Week 2!

  • Hey everybody -

    Thanks for all the great tips and inspirational comments.  It really helps to know everyone is trying to accomplish the same goal - and having some of the same challenges.

    I have begun the week with new weight and cardio goals.  I didn't get up in time yesterday morning to do my lbwo so I did it last night and kicked it up a notch.  This morning my cardio on the treadmill was tough!  Feels good though.  Cardio is always the hardest for me for some reason.  It takes more effort to want to push it there than with the weights.

    I still haven't taken a before picture yet.  I have a one piece swim suit and I went to a couple of stores to get a 2 piece but I haven't found one.  The sporting goods stores don't even have them in yet.  I really want to get a picture so I can visually see the changes.  I think that will help as I begin my 2nd challenge which I am planning on doing right after this one. 

    Visions ask Why, Goals ask What, Plans ask How - this is what BFL is asking of us!

    Hope everyone has a great 2nd week!

  • Stay focused!  Cardio will get better, I promise!  If you approach it like the weights, you will see constant improvement and the more you see improvement the more it will drive you to do better.  I definitely would tell you to take a picture now even for yourself so you can look at it and see the changes, even if it's in your bra and underwear.  Another suggestion would be just use shorts and a sports shirt/ bra.  My wife wears those when she works out, you should be able to find those at the sport stores, good luck!!