Starting on 20th Feb - anyone else starting then?

  • Oh and I was wrong the wraps I have are 4grams of Carbs

  • Andru, I will have to look for those wraps.  Can't beat 4 carbs!  I haven't been eating the best, I need to get my butt in gear with that.  I have really good days and then really bad days!  

    I too have gained slightly.  I am crossing my fingers that it is muscle gain.  I keep telling myself that muscle looks better than fat!  I will see change!

    Have any of you taken before pictures?  I have not, too scared.  I really need to take some measurements as well.  I was hoping to just not focus on the weight and inches part, rather just concentrate on doing the workouts and doing them right.  I thought that I could guage and see difference in how my clothes fit, but I think that I am going to have to take my measurements so I do not get discouraged.  

  • Almost done with week two and so far so good. I lost about ten pounds the first week (easy when you have as much to lose as I do) however that has slowed this week. I am starting to see very minor changes though which is good in my arms and middle mainly, but its encouraging. Haven't missed a workout yet using dumbbells/bench and elliptical at home. The only real challenge has been getting up early to work out, although I'm going to bed earlier too which has been interesting. For years I've lived on five or six hours of sleep but have been getting closer to 7.5/8 since starting BFL. I think the sleep piece is really helping my motivation and brain function (oh and it also eases the late night snack cravings since I'm asleep!!)

    Hope you all are continuing to do well!!

  • Happy Free Day everyone.

    Hope you have all had a great week and enjoyed your free day

    Good Luck with week 3.

  • Yes, happy free day everybody.  I enjoy the day off from exercise.

    I get sooooo confused on these days foodwise.  I have really stuck to the program so far, and during the week I look so forward to my free day, but when it gets here I cringe about blowing it.  Is the free day concept a mind game to anybody else.  Is that the point?  It's a free day, and so because we are allowed to go off track, we then don't need it and choose not too?

    I "splurged" on 1 white castle hamburger today.  I usually would get 4 cheeseburgers and least.  Just could not get myself to let go.  Is that good or bad?

    Thank goodness you guys are here to share this with!  No one else would understand like you guys.


  • I'm starting the challenge for the first time also and would like to say anything is possible with today's supplements and knowledge. But I was giving the advice of setting smaller goals to keep you motivated on reaching your ultimate goal. It took time to gain it, so I guest its going to take some time to work it off. All the best to you!!!

  • @ Bob - I'm not sure if you are asking rhetorical questions regarding the cheat day. Sundays are my cheat day, and on those days I eat whatever I want to eat. I'm starting my 3rd week today as I think you are too. Yesterday's free day was so different than the first week's free day. I only had one cheat meal yesterday as opposed to cheating all day like my first free day. I did however, not worry about balancing my carbs and proteins yesterday. I just ate the usualy cottage cheese, strawberries, egg whites, whole wheat english muffin, etc. just like I would any other day without the added stress of wondering if my carbs and proteins added up. I believe in moderation and if you restrict each and every single day, I think that you will have a hard time sticking to the program. Take the free day and just live it...don't stress too much about the diet on that day.

  • I was down and out last week because of a hip/back issue.  I am still sore in my hip, but I hope to get back to training this week.

    Inspire and Be Inspired-

  • Hi everybody.  Almost missed my workout today (UB) but I did it finally at 8pm.  glad I did it, but I much prefer morning workouts.  

    I weighed in, lost 2 more pounds!  

    Get better Texaninlild!

  • Hey everyone, havent checked in for a couple days but I see everyone seems to be doing okay.

    Texan: Yup, I had the bum left knee blues. I think with a knee issue it might be easier to compensate with alternatives to running  - hips are a whole other story (much closer to the core of your body and a huge pivotal point). I hope that you are mended soon!!!

    I have to admit I became so physically and mentally exhausted from everything going on (BFL, 2 jobs, school, being a mom) that I ended up taking 2 extra days off from the gym. 3 days total including cheat day (Fri, Sat, Sun). Everywhere I read it says "listen to your body"  - with exception of listening to it being fat and lazy. So I listened and OMG I feel great now. Back on track yesterday (Monday) and did UBWO. I freaking nailed it and was able to increase each exercise by at least 5# !!

    I am SO excited because now for the 6 reps (in the 12/10/8/6/12 routine which I use from the book) I am doing 25# bicep curls!!! This is HUGE for me because I am known to have zero upper body strength. All my power has always come from my lower body.

    Havent lost more than the 3# originally lost the first week but now I am totaling 3inches lost off of my hips (which is DEF one of my problem spots!). I really do like to see that problem spot not be so much of a BIG problem :0)  

    Happy Week 3 everyone!!

  • Hey Everyone!  I have to admit that I am actually starting to like the morning workouts!  It is getting easier to get out of bed.  However, I have bronchitis which stinks.  I haven't used it as an excuse not to work out though. I think now that I have that part "mastered" (the getting out of bed), I am going to concentrate on cleaning up my diet more.  It is not terrible, but it is not great either.  Baby steps here!!

    I hope everyone is having a great week!


  • Well as a losing weight diet this isn't quite working for me yet.  I am so hungry though every few hours when it is time for a bar, shake or meal.  I am up like 3-4 pounds from my starting point.  I am hanging on to what somebody else said that it might not be till the 8 week.  I am seeing my college sports muscles come back though.  I got out the tape measure last night and think thats what I am going to by not the scale, but hopefully some will still drop off.

  • so far I have logged every morsel of food I have eaten and kept up on the 6 day per week exercising.  I feel much better than when I started, and I am proud of keeping up.  I sooooooo hope this is a new way of life for me and not a fad.

    I am getting my exercise in before work (new for me).  I am knowledgeable about both the quantity and quality of food I am eating (new for me).  I am going to bed early (new for me) and I fall asleep more quickly (new for me) and even more important, I wake up less groggy (VERY new to me.)

  • Hello everyone,

    I am starting my 3rd week and feel amazing!  I am at the gym every morning at 5:30 before going to work.  I almost did not make it to the gym this morning but could not get out of my mind how much better it is to get the workout done with first thing in the moring so I got my little behid out of bed and headed to the gym.  It was a great cardio workout! I was able to increase my levels.  I know I am getting stronger. I have not lost weight but rather gained 1 lb.  I did my measurements and lost 1 inch around my waist and hips.  BFL WORKS!!!!  9 more weeks!   My mood has changed. I am a much happier person!