Any SUCCESSFUL, Formerly-200-Pound-Plus Women, Now BFL Champions?

  • As a 49-year-old woman who weighs nearly 220 pounds, I am struggling with the second week of my first Challenge (fully realizing it will take several to reach my goals).  I TRULY want to be successful at removing 70+ pounds, getting fit, healthy, confident, happy, and then inspiring others to do the same.  I am a physical therapist, for heaven's sake!  AND I am studying to become a certified personal trainer this year, BUT I will have NO credibility as a trainer if I can't get myself into the place that I want to help others achieve.  Although my family relies on my income (which is part-time), I am thinking about engaging a personal trainer for myself for a while, to help me at least through this first Challenge while I change my dietary habits and make exercise as routine as brushing my teeth.  (And I'm a fanatic about brushing my teeth!)

    Anyway, I need to know that there are women who have been where I am, and who have arrived where I want to be, and can help me to get there. 

    I await your words of wisdom!


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  • Check out the success stories tab....lots of great inspiration.

  • Thanks, Bonwitty.  I've done that, but not found anyone who started so far behind the eight ball.  Or at least not that they're saying.  But admittedly I haven't read them all, so maybe I just need to do that.  I guess I was just hoping for some "live" interaction.  

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  • Hi Roni,

    I am starting the challenge on Monday, February 27th and I currently weigh 210lbs (I'm 5-6). I'm certain there are many women in the same position, though as you mentioned, it's not always easy to sift through and find them. It sounds like things are going pretty well for you so far though; already in Week 2!


  • Hi claw34.  Thanks so much for your reply.  I am seriously thinking that I am going to remove this current challenge, and restart, so I feel I have a clean plate (no pun intended...much :)  Maybe we can go along together?  I actually "started" on a Thursday, so to wait until Monday to "officially" start would be ok :)  Though I WILL continue to clean up my diet and exercise between now and then.

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  • Sounds like a plan. Who knows, maybe some other folks will join us as well!

  • I would love to join you gals.  I am starting tomorrow Feb 26th.  I also am over 200. Yuck. Never thought I would be this way at 43.  I will weigh in tomorrow and let you know how it goes.  Looking forward to a kickbutt 12 weeks.  

  • Hey Navy,

    I actually started this morning. I was ready and figured why wait until tomorrow!

  • Ok, girls, let's DO this thing!!!!

    I have officially restarted my challenge as of today, so we are all on the same page.  I think I'll name our little group Team RoCkiN'!  (Ro-C-N for Roni-Claw-Navy, the charter members :)  This will be the team for women starting their challenge(s) weighing at least 200 pounds.  I'm sure our "challenges" are different from gals who've never topped 150 a day in their lives.  We KNOW it will take several rounds to reach our ultimate goals, and we KNOW we will have days that the brownie speaks louder than the broccoli, and we will have to get on HERE first, read the thread, get inspired, and send the brownie packin'!  

    So...let's get to know each other and share our C1 goals.  I'd start, but my boys are waiting for me to come see the progress on their fort.  BBL.


    Team RoCkiN!

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  • Haha! I was eating egg whites when you posted this! Should we start a thread for Team RoCkiN and other 200 plus pound women? I'll let you decide that since you're way better at this thing than I am. If you set that up, I'll move on over to that thread and we can post our goals and encourage others to join.


  • Hm...I posted, but it didn't show up.  Try try again...  As I was sayin', (in a nutshell this time)... I'll start that new thread.  Watch for it!


    Team RoCkiN!

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  • Roni~

    Michelle Simpson is a BFL Champion from 2009.  She was over 300 pounds and is now a CrossFit athlete. 

    You absolutely CAN do this too!

    Michelle has pictures of her former self on her profile:


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Jessica, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I haven't followed your link, but am about to...

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  • Ok, yes, she is my new hero.  Thank you again!

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  • Thanks Jessica, I am definitely going to check out this Champion.