4L page about how one Champion adapted the Free Day into just three Free Meals a week instead of an entire day of cutting loose. I think I may give that a try. I would rather have the flexibility to sacrifice a lunch or dinner 3 times a week. I'm also going to add cardio to my weight days. I'd say I will try a distance run on Day 7 but I have races every weekend until the 20th and they involve getting up around 4:30/5 a.m., then spending 8 - 10 hours outside in a parking lot, usually in a sunny/windy/exposed area, and then there is the hard work + adrenaline rush when I take my runs. So between all of that, I think if I worked out on those days I would drop from exhaustion!

    T, you're so close though! But I know how it can feel once you've experienced too many setbacks... that is why I had to throw in the towel around Week 7 of my last Challenge. I had missed too many workouts and cheated too many times, and felt like I wasn't giving it my everything. Just keep up with the discussion here; I would love to keep tabs on everyone! :)

    I'm debating on the photo shoot and entering the Challenge now. I don't feel like I am making the crazy progress of a lot of the Champion. It could be that this past week I just hit a plateau and the next 2 weeks will be insane but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. I want to be excited about how far I do come, not disappointed because I didn't get where my ideal point was. I still have time, it's not like this is a last ditch effort. So we'll see.

    I am still wearing my "didn't fit til the other week" pants at least!