!st Week in February

  • Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY BFL February group!  Hello to the new members in the thread!  

    Day 5…   My wife and I are still rolling out of bed at 4:30AM and opening up the gym at 5AM.   This was the hardest morning to get up out of bed.  This morning was upper body again and I feel I just recovered from Mondays upper body workout!  It felt better today than Monday and the great thing was after the workout my legs were not “as sore” as they were before we started.  Yes my calves are BARKING!  No question the target exercises are doing the job!

    1 more day to go and this first week is in the books!  Free day on Sunday, great day for a super bowl party!  I am really going to focus on being good but still allowing myself to have the free day.  

    All and all it has been a very positive week.  I increased some weights on my chest and arms today so that was a good feeling.  The diet is going great, I can honestly say in 5 days I have only really felt hungry 2 times.  

    Have a great weekend!  

  • Good Morning,

    My morning workout not good.  I got in my squats and started my lunges and then the phone rang - my Mom and things aren't going well with my Dad's company so she needed to talk and by the time we were done the girls were up so I will do it tonight after they go to bed - oh well.  Do I have to do my squats again though?

    Island Dude - no I haven't but I will try it with the quinoa - my sister in law raves about it so it is time I give it a try - thanks for the suggestion.

    Mads - way to go - I love getting my workout done in the morning - it makes the day start in the best possible way.  Hope the job is going good.

    Andys10 - increasing weight already - that is impressive!  Congrats for pushing yourself so hard.

    Make it a great Friday.

  • @ mads1393 good girl and praises to you for all the will power I wouldnt have lasted 1 day in that cupcake shop let alone 1 minute! @ kabbott my day started much like yours my soon to be 3 year old woke up bright an early bumping me out of an early am workout but managed to get it done thank god was trying to come up with 10,000 exscuses to not do it...feel much better that I did :) hope you get yours in as well..@nursemandygirl your arms and my legs OMG cant even move thank god today was upper body! hang in there everyone soon a day off.....

  • I started the 30th, so I'm with you guys!

  • I should also say that my first day, I overdid it and have paid for it all week, haha! Also, I switched my cardio days around. I do cardio M-W-F and do my weight training T-T-S. Its more of a schedule thing. Does anyone know if it will make a difference?

  • I'm finally feeling my core workout from two days ago! OUCH!  Happy Friday!  

  • Good evening all,

    This group has kept me extremely motivated.....thank you all !

    Through our first work week, but now comes the challenge....the weekend !  

    Kids b-day parties, family gatherings, and Superbowl.......yikes.

    I don't want to let anyone down, so keeping focused is key.

    Happy friday, and enjoy the weekend all

  • And yes, forgot to mention....still cannot feel my legs.....up and down stairs is a huge challenge !  WOW

  • been a couple days since I've posted but I'm right there with everyone.    I hurt pretty much everywhere right now.  I find I DO have a core area!!!   The family is having a pig-out session complete with pizza and taco chips and dip!!!   Very unusual, however, for our family, it was a late night and the little ones hadn't eaten yet....yikes....found it difficult not to partake so I decided to jump on to try to ignore the crunching!!!  

    Thanks for all the great support.  It helps knowing I'm not alone!!!!!  Tomorrow, I'll feel much better on the TM having held off this evening!!!!!

  • I seem to do a lot better with early morning work outs, nice to get it done and start the day with a great work out.

    I think mine comes from many years in the Army, and that I'm old and old people go to bed early and get up early hahahaha.

    Hope every one has a great weekend and free day :)

  • Team, nice work so far.

    For me, UBWO is complete for saturday.  Just need to stay focused with family over for my sons b-day (what a challenge :))


    Anyone using any supplements ?  

    I am trying L-Carnitine, and it seems to be helping me with energy


  • Hello BFL February friends!  I am happy to say that week 1 is complete!   What a learning experience!  I will say in the short first week I noticed a gain in minimum (but still positive) strength with my upper body lifting and what I would consider a considerate stamina boost in my cardio.  I really pushed hard today running and was able to complete the recommended scale and even pushing my last minute up a mile an hour!  I was very impressed with my progress!  

    I am slightly scared about the day off tomorrow.  My “allowed” cheat day….  I am going to a super bowl party and really don’t want to tempt myself too much.  I guess we will see how things work out.

    I am using supplements, well what I consider supplements.  I have 2 types of whey protein, I am drinking the EAS Mioplex shakes, and I am also drinking a product called joint juice at night.  

    I have never heard of Carnitine, I will have to research that a little.  I have played around with the idea of using creatine but I need to do some more reading on that.  I am concerned about putting on weight right now so I need to focus on cutting weight.

    I attribute my success this first week to three factors.  

    1)  My work out partner, my wife.  She has powered thru diabetic related issues and just keeps getting up every day.  She inspires me to get up and push myself

    2) This program and the people on the forum.  Updating my own personal stories and reading others is comforting and helps greatly.  THANK YOU ALL!

    3) My personal drive.  I am very much motivated to change me into a better person body, soul, and mind.    

    I am at the point of calling out next week!  I am very motivated and cant wait for the next step.  BRING IT ON!

  • Hi all.  Happy Saturday!  I am looking forward to my free day tomorrow and a chance to rest my body from working out too!  I did get my Friday exercise in but I just finished what I had left I couldn't do the squats again.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend - bring on week 2!

  • hey everybody! I am starting the 6th would it be ok for me to join? I need a lot of support because I started a challenge last year and never finished it

  • Welcome Mell392!  of course you can join.  I think the Feb 6 group also has a facebook group if you want another support group.  it is BFL Newbies.  Good luck next week!