Starting (again) Monday February 27!

  • MW, T, Catty,

    Good morning!  LBWO done and breakfast & snack done!  I don't think a drank enought water of the weekend - I'm THIRSTY today.  I almost stepped on the scale this morning - not going to do it this week or put on my bathing suit until next TUESDAY!  I have scheduled my fitness assesment and hoping for ABOVE average scores.  I'm wanting to lose 1.5 inches off my waist too.  We will see.  I am just planning my week as usual.  So, thanks for all your support!  You guys keep it up!

    One of the other threads told me that only 5% finish a challenge.  Well, I say you guys are going to be in the top percentile with me!


  • mw- forgot to comment on your reply regarding people burning out. This is EXACTLY how I was feeling. Weird, I didn't feel that way the first challenge.

    Congrats on the lower body fat percentage. I thought you had already increased your cardio when you and your friends were running together and you would run like 4 miles. I can't wait to see your pics.

    I used to work with a woman who could run for an hour straight on the treadmill and I would watch with envy, because at the time I was dying doing only 30 min. She was a little on the big side, but her endurance was outstanding. I think I would like to look the part too though. LOL...a lot of people workout like that so they can eat whatever they want, hence the reason they still only look "average".

    This is supposed to be week 10 for me but since I blew it last week, I'm making it week 9. I did UBWO on Saturday and I injured my neck area AGAIN. Well, the muscles are inflamed again so I'm waiting for my doctor to prescribe me some more drugs. Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow and I'll use today as my free workout day.

    Tonja- Congrats on week 12!!!! You are doing great!!! If you count the first challenge I already completed, then yes, I am part of the 5%.

  • Wow, only 5% finish?! As far as I'm concerned we are ALL Champions in that respect.

    I added a progress pic thread to My Transformation; would love all your feedback. Body fat is probably down 4.5 - 5% though I am not going to pinch until next Monday. Excited to see how it goes!

    Killed it at HIIT this morning. Set a personal record, 2.11 miles by Minute 19. Instead of adding .2mph every week I'm going to add .1mph to every single HIIT session.

    I also bought a huge tub of Garden of Life RAW Meal, on sale for $11 off the list price (!!!) at the local natural grocer. Two scoops has 34g protein and 35g carbs. It's full of sprouted whole food goodness. About to have some in a glass of water and see how it is.

    I am SO ready for my Free Day this weekend. I'm instructing at a driving school on May 5 so there are going to be Cinco de Mayo festivities after; I can't say no to free celebratory enchiladas and margaritas!

    T, sounds like you have a good plan with extending your Challenge an extra week. I have a lot of friends who do the "work hard/eat anything at all". One was doing half marathons like crazy, then she hurt her hip and stopped running, but her eating habits didn't change. I went to see her a couple weeks ago and she was a good 30lbs heavier than she was last fall which is definitely not a healthy rate of weight gain. I actually wanted to say something but couldn't bring myself to. We aren't close that way and I would have felt like I was overstepping some invisible boundary. But still.

    Oh and I was only occasionally doing long runs, about once every other week or so as my schedule allowed. But I think I am going to scrap that and concentrate on doing HIIT by the book and get back into the long distance runs once I enter my active rest period. I'm also going to give gyrotonics a try, thanks to a suggestion by Tonja. It looks amazing, and there is a studio in Boulder that does very cheap introductory private lessons and group lessons. I could use a good stretch. :)

  • MW- I commented on your progress pics under My Transformation. But then I just looked again and noticed how much your waist is coming in as well. You go girl!

    I know exactly where you and your hubby will be on Cinco de Mayo. No need to tell us. LOL...yes, eating is so important. I can lose weight just by changing my diet and no exercise, but exercise compliments a good diet like peanut butter compliments jelly, or in your case enchilladas and margaritas. :-)

    I was proud of myself yesterday. I am in "detox" mode with my eating. You know how you eat bad for a few days then you try to eat healthy and you crave all kind of sweets or whatever? Well, yesterday I had to go the store and I wanted some doughnuts soooo bad. But I didn't get them and had a clean eating day. I think once you overcome that oblstacle once, it gets easier and easier.

    So today my neck/shoulder area feels better. Doing a LBWO today at the gym and possibly a 30 min. run on the treadmill.

    Hope everyone has a good day. Tonja, can you see the finish line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T, I agree with you - MW is doing really good!  Also, you seem to be back on schedule and neck/shoulder problems - SUCK!  I have neck issues and I ended up getting therapy & I just have to make sure that I do few stretches.  Also, I think the TRX training has helped it.  

    Answer your question YES!  I am giddy!?  I started to post in my profile daily instead of weekly just to keep my mindset & to keep me honest.  I am not stepping on the scale, measuring or anything until next Tuesday.  I still have way to go on my weight, but I pretty happy with my attitiude & results.

