Team RoCkiN'! (...Women STARTING at 200-lb +)

  • Hey girls, gals, ladies, women, incredible females with dreams and goals and the determination to reach them and help others do the same:  If you are starting (or continuing) your challenge, are joining our thread from the perspective of a daunting but NOT-impossible-to-conquer starting weight of at least 200 pounds, you are WELCOME here!

    Claw, Navy and I have begun our first Challenge today, February 26, 2012.  (Our team name comes from Roni-Claw-Navy, Ro-C-N,  hence RoCkiN'!  Neat, huh? :)  We are going to help each other, kicking and screaming though it may be, to succeed.  We know that it will take more than one, and likely several, consecutive Challenges (with 2 week breaks between) to reach our ultimate goals.  And we know that we cannot do it alone, as no doubt each of us have tried and tried and tried again to go it alone on any number of "diets," "plans," or "programs."  I am committing to you, here and now, to be here daily if at all possible, to share my ups and downs and help where I can, and be helped when I need it.  And believe me, I will need it!  I look forward to getting to know you.

    A little about me...I am 49 years old, will be 50 this summer.  I weigh 217 pounds.  I am married and have 3 sons.  I have been a physical therapist for 25 years (so you'd think I'd know better than to let myself get to where I am.)  I want very much to change careers, to become a certified personal trainer and help women in particular to reach their fitness goals.  I am currently studying for that certification, and hope to complete it early this summer.  I do realize, though, that no certification will lend me any credibility if I don't "look the part," and right now, I DON'T look the part!  So that is a large measure of my ultimate goal here, to truly change my lifestyle to become the person I want to see in the mirror, and to become a success story that will inspire my future clients to believe that they too can achieve goals that seem impossible on the front end.  (Especially when they look in the mirror at their rear end!  lol) 

    I'm pretty open, so feel free to ask me anything.  (But I won't answer medical questions, so don't even ask them :)  Let's have fun with this, become friends, support each other, and reach our goals!


    Team RoCkiN'!

    No Whinin'!

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  • Amen Roni,  I will be here everyday also.  Looking at the completion of my first day.  I had everything planned and the support of my wonderful husband and daughter, who is also working on her first challenge with me, and would it just happen that I woke up late for work.  I did not have time to exercise this am but I am excited about getting home and working my upper body.  This is the first day to the new and healthier me.  Woot!.  Looking forward to the upcoming weeks, days, and even minutes together.  


  • Day One, CLEAN.  I like the looks of that!  

    My day:

    Brekkie:  3 egg white scramble, 1/2 tsp grated romano, 1/2 whole wheat pita, 2 T homemade salsa

    Snack:  sr moment...can't remember, but I know it was ok!

    Lunch: 4 oz roast beef, 1/2 c mashed potatoes, TINY bit of gravy (this was about all the added fat I had today), green salad, no dressing

    Snack:  7 almonds, 1/2 c frozen blueberries

    Dinner:  EAS vanilla soy protein shake

    I don't have issues with eating after dinner thankfully, so that will likely be it unless I get unusually hungry.  Right before the protein shake I walked 2 miles at the fastest pace I could keep up.  There are hills any way I go from the house, so I let them dictate my "intervals".  I can tell you going out I went downhill 7 minutes, uphill (into the wind!) 8 minutes, downhill 3 minutes, uphill 5 minutes.  Then I turned around and went the opposite down/ups back to the house.

    I work tomorrow and Tuesday, then Wednesday drive all day to Lexington, Kentucky for a all-by-myself vacay til I come home on Sunday.  Going to a mosaic conference.  Got some planning to do between now and when I leave to stay on program.  I'm going to take my dumbbells and program with me.  Keep me accountable!

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  • Hi Ladies,

    Looks like we're off to a great start. Getting the 10 glasses of water in every single day is going to definitely be the challenging part for me. I can already sense that I'll be up running to the bathroom all night! :)

    A little bit about me:

    34 - clinical addiction and mental health therapist in a healthcare setting. I have two cats and a super supportive (and THIN) partner. I have an incredibly hectic schedule at the moment as I'm also finishing a graduate degree in social work, but that's almost finished.

