Week # 7

  • Any thoughts out there, I am starting week 7, and although I have dropped 12 lbs, and can visibly see an improvement, there needs to be more.

    Perhaps I am getting lazy in my Cardio, and Weights?

    Maybe its time to push push push


  • C-dizzle - I too am in week 7. So far my net weight loss is around 15 lbs. I did not include any muscle that was built...so like you it is probably higher.

    I too am trying to cut weight as well. Calorie wise I am eating at/around my BMR and then exercise. That seems to get 1.5-2 pounds off a week for me. I do need to also watch my carbs and ensure that my protein is high enough (suggested 1g per pound of body weight). That is hard for me as I am always light.

    Once I get where I want to be with my body mass, I will up the calories a little and ensure my protein intake is optimized to ensure my muscles are well fed.

    Anyway this is working so far for me and it sounds like you are also getting progress.

    I sure there are more seasoned BFL-ers out there with better suggestions

    Finally, I also wanted to say going through the last third of the program is where there is even more dramatic changeā€¦so I keep reading!

    I think if we both stay true to the program the weight will continue to go down and the muscle mass will go up.

    All the best..

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, i totally dialed up my cardio today, i think I was starting to get comfy. !!

    Havnt sweated like that since week 1

  • Does feel good to sweat!

    At least when it is all over ;-)

    Sounds like you are going strong...I'll be sure to look for your posts as it sounds like we are at the same place and I know every now and then I need a reality check> DID LBWO today and I will move up some weight.

    Like you said it is getting comfortable.

    Now a quick cardio and then the end of another BFL Day!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey Runner, so do you do Cardio on your Weight days as well ?

  • D-dizzle

    For the past three weeks (week 5, 6 & 7 for me) I have added an extra cardio every day including Weight Days. I even did a light one on my free days. I am not sure if I will continue the free days and I have found a very tough interval 45 minute repeat program on my elliptical. So instead of doing double 30 minute workouts which are a light lighter on my cardio days...I am trying to master this 45 minute elliptical program to push myself a little more. It is longer in duration and the intensity is higher. I am close to mastering it but not where the program wants me to be so I will keep using this for the cardio days.

    I am still trying to cut some weight so I did this extra cardio activity to ramp up my metabolism a little more. It worked for the first two weeks and I lost 4.5 pounds, but my body is onto this trick again...but I do love the exercise. I do try to keep it apart from the weight lifting activity by a few hours at least to give my body some time for a little recovery.

    It has also helped my endurance. I ran a 5 k run through my subdivision recently and I did it a minute faster per mile than I had done in the fairly recent past; plus I use a heart monitor with high and low alarms set at 85% max heart rate and 65 % max heart rate. The higher alarm warns me when I am staring to push to the peak. I then back down to recover a little bit until the low level alarm goes off telling me to push it again. It is a variation of interval training. Anyway my recovery time from high to low is also improving -less time to recover.

    Not sure if this is all the right way for BFL. I used to use this as an endurance run training technique.

    I plan to continue this approach until I finish this BFL cycle. I suspect I will have another 15 pounds to drop to the weight I want then I will focus more on the lifting side and will probably scale back on the cardio.

    One other thought, this has enabled me to have a daily calorie burn of around 750 calories per day and as high as 1000 calories on some days. So if I am not as pure on the eating side as I would like, I do not suffer too much...

    Just my thoughts.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!