    So, far today, cardio at 5am which I am so wobbly in the morning, but it is done.  Food is on track too, yogurt w/toast, protein bar, chicken w/rice, fruit & almonds for a snack, dinner shrimp & corn & more yogurt.  Its weird....this seemed so darn difficult & now... just do it attitude.

    Oh, yeah - I am dying for a beer, but I will have one next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  I might just have to throw in a margarita for MW.  Top shelf, on the rocks with extra salt or I could go competely girlie - strawberry frozen with extra salt on the rim.

    Have a good day,


  • Good afternoon!

    I was surprised not to see any updates from you guys.  Back at the Y again this morning and 4 other guys were doing upper body workouts and I decided to do machines.  I won't say it was my best workout, but I'll give it an 8 out of 10.  TRX was brutal last night and I am sooo sore from it.  She had us to everything single - one arm & one leg at a time.  I could use this more often - one side is definately stronger & my balance is horrible.

    Breakfast, snack & lunch all on the BFL plan.  I am just going to keep chuggin along here only 5 days left.  

    Weird, it has been a quick 12 weeks!  I will finish this challenge on Monday & finishing up Finacial Peace University on Sunday - I will be fit & fit with money too.  It is more fun to be physically fit than the other - it is just hard!!!

    Have a happy hump day!

    I am heading to clean my car out - it is resembling a locker room.


  • Tonja, what is TRX? A friend of mine just started kickboxing and said she has NEVER worked out so hard in her life.

    Broke my HIIT-only regimen, went for an outdoor run with a friend today and cooked it! 3.8 miles in 34 minutes! Maybe I will just accept that once a week I want to spend my morning outside running a bit longer. My glutes and calves are cooked today though... lower body yesterday + long run this morning = weaksauce legs.

    I have heard single-leg workouts are great for your core. So is doing your weight workouts on an exercise ball vs a bench. It forces you to work super hard to keep your body balanced and aligned. Think core exercises are creeping into my active rest period after Day 84.

    Feel like I am still in a slump. I am working VERY hard but I still have "love handles" and a "p***y pillow" and they will NOT go away! I'm also getting food burnout. Cooking every single day for 2 people sucks. My husband just won't do it, and frankly even though he was a chef for years he can't cook "light" meals and I'm not at a point where I feel I can let him experiment. Breakfast, lunch, snacks are all nailed. But by dinner I am like "Screw this" and sometimes falter. We went to get Mexican (it's our summer mainstay) and I got chicken fajitas because they do white meat chicken with very little oil and lots of red and orange bell peppers. I said no cheese or sour cream on the condiment plate but they came out anyway. I couldn't help myself and had a dab of sour cream and sprinkle of cheese on one fajita. I have always been one of those "eat it if it's there" types. It's time to tighten up and remove the temptation since apparently I have zero self control.

    Preparing for the 2-day autocross school + event in Colorado Springs this weekend. Planned out and bought my food, booked a room at a hotel with a mini-gym (and a hot tub!), and made sure I have my 20-gallon cooler all cleaned out for the weekend. I am so ready to race my car it's not even funny.

  • MW. I think that you & T would love TRX Suspension Training  - hard to explain, but I put the web site below.  It helps with strength, core strength & flexablity.  You have a system that is elevated & you use your body weight to do the excercises.  Hopefully, the website has video.  I have better core strength, but I still need to work on it.  Yes, I have the same problem area - love handles & belly jelly is what I call it.  I just see it coming off on my next challenge, but you have a few more weeks.  

    I have done workouts on the exercise ball too & I even got a book about all kinds of routines on that ball.  Some people to one handed push-ups on that thing!  

    Food is getting to me as well, but about the stage you are at - I was having horrible cravings...  Now, I am just like eat & get it done before I get too hungry.  YES, I am still hungry at night and I am going to change my protein to nonnonsense or something like that my TRX trainer told me about & it suppose to taste like a milkshake with out the milk!  

    Try to cook for 4 and eat the leftovers... I have done it this week with grilled chicken just to keep me on the plan.  My kids don't eat what I eat & neither does my husband on many nights.  

    Have fun at AUTOCROSS school - you are so much fun to read about!

  • Oh my gosh this looks AMAZING!

    If I have $200 burning a hole in my pocket by this summer, I may buy this. I could really use some low impact muscle stretching workouts and the fact you can do it anywhere is tremendous because I would love to do more stuff outdoors, and possibly also at higher (7,000+ft) altitudes. This is also something I could possibly get my husband into since he prefers low-impact workouts to weights and running.

