Hi! I'm Donna, looking for some buddies who started the challenge today on 2/6/2012

  • Hey Donna,

    I started today as well. Is this your first time doing BFL? I did it back in 2007 and I loved it. I really like  meeting people and the support you get on here.


  • Hey Donna!

    I started my second week today so I have a head start on you but would wish you the best of luck.  Some of us are on a group on facebook called BFL Newbies.   You should join that group as well, we have a bunch of people starting today.  

  • I'm in Donna, do we want to start a group here?


  • I started today too! New to the forum but would love to join up and support each other! Good luck!

  • Hi all. I started today, Feb. 7th and am looking forward to the support. Question.... does anyone know the amount of protein we should be consuming in terms of ounces? I couldn't find this info and am curious if we just do "palm size". Help!

  • One gram of Protean per scale wieght is what I try for also I try to keep my fat under 15% per day and carbs about 35 % and protean @ 50% I track this using my fit pal on the iPhone I hope this helps ya all I just started my week 5 and fell off the wagon for the past two days damn the super bowl but.back. Ontrack today hope to make it through my sec challeng BFL for ever  

  • O ya welcome abord Donna stick with it to finish a challenge is awesome and the changes you see in the mirror also awesome I hope I can help you out with any tips

  • Hi all.  I'm starting on Monday, Feb 13.  I'm using this week to really understand the food.  Figure out what exercises I'm going to start with and how heavy of weights I can do.  Bought an exercise bike for my cardio days and am reading the book twice this week.  I did the exercise program back around 10 years ago and loved it but didn't really do the food plan.  Now 48 and 20lbs overweight need to make a drastic change in my routine.  I was getting int he winter slump.  I plan on making sunday's my food plan day for the following week.  I really need this for so many reasons.  Will definately be on here for motivation and staying on track.

  • Hi Karh, good luck! I love all the prep you are doing, such a great idea!

    For some reason, I think typical protein servings are about 3oz, give or take depending on your size but I could be wrong.

  • Thanks Andy....I will check out facebook tonight....How's your second week going? Donna

  • Hi Theresa!

    I did BFL about 7 years ago and did awesome. Kept the weight off all this time but had a long illness, knee surgery, andf a neuroma in my ankle so I am dealing with some issues. However, I am learning to work through the ankle pain and although I cant run anymore I am doing a lot of walking.....Support on here does make a difference....

  • I usually go with 4 oz. Its just right for me with lots of veggies.....

  • That sounds like a great plan!!! Putting one day a week away for meal planning is a nice strategy as well....Good luck

  • I did BFL years ago and took pics every 4 weeks. You could not imagine the transformation. Unbelievable. I was over 172 lbs back then. I am starting this challenge about 25 lbs less and only want to lose 10 lbs but I need to build musle and tone so this is perfect for me.....