    Today I did upper body and a little bit of cardio this morning because I'm pretty sedentary during the day.


  • Would it be possible to join you guys?  I too am an over 200 lbs. female.  I got through 9 weeks of the challenge from Nov to Dec and then pooped out when I let my life take over. I am starting today (Monday) so I will just be a day behind you all.

    I am restarting the challenge today and would love to have some comraderie.  Something "clicked" for me over the last week and I'm feeling good about this one.  I am uncomfortable in my body and feel pretty gross.  I am looking forward to feeling strong and energetic and then, eventually, strong, energetic and LEAN!

    Hope I can jump in too,


  • I love the energy!  Stay committed!  you all can keep other accountable.  Best of luck to all of you!

  • Laura, sounds like you qualify and you are ABSOLUTELY welcome here!  How's Day One going for you?

    So girls!  How's your PLAN??  Got it in place for the rest of the day?  The rest of the week??  I am so totally convinced that that is the number one KEY to success at this (or just about anything!)

    1) Having a plan.  2) Working the plan.  3)  When you mess up, return to the plan.  

    See, I KNOW this intellectually.  It's the execution that gets a bit fouled up.  But we are gonna keep at it til it's just who we are even more than it's what we do.  

    Gotta get back to work, just took a quickie to jump in here.  Have a super-great afternoon/evening!


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  • No doubt Roni.  Its all about the planning and then the no excuses working the plan.  Going pretty well here.  it  was a little bit challenging since I worked so many hours over the past two days.  However today is my day off and I am going to plan out my next two weeks.   this way I will be one week ahead and I can sit down every Sunday and plan out the upcoming week.  

    I plan on not doing any shopping on my free day either.  I want my free day to be a reward day.  Not to necessarily eat crazy, but I want it to be free from life's stresses.  I would like to wake up and stay in my pajamas all day!!  


    Welcome Laura to the  Rockin team.  How are you doing on the program?    

    Carrie how are you doing?  

  • hey girls

    I want to join in all the fun :)

    I am 41 , 5'7" and over 200 (dont know how much I NEVER weigh myself and NEVER will..when im a size 10 ill be happy) but on week 6 of the challenge. I LOVE it !!! I FEEL great and I know I am losing weight and definitely toning up those much worked out muscles.  Eating on this program is not an issue (at this point) but I do like the 1 day off and the workouts are awesome (believe it or not I LOVE working out..just got lazy along the way)  

     Im just feeling beat up at this point..things hurt that I didnt know exsisted :( I rest those spots til they feel better and work hard on the others.  I do 5 days of cardio instead of works for me!!!   Keep it up ladies..we will get thru this together..I CANT WAIT ! ! ! !


  • Welcome, Welcome jodig!!!  Hooray for you being on week 6!!!  

    Ok, ya'll can beat me after I asked if you had your plan in place, for being a little less than prepared myself today.  I "knew" what I planned to eat for the day, have it written down, then got up late and didn't have time to put it together before taking the boys to the schoolbus and off to work.  HOWEVER, in my scrambling defense...I keep a can of EAS protein powder in my car, so that was "breakfast" and "1st snack,"  then I came home from work (sick :(  and made myself a sandwich of canned salmon and half a whole wheat pita.  Frankly I have a nasty cold right now and can't taste ANYTHING, so I didn't even season it or anything, just crammed it together and scarfed it down.  If I could not-regain my tastebuds for about 6 months, this thing might be a done deal!  

    BUT...I'm going on vacation TOMORROW!  I ABSOLUTELY plan to stay on the program, food-wise.  My free day will be on Thursday or Friday this week.  I am going to a mosaic conference in Kentucky.  Meeting up with some mosaic friends, some I've met IRL and others just online friends so far.  Looking forward to it!  IF ONLY I didn't have this stoopid cold.  Nasty earache earlier today, but I think my eardrum must have ruptured, 'cause now it's draining and it don't hurt no mo' :)  Some meals are provided and some are on our own.  But I plan to have plenty of simple protein and carb options with me.

