Starting on 20th Feb - anyone else starting then?

  • Andru, I am having the same results as you.  It is getting frustrating!  It will get better though.

    Bob, I think that I need to keep track of every morsel like you do.  I am sure that I overeat.  I hate being so specific or I get frustrated.  I'm thinkin' I am a little ADHD! lol

    Optimist,  I can feel your excitement in your post.  Congratulations on your progress!

    I am SO VERY excited that tomorrow will complete my third week!!!  I have never stuck with an exercise program this long!  (Sad, I know)  I feel good and look forward to next week!

    I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


  • Lisa, yeah I am still up with my weight.  Going home today so my wife will let me know if I have any body change.  Last weekend she said my shoulders looked bigger.

    Great week of working out though.  The suplements I can tell are really helping with the lifting.  

  • SO I am up again...This week I am cutting my protien shakes in half and my protien bars in half.  

    Breakfast-Half a bar

    Morning snak-The other half

    Lunch-Same amount of water less protein powder mix

    Snack-the rest of the powder

    Dinner-half chicken breast/vegetables/fruit

    Late snack-yogurt cottage cheese

    and lets see what a week of that does.

    I so did not want to get out of bed early today (daylight savings probably and lots of travel this weekend) but I did and I am thankful.

  • Hey gang, we seem to be updating this forum this site less and less.  I wonder how many of us are left.  I would love to hear from you.  I am on no supplements, save protein powder in my smoothies, so I have no idea how that effects weight.

    I am still doing well on BLF.  I jogged outside on Saturday for my cardio.  It was a beautiful day, but still being majorly over weight, the impact was hard on me, especially my knees.  So, I will need to stay on the elliptical for the duration of this contest.  Getting injured is the LAST thing on my list I want to do.

    At my weigh in Monday I learned lost another 1.5 pounds.  That puts me at 11 for the contest, and 20 since the start of the year.  But those were the easiest pounds to lose, the rest get harder and hard I imagine. congratulated me on my weightloss, then promplly lowered my calorie intake from 1750 to 1670, so I now get 80 less calories per day.  UGH!!!   So, I cut out my morning banana.

    Next weekend pictures and measurements!

  • Hey Bob!  I am still plugging along and checking the postings.  I am not seeing any progress but I feel SO much better so I am not getting discouraged.  I truly am making it a lifestyle change so I am not going to set myself up for specific weight loss goals, rather my goals at this point relate to keeping up with the working out and slowly changing my eating habits.  The weight loss will hopefully be an added benefit to feeling better and getting healthy!!!  

    I can't wait to see your pics.  I didn't take any yet.  I just have not had the time or ambition ;-)!

    Congrats on  you weight loss so far!


  • Evening all

    I'm still here, still plodding on and enjoying it.

    I had a bad few days last week, i didnt seem to have the energy to do anything, i was so exhausted. So i took a few days off. All back on track now though and feeling full of life.

    My weight loss was zero this week but over all i am pleased i can see a real difference in the mirror and can feel that inches have gone in the clothes that i wear. I am also starting to see definition in my arms and legs. Its working...

    Bob sounds like you are doing really well, keep up the good work and i too am looking forward to the pics next week. I also have protien powder in a smoothie once a day just to make getting all six meals easier.

    Lisa take some photos, for your eyes only, at least you will have something to look back on in the months to come.

    Have a good week all.


  • I am still here plugging away.  Cut my calories way low and also gut some type of stomach bug so my weight has dropped this week.  I am down 6 pounds since Monday.  Next week I will start adding some calories back into my diet.

    Workouts have been awesome this week.  It is hard getting the weights right some when I change up exercises.  I am having a hard time getting my time to the 46 minutes on days when I bench.  Next week I think I am going to go to Dumbbell Press.

    I have been doing Muscle Armor, Phos Force, Protein bar and Protein shakes.  Lots of water is also good.  I think moving to the Lite Myoplex would be a good move for me anybody else drinking the Myoplex?  I bought a shaker called a Blender Bottle that has a whisk ball in it that mixes everything up very well.  Chops up ice sum but wouldn’t chop up fruit.

    Stay with it everybody we are almost a month in.  I am going to treat myself to some new shoes and maybe another DriFit workout shirt.

    I still haven't taken any pictures.  Don't have a very good mirror to use for self picture.

  • It's Friday, we are almost 1/3 done and it is time for pictures and measurements!  I am both excited and nervous.  I am treating it as entertainment, for I am changing nothing regardless of the results.  I log my food and exercises, and I have not missed a day.  It has been transformational.  I hope I can make this a habit, like brushing my teeth everyday.

    Glad that many of you are still updating this blog/forum, though I had to go several pages in to find us!

    Today I did upper body, and here is what I am eating today.