    How do you find out about all these great systems? In Colorado everyone either runs, mountain bikes, or does yoga. But almost never casually. It's kind of intimidating out here; there is a major "go big or go home" mentality and no matter how strong or fast you are, there is always that one (or several!) who just fly past you. Most folks are supportive but also have a "do what you want, but don't slow me down or get in my way" attitude. I see it sometimes when I'm out hiking; if I reach a narrow stretch of trail and slow down for whatever reason, I have had folks practically shove me out of the way without a word. That's not my deal; I prefer respecting others over worrying if my heart rate drops below 150.

    Thankfully I have no real cravings, and not even significant hunger pangs, I am just sick of the effort. I try to make extra of everything but never have enough for a second full-sized meal. Ah well, only 2 1/2 weeks left, I've made it this far and can get the rest of the way there!

    Tonja do you have any celebration planned for Day 85? And are you taking 3 weeks between Challenges or going directly into #2?

  • MW, they offered a free class at the Y and they have about 3-4 instructors teaching it.  I tried it & was hooked - then I started doing BFL the next week and just kept going.  I don't know if you have a local Y, but here it is $10 for non-members to take the class.  I thought about buying one too, but I was scared that I would hurt myself.  So, I just take the class & it keeps me going & I work a lot harder.  The instructor even complimented my triceps & biceps are looking strong!  The ab workout is so difficult  - you put both feet in the harness and stay in push-up postion & push your hips up - ugh!  I could barely do them when I started!

    Most of the stuff I pass to you - it is usually from another thread on BFL.  I sit at my desk during lunch & just read....

    Nope, no plans!  I have family coming in and I am going to take a few days off or light - then start back!  I will have a few beers & good food while they are here - BBQ (I am next door to Memphis).  I am going to do the 5-25 for a few weeks & back to BFL for a few & keep the nutrion side too.  I am going to set a few fitness challenges for the summer like just run a 5k is one, increase my plank time, I don't know what else.  Do another REAL challenge in the fall!  You should read some of the thread call C9ers...  I am just going to follow them until 4th of July and tag along with another....  Look up Frick & check out his profile too - interesting guy & is in good shape.

    I guess I am going right into #2 and then #3.  Hopefully, just keep going, but I will make a new goals as I go just not as many scale ones & then maybe this jelly belly will be out of here.

    Let me know your celebration idea & I just read mine - blah, blah, blah!!!!  

  • Hi Ladies,

    Can I join you on this thread?  I am with Tonja on the 9ers thread, but it's very guy-heavy and I'd love to have a little more girl energy in my BFL experience.  I know you only have a few more weeks to go, that's OK.  I've been a secret lurker on your thread for a little while, but thought maybe I should come out of the closet and introduce myself.  I'm in week 6 of my challenge.

  • Faith, I'm open to it for sure! The more the merrier IMO. And we can keep the thread going even after some of us finish; I feel like this is for LIFE, right, so why not keep the threads going?

  • Oh BTW wanted to share with anyone who likes Greek food: Saute 4 ounces lean ground turkey (I use Honeysuckle White 99%) with salt, pepper, and Tan Tan Moroccan Seasoning. Then, on a wheat tortilla, spread fat-free Greek yogurt with some thin-sliced cucumbers. Then add cooked turkey and top with diced tomatoes and lettuce. It's like a super-lean gyro sandwich. I just had one with a bunch of sliced cucumber on the side. It was pretty amazing.

  • MW, sounds good & I have ground turkey, but didn't know what to do with it truthfully, I don't have the seasoning!  I will go on a hunt this weekend.  

    Faith, welcome!  More the merrier to me and more support the better too.  I am on about 3 or 4 threads - one on my finish week, one past my goal week, this one is in the middle & C9ers are on there next one!  You are right C9ers many are guys and some have completed multiple challenges.  They crack me up!  

    Congrats on week 6!  

    Have a good night,


  • Tonja, if you are anywhere near a Savory Spice Shop they have it there (that's what I used). If not, you can make your own though I have no clue how much of each to combine: Hungarian paprika, white sugar, cumin, salt, Ceylon cinnamon, black cardamom, parsley, coriander, and turmeric.

    I also pat my ground turkey into patties and season them with rubbed sage and S&P for sausage. It tastes amazingly similar to pork sausage with the sage added in. You could also make little meatballs filled with onion and bread crumbs and sautee those with mushrooms. I really love white meat ground turkey because it doesn't taste like much, so you paradoxically have this tremendous opportunity to work a huge diversity of flavors into the meat.

    Tonight I'm making grilled wild-caught salmon with pineapple salsa and roasted asparagus with garlic. I think I just need to get excited about making dinner again; I got caught in a rut of making fairly boring dishes (chicken breast with broccoli and brown rice... snoooooore...) and have to get back into my inspired cooking phase.

    I also found out the Garden of Life meal replacer I got is VILE. I am having some more for Meal #4 today but instead of just water I am going to mix in about 4 ounces of apple juice with the water and see if that improves the experience. I can get it down, but it takes some work. But shoot, I bought it, gotta get my money's worth!