Starting on 20th Feb - anyone else starting then?

  • Woohoo!!! 6lbs lost in less than a week!! That's great, Texan!

    I did weigh myself this morning (start of D4) and I am down 3lbs.. not too shabby I don't think. I feel that I am retaining water for sure, but I think it's from doing weights - like retaining water in my muscles. Today is LBWO which is my fave.... Saturday is my day off and I am kind of scared that I'll go buck wild.. dont want to...

  • @pencil - I like counting the personal victories too - and shoveling in Colorado probably ain't easy!  You have a great attitude and have inspired me already.

    I lost 2.2 lbs so far - less than a week but I like to weigh in on Fridays.  My free days are Saturdays so looking forward to tomorrow.  

    I am doing my upper body as I read and write on this blog - its sure encouraging to hear about how you all are eating, drinking and working those muscles!

    Run as if to win the prize!!!!


  • @Texan - great job on the weight loss - what an incredible testimony you have - and I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan too - I think he could balance the national budget!!!  


  • Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I had an OK week. Missed two workouts but ate good. Dropped a couple lbs. I just need to do better planning time to workout. Both times I missed it was because I didn't do it before work and ended up having things to do all night. Anyway, just checking in!

  • Bring-it-on and the rest of the gang!

    I had a honeymoon week!   I did all 6 workouts, and I ate great all week.  Tomorrow is my free day and I am freeking out.  I will probably not cheat too much, but I am afraid I will.

    I say honeymoon week because I can hear my old self louder today than any other day this week, begging me to not take this all so seriously and give in to temptation again.  I need that person to stay away, and for this new and improved Bob to take over!

    I sneek peeked at the scale and think I have lost 6 pounds so far!  :)   just 74 to go :(    Monday is my weigh in day.

  • Congratulations everyone!!!  We are almost at week 2!!!  How is everyone feeling?

    I had a great week.  I "cheated" a few times but over all I'm happy with my beginning.  Today was my free day and I have to say that at first I enjoyed it... then I realized that it must not have taken too long for my body to get used to "good" food.  I didn't feel very well for a couple of hours.  But, back on the wagon tomorrow and looking forward to it!!!  My workouts this week have included an hour of Tae Kwon Do training and 3 days of the 30 day shred (Jillian Michaels)  and I'm proud to report that I'm down 6 pounds!!!

    Here's to looking at week 2 and more success stories!!  You all are amazing and I love getting email updates during the day!  Helps me to remember that I'm not alone  ;-)

  • Finally finished the first week. I feel so proud of myself...

  • Well done all, week one all done.

    I have had a great week all six workouts completed, got my eating on track by day two and looking forward to next week.

    Had a little chocolate bar today to hopefully put an end to temptation next week!

    Bob - thanks for the idea of myfitnesspal, i have found this really usefull.

    Have a fab week two everyone.

  • I so glad to hear all of your updates!  Keep it up!

    My week #1 was a complete success.  I am in the new routine and exercised first thing in the morning all six days.  I logged every piece of food I ate, and I logged every single exercise.  Result:  I lost 6 pounds!!  I know that will NOT be the norm at all.  I am expecting maybe 2 for once I am in the routine a few weeks.  (This is where being obese is great, it is relatively easy to lose 10-15 pounds.)

    I am more interested in the “for life” part of this whole thing.  I really want to get a firm handle on my body so I can prepare for the future physically and for my new challenges mentally.  

    Today, starting week 2,  I did lower body workout, and this time I feel I know what level of weight to use at each machine, so I really felt the burn much more.

  • I didn't loose any weight this first week.  Frustrating.  I really want to get down 20 pounds.  I am doing the 6 meals.  Breakfast one hour after lifting, shake, lunch (turkey lunch meat, carrots, fruit - or something like that), shake dinner, cottage cheese and you can't forget water.  I am thinking of cutting my shake packets in half (aka myoplex lite).  How are you all dropping so much weight?

  • Andru78,  DON"T BE DISCOURAGED.  I lost weight because I am 80 pounds overweight.  You have just the last 20, hardest pounds to lose.

    My wife, who had about 20 pounds to lose, did the challenge and did not lose much until week 4 or 5.

    Keep it up!

  • I have not read every post on this board but are the majority of you taking muscle armor and phos force?  I know from when I was in sports the creatine makes me gain muscle very fast so that might be my weight stall out.

  • Andru78 - I am taking no supplements except adding protein powder to my smoothies.

    Hey, where is everybody?  I missed my morning cardio today, but hope to get it in tonight!  Eating well still!

  • I am feeling really bloated today, I have had wholeweheat pasta and brown rice in the same day, i dont think i should do that!

    Workouts are going well though.

    I lost 2Ib last week, not to worried about the weight though, Im concentrating on what i see in the mirror.

  • Just checking in guys! on the second day of the third week finished my cardio this morning yet im feeling a little a bit doubtful because Im still waiting to see results but I remain optimistic.

    So far I always begin a workout with creatine and end with a protein shake and creatine shot, 1/2 cup of oat meal and egg whites Blaahhh I can't wait for my free day!! lol