Do I need to take Betagen??

  • I did this program along time before I had kids and had great success with it.  I am trying to remember all that I did and I see these kits with shakes and bars and Betagen.  Do I need to take Betagen or is this for guys only???  I know women have different needs than men when it comes to muscle building.  I need to lose some pounds and I want to get lean and toned.  Any suggestions????

  • No, you absolutely do not need to take Betagen. I eat all natural, all CLEAN foods and have had VERY successful challenges. I have reached all of my goals. The most important thing is that you are hitting your 10's on all your workouts and that you are sticking to a clean diet 100% of the time, including lots of water! On your free day, just be sure not to go overboard. Remember, keep it in moderation.....I struggled with this my first challenge and I did not have nearly the progress that I could have due to free days.

    Good luck!