    March 16, 2012


    Kroger - Caramel Vanilla Coffee Creamer - Lactose Free, 3 tbsp 105

    Homemade - Fruit Smoothie , 16 oz 250

    Morning Snack

    Grilled, No Skin - Chicken Breast, 3.7 oz 120

    Homemade - Spring mix salad, croutons, Catalina light, 2 cups  100

    Kroger - Medium Wing Sauce, 3 tablespoon 60


    Kashi - Go Lean Cereal, 1 cup 140

    Milk - Nonfat (fat free or skim), 1.5 cup  129

    Mid-Afternoon Snack

    Blue Diamond - Roasted Salted Almonds, 1 oz (28 nuts) 170

    Generic - Grapes, 1/2 cup (40 g) 31


    Papa John's - Large Cheese Pizza, 2 slice(s) 580

    TOTAL:  1,575 calories


    Strength Training - Lower Body

  • Like some of you, at the one month mark, I felt I had made little progress. Although my body shape was better and my waist a little slimmer, I had only lost 1 pound, and in the last week there was no change at all. I knew I was exercising right, so I decided it had to be the diet.

    My sister had started the Dukan diet - an Atkins-like high protein, low carb diet. The first few days are zero carbs and I lost over 3 pounds in 5 days. I cheated yesterday and missed my work our working late and gained a pound back. If you want a boost to your motivation, try going all protein and zero carbs for a few days.

    Photography: If you are in the Houston, TX area and need photography, I do it part time. I have worked with professional and amateur models and previous BFL competitors. I know it can be nervous posing in front of a stranger, but as someone who is going through exactly what you are going through, maybe that would make it a little easier.

  • I am super excited that tomorrow will be the last day of week 4!!!!!!    This means that it should be a habit at this point.  I really feel like the working out part is now a habit.  I think that if we can manage it the week of daylight savings, we can do anything!  LOL  The lost hour of sleep wore me out!

    Sam- That is awesome that you are seeing results in the mirror even if you aren't seeing them on the scale.  That gave me some hope as I have been feeling a bit discouraged not having any noticeable weight loss on the scale.

    Andru-  I'm sorry that you got sick.  However, the bright side is you got over it and kept going.  I know in the past I would have probably used being sick as a good reason to slowly quit. lol  Good Job!  Also, we have the cups with the blender balls too.  I don't use it too much but my husband loves his.  He used it everyday!

    Bob-  You made me smile when you said that we are 1/3 of the way there.  I hadn't thought about that!  I feel like you, I have not missed a day yet and I feel SOOO good!  Actually I dread missing a day (even though it is inevitable) because I know how much guilt I will feel!  However, this truly is transformational!

    Jim- I agree about the higher protein and less carbs.   I feel and look best when I limit my carb intake.  

    My one and only  goal this week is to measure myself.  I have a light week so I will have time to do that.  I am still kicking around the idea of pictures.  Still struggling with that a bit though!  I hope everyone has a great week!


  • To the few that are left.... lol

    I am so happy to report that my scale is FINALLY moving in the right direction!  I am super excited and had to share!

    I hope everyone is have a great week!  I worked my upper really hard on monday and I am SORE!



  • Monday's work out was interesting.  Going home on friday, havent seen my wife in a few weeks, so i wanted to work extra hard this week...Doing upright dumbell rows and I pulled something in my back.  All but dropped the weights right there.  I layed down on a bench and then I feared getting up...So I got up right away and went home.

    I woke up this morning and could hardly brush my teeth so I skipped cardio.  My back is feeling better now but I had to remove carpet from my apartment tonight - I thought that would qualify as cardio.  Hoping to do lower body tomorrow and bis and tris to make up for monday.  I hate getting old :)

  • I just wanted to post an epiphany that I had last night as I was wrapping my hair up in a towel after my shower. I had just finished my leg workout.

    I have to begin by saying that last week I was completely frustrated. Especially because I took photos and measurements and it seemed like NOTHING had changed in my body at all. Luckily it was my cheat day and I already had my cheat meal planned. Thus, I ate away my “This will never work” attitude in a 2-entre special from Panda Express…lol

    It is very frustrating to work so hard for 6 days a week and not see a single thing change. Like I said to my husband, “I feel like an athlete on the inside, but I’m still this fat person on the outside!” (I am not politically correct when it comes to my body.) However, I must say that I’ve lost weight in the past and I have faith in the power of muscles. My epiphany was that every pound I lose from here on out will be a pound of fat. It will not be water weight and it will not be muscle. I have passed the one month mark and all the water weight has probably been lost within the first two weeks (not that I lost much because I was already counting calories before I started BFL).

    If you think about it that way, every pound that is lost going forward is a pound of the ugly stuff that deforms and shapes our bodies in a way that is least desirable.  We are sculpting our bodies out of a mass, leaving only behind the beautiful matter that really matters!

    Chin up kids! Keep chugging along, it will happen. Success is bound to come our way if we keep to the program. BFL is THE recipe for success!

  • Fithasafeeling,

    great advice in that last post.  Keep at it!

    I did read that it takes about seven weeks for women to start seeing much of a difference.  I haven't read any timeline on the men.  Of course, as we all know, some start seeing immediate results.  Personally, I've seen a little more muscle mass and definition; but minimal weight or inches lost, if any.  

    I look forward to my workouts.  And am not craving chocolate as I did on a couple days in the beginning.  

    Would any of you be interested in starting/joining a CLOSED facebook group in addition to the forum?  I like the forum; I just find facebook to be easier to navigate and much less cumbersome to interact with others.  I'd be happy to start the group page.  Let me know.

  • RME.... I would be interested in a facebook group!