Starting Challenge Feb 13, 2012>Who's With Me?

  • I'm brand new and recently lost 30 pounds and am ready to begin a good workout regimen and lose 30 more.  I put down the 13th as a start date for me too.  That gives me a couple days to refresh my memory on all the ins and outs.  

  • I am in starting 2/13/12 as well!

    No excuses!

  • I will be starting the challenge Monday also.  It so happens to be my son's birthday and will end on May 7th,  the day he was laid to rest in 2009. I saw these dates and knew this is when I would start. Funny, he would call me "Fat Mama". I am in no means fat, I had gained about 20 pounds and that was an unusual look for me. Middle age spread I guess. I lost the 20 pounds in 2010 but no more. My goal is to lose another 10 lbs in body fat. Health and fitness is what I like to keep my mind busy on. So on with the challenge! Good luck to all!

    It's not where you start--it's where you finish that counts ~ Zig Ziglar

  • carved 10 it is ironic for me because of the dates lol. but joking aside my mom passed 4 years ago in 08 on may 6 and the end date is right after. i hope i make it thru. i am determined and willing to give it my all because i have been putting it off since her death sadly. I just hope I am ok and everything works out for everybody. Im so ready but I wana take it nice and easy lol nice and easy i keep telling myself that because of excitement. Trials and tribulations of life you know? ;)

  • Tomorrow is my big prep day :) I'll be making my own frozen dinners for breakfast, lunch and supper. I cook for the week and store them in the freezer. It helps me with the planning and saves cooking and clean up time through the week.

    Scrambled eggs do surprisingly well reheated...I make some diced potato hashbrowns...sometimes I add a lil low-fat cheese and mushrooms sauteed in olive oil.

    Lunch and dinner are usually a couple of vegetables and protein, like baked chicken breast.

    My other three minis are things like greek yogurt or a piece of fruit and cheese, or spinach salad with a boiled egg.

    I have my notebook ready...copies are made...I love seeing the progress. To stay motivated, I document like crazy on my profile. I wish we all had blog space on here.

  • And me!! This is the year that I will get the body I want!!  Starting monday!   Good luck everyone!

    Greetings from Amsterdam

  • Hello everyone... I will be starting feb 13 also. It will be my second challenge. I had awesome results during c1. But let it all go due to personal problems. It wont happen again. I haven't read any of the messages in the thread put if anyone has any questions Im pretty knowledge about the workouts and nutrition. Lets help each other out and motivate during this process. Good luck to everyone.

    "He who gains a victory over other men is strong;
    but he whos gains a victory over himself is strong(er)"

  • I 'm with you! I too am starting on the 13th! I just finished completing my registration form online.

  • I'm in!! I am a 45 year old mother of 4 kids under 10...I work part time and have really gained weight since pregnant with the kidlets. Bound and determined to succeed on this, my first challenge. Hope we can all do it!!

  • I'm in too! Active duty military, I injured my back a year and a half ago at the gym. I was cleared to train with no limitations a couple of months ago, but my nutrition is seriously lacking. I put on 20lbs after my surgeries and they need to find a new home. Ideally, I'd like to lose 30 but I'm not picky as long as I get toned up. I tried starting during the holidays and it didn't work out. I need this! Bring it on!

  • I'm in, starting 2/13. This is the year to become fit and strong. Good luck to us all.

  • I went to the dr. on Friday and had a good report.  I've lost 9 lbs and my blood sugar was down from 396 in Dec. to 154.  If I continue like this, I will be able to get off diabetes and cholesterol medicine.  That is my goal !!  I will return to the dr. the end of May.  Had my before pics taken, yikes !!  I'm ready for the transformation to begin.  Remember, the race is not to the swiftest, but to those who endure to the end.  Let's endure and Good Luck to all !!  We will because we can.

  • This is great...thanks for getting the thread started!

    It is a FULL 12 weeks. 84 days. There are only a certain number (I forget right off how many of each) so make each day the best.

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                                                            CIRCLE MAY 7 FOLKS! :-)

  • A little helpful trick I learned:

    On your calender, starting with the first day of the challenge( Feb 13) write the number 84, and count down each day till the end of the challenge which is May 7 (day #1) This way you can see how many days you have left until the challenge is over. You will be surprised how fast these 84 days are going to go. It always seems we have lots of time. Before you know it, it will be half-way over.  GOOD LUCK!

    It's not where you start--it's where you finish that counts ~ Zig Ziglar

  • I am also starting on February 13