    With the craziness this week with travel, I am just trying to be extremely clean food-wise, do my cardio, and haven't initiated the weights yet (except playing around sitting in front of the tv, but that doesn't count).  Knowing that I have several months of hard work ahead of me, I'm not going to get crazy about not doing EVERYTHING the first week.  (Granted this is my second challenge start, but the first one never really got off the ground at all.)  What I really want to do is to engage a personal trainer for at least one session, just to go through them with me so I know how it feels when I am doing them RIGHT.  So that's MY plan so far :)

    I did buy a new laptop yesterday, so I can stay in touch with you guys.  I have to tell you every day how I did on this trip, so I stay accountable.  

    Go Team RoCkiN'!

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  • I would love to join too. I will be 40 this  year and want to be back at a healthy weight by the end of the year. I have 4 kids ranging in ages from 15-5. I am kept very busy by them. I started the challenge with my hubby on Jan 3rd. It was going great until I got sick and have been struggling ever since. I am now fighting really bad allergies and asthma and am just down right discouraged. My hubby has lost almost all of the weight he wants to lose already. So I would just like to see more progress. I finally had someone notice that I was smaller on Sunday-so there is hope.

    Any suggestions when I m fighting allergy induced asthma and on major meds-how to get it all in?

    I know it will take 2-3 challenges to get to the weight I want to be at. So I would love to be a part of this group if I can...


  • Welcome to all.  It is so exciting and inspiring  to hear everyone's story.  To know that I am not alone in this venture.  Keep up the great work all.  I went shopping today.  My day off and planned out my workouts and meals for the next three days.  Until my next day off.  I think this will definitely work better.  

    Have a great night all.

  • Welcome, Soccermom.  You didn't say, but I assume you are 200+ like the rest of us.  If so, you're in :)  Are you going to continue with the challenge you were on, or just start a new one at this point?  If you start a new one, you will technically be only 2-3 days behind most of us, and we're all 6 weeks behind jodig, so she's our scout, exploring territory the rest of us haven't been to yet!  :)  

    One of the challenges of my life:  my 18 year old son.  He lies to us and steals from us, and we are currently in one of his crises.  I found out yesterday that he'd stolen a bank card from me and made several purchases on it.  Thankfully that was unusual so the bank called me to check on it, and also thankfully he still has a shred of a conscience so he finally came clean.  Sort of.  Says it was "an accident."  My card looks just like his.  "Yeah, except YOUR name isn't Veronica, spelled out right there on the front of the card."  Anyway, he just blew in and out of the house, and I found myself in the kitchen looking for something to eat.  I could still have a snack, so I had an orange.  But I know it wasn't because I was hungry, so it really wasn't ok.  But I'll not beat myself up over it.

    Guess you guys can tell already, I like to talk when I have a captive audience :)  But I gotta get packin'!


    Team RoCkiN'!

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  • I had a great workout last night and today I feel better than ever.  I have been reading my BFL book and have been so very inspired to continue.  I looked Michelle Simpson and I cannot believe she was 300 pounds when she started.    I would really like to see some beginning pictures of her.  I think it would be more motivating to me.  

    You al have a great day.  


  • Hi all.  This may be the only day I get on during my trip after all, unless I can find some free wifi somewhere.  the hotel wants $9.99 per day!!!  >:(  I got a free code just for today for one of the workshops.  

    So far so good, eating wise.  Here's a travel tip:  To keep your food on program, have such a nasty cold that nothing tastes like anything anyway, so it's a waste of money to eat anything but 20 g carb, 20 g protein.  And be so tired that you don't want to eat more than you want to sleep!  I'm about to take a nap, free til 5 p.m.  It's 12:30 pm local time.  Cardio may have to wait til i feel better.  But that's ok too.  

    Gotta take that nap, splitting headache.  Go Team!!!

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