!st Week in February

  • Good morning all and welcome those who are new....big day for the super bowl here @ the home of the giants EVERYONE is throwing huge parties! Today will be a tuff one although all that pain and work from last week I'm to scared to throw down the toilet. Praying for will power to be a friend to all of us today! Going to throw in a pilates class as extra insurance. Hope everyone enjoys thier day off and GO BIG BLUE!!!! onward and upward to week 2!!!!!

  • Just signed up for a half marathon in June! Ive got to get my act together!! Monday is the day!! Because today is going to be BAD and I mean BAD.

    I love reading all of your posts! Thank you for letting me join!

  • I'm beginning my challenge tomorrow, February 6th!

  • Welcome to the newbies starting tomorrow (AHIERGROUD, mell392, and others).....good luck with your first week.

    For the others moving into week 2, keep it rolling


  • Hey team, Week one DONE!! Friday due to time constraints had to settle for Cardio in place of the weight routine.. took my free day yesterday kind of went out of control.. but its past Im back on track Hit my second UBWO for the week this morning and am ready to tear it up tomorrow.. My body is finally feeling normal again.. Keep up the good workall.. we got this , week 2 here we come!! To all the people on this thread starting tomorrow.. big heart strong mind!! aloha

  • hey guys, i would like in the group.  starting today after i just housed the last of what was left of the chinese food from yesterday.  I have a few questions that maybe some of the more experienced bflers can help me with,

    1)  chobani yogurt or any of those greek yogurts have a pretty high amt of protein in them i think like 9 grams or so, if you have two of those yogurts would that be a meal?

    2) for people who have started, did you buy any of the starter packs? and if so which ones?  I am 34, 6ft and 245 lbs :-( so obviously looking to lose fat and tone up and maybe add a lil muscle  If you did buy a starter pack did you buy off the site or somewhere cheaper?

    3)  is there any supplements any of you guys recommend?  has anyone used creatine before? i used it in my 20s when i was losing weight and it helped me lose weight and get very toned

    4)can you buy like boars head cracked peppermill or honey turkey and use that instead of ground turkey? just convenience wise of making a sandwich

    5) what about the frozen lean cuisine type things? also for convenience wise?

    6)  is everyone here actually entering the challenge on the site? or just for themselves?

    ok sorry for all the questions but i posted up a few last week on my own and didn't get too many responses and you guys seem fun friendly and knowledgeable so i figured maybe you guys could help me.

    Thank you.


  • I start today. This will be my very first challenge. I'm no beginner to exercise though. A good friend of mine s a USBF body pro and she does classes that near mirror BFL. I figure since I can only to get her class once very few months (we live a few hrs apart) i may as well do BFL & compare.

    Anyone here using Shakeology opposed to Myoplex?

  • Good morning February BFL friends!

    Week 2 here we go!  Started at the normal 5AM time in the gym with my wife.  The plan is 2 lower lifting days and 1 upper.  Today was the lower lifting day.  Good strong workout.  I am definitely feeling like I am hitting some 10’s and feel like I am really getting a great workout!  

    One major discovery so far.  I feel myself looking forward to the next day, the next workout.  This is the first program/diet that I have ever been excited for the next day!  I was not excited about the “free” day and don’t think I enjoyed it looking back.   I don’t want to slip up, I really want to stay true to the program but need to tighten up the free day.  I think I will enjoy it if I eat better but take it as more of a body recovery day.  

    Best of luck to the people starting today!  Stay true, stay strong week 2 group!

  • Awesome mell 392! Which one?!

  • also have another question for you guys, how do you put up your bio and pictures and stuff? keep clicking edit my profile but that takes me to the challenge dashboard.  would like to blog about my challenge. thanks

  • Good morning everyone!! Woke up early and ran 3.22 even though I havent run in two months! Woo feelin good! Got my food for the day and ready to go!!

    @christykiki- the San Diego Rock N Roll!

  • WOW!  3.22 miles?  how long did you run?

  • Hey guys and gals!  Today's my first day on the BFL.  I've been preparing for the past month and I am so pumped to actually begin!


  • Happy Monday!  Day 1 of week 2 for me - going good.  Enjoyed my Super Bowl Sunday and now back to business.  

    Trashman - I use the Chobani yogurt but 2 of them would have to many carbs so eat one with a handfull of raw almonds to get your protein up since there is plenty of carbs in the yogurt.  I didn't buy a starter pack but I do use myoplex lite shakes - you might not want to do the lite though and I use the myoplex lite bars.  I would stay away from frozen meals and instead make your meals on Sunday if you need convenience for the week.  I do use a nitrate free chicken breast lunch meat once in a while but not everyday - I am not sure if that is okay but sometimes you need something quick and easy.  I am doing the challenge for myself.

    Mell - impressive run - did you do that in the 20 minute cardio or did you run for longer?  Do you live in SD?  Just curious because I am in Oceanside.  

  • @Andys- I ran for 33 minutes so not very fast about a 10 min mile

    @kabbott- I live in San diego but right now im finishing my last semester of college in Michigan. Also I did just a regular run instead of the cardio but the cardio is way harder than my runs