!st Week in February

  • hey everyone, fell off a lil today eating wise because i woke up late this morning and had to rush to work and wasn't able to pack my lunch.  Made up with it with a spin class tonite.  took the same one last thursday and it is great it is HIIT for a 50 mins with 10 min cooldown.  Have decided to replace my tuesday treadmill with that.  Also skipped my UBWO yesterday because I have started running and didn't have time to do both yesterday but i was able to run 1 mile straight on the treadmill.  Plan to do UBWO and LBWO tomorrow and run going to be a looooong day excercise wise lol but im ready for it.  

    Alright enough rambling lol.  Hope everyone had a good day today.  Stay strong.

  • Hello February BFL friends!

    I had a good UBWO today!  My arms are still feeling it and i worked out 7 hours ago!  I am not sure what happened to my cardio yesterday, I did not hit my numbers.  It gives me a really good chance to focus on that tomorrow and try my best to improve.  

    Mentally I am preparing for week 6 next week.  Time to give it everything I have before I change up my exercises.  I am going to push all of my numbers to finish strong!  I am hearing from co-workers they are noticing a change in my appearance.  That is really exciting for me, and it helps motivate me at 4:30AM getting to the gym.  

    Hope everyone has a great Friday!  

  • Good Monday morning February BFL friends!

    Welcome to week 6!  Stay on it we are almost half way done!  That feels great typing that!!!

    Had a personal best again on my cardio on Saturday I am really excited about that.  

    I had another bad off day as far as eating…  I did fold in some exercise we walked about 2 miles and I also did about an hour of yard work mowing and weeding so hopefully that helped balance out the bad eating.

    Started this week of with my LBWO, I bumped a few high point weights on 2 exercises.  I traded out my abdominal machine for a different one.  That was a good change.  I have decided to finish this week with the same exercises and next week changing all of them out for new ones.  

    Have a great week everyone!

  • Nice work Andys10.

    Wife was sick in bed all weekend, and when I say All weekend / I mean ALL WEEKEND.....lol !

    Ran around with the kids for the 2 days, kept me busy, but eating suffered just a little....oh well, back to the basics today.

    UBWO this am was great, and going to change the cardio routine up a little for the next few weeks to see the impact.

    Have a great week all

  • hey all,

    nice work guys!  Fell off the eating part the last few days.  Not totally fell off but def had some bad meals and junk foods here and there but i am back focused. also missed my upwo and lbwo at the end of last week but did do my cardio and my running.  Making progress on my running which is good since i wound up signing up for that 10 mile race at the end of june.  Also today is my 8th day without a cigerette and i started wearing the nicotine patch to start but this is my 3rd day without it.  keep up the good work everyone.  And andy i wouldn't kill yourself about eating bad on your free day!!! you earned it,  i can't wait til my free day!! lol

  • Hey Trashman831, CONGRATS on the no smoking thing!  8 days is great!  Keep up the good work there man.  Your body will thank you!

    Had a good cardio this morning.  My treadmill decided to shut off after 6 minutes i was running at a good pace and it just slowed down to a stop!  oh well i jumped to another and picked up where i left off.  Cant stop me!  

    I wanted to share this with my February BFL friends.  I am using this app called runkeeper.  It is free and it is great for all you smart phone users because it tracks your outdoor activities (bike, run, walk, etc..) but if you go to the website and register you can track the activities you do in the gym.  It is really awesome to see the progress your making and it will give you weekly/monthly/yearly reports on your activities.  I just looked at my month of February and I almost ran 25 miles!  I was amazed!  I was really proud and think it is a great motivational tool!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • All,

    Had another successfull day, good cardio session followed by a solid days eating....not yet seeing the results on the scale, but my clothes are continuing to become baggier.

    I was flipping through some of the forums to determine what weeks most saw the biggest transformations and found this post....have a look, what a transformation, and what motivation this provides......not only in her pics, but in her energy.  We can do this !


  • Hey gang checking in here had a great back workout and then did a nice kettle bell combat circuit for lunch absolutely killed myself lol.. well worth it! Andys, BCTD, Trash, Glad you guys are keeping yourselves accoutable and continuing the journey, Big congrats BTW on the personal bests.. In regards to akmamas transformation I remember when i first came on to the forums and seen hers, My jaw literally fell off of my face and on the floor talk about a night and day difference.. I was soo motivated after reading her story as well as others. If you look at her profile she has broken into the fitness model world It's amazing what we can achieve when we take control of our bodies and minds.. anyway stay strong team.. will check back soon much aloha

  • Good morning February BFL friends!  Today is my last UBWO on the exercises I have set up for the first 6 weeks.  I made it count!  I feel so drained!  I really pushed my 10’s today!  

    It is hard to believe we are closing in on the end of the first half of the challenge this weekend for those of us that started the first week in February!  WOW how fast did this first half go?!?  I hope everyone is feeling as great as I do.  It is a real sense of pride and accomplishment that I am almost overwhelmed with after each workout!  I LOVE THAT!  

    I am going to be switching up all of my exercises for my UBWO and LBWO to bring in new exercises next week.  I am really excited about that.  

    Hope you all have a great day!

  • FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS........sorry team, gotta get myself inline here......have a challenging day !

    On to LBWO that I missed this am.

  • Greetings all.. Made it to the gym during the lunch break and hit the treadmill did the 5k feature and managed to get it done in 31 mins counting the 3 min walk.. It was really a tough one not to mention my gym is an open air gym and it was a hot one I soaked my shirt and half of my shorts lol.. Dropping that much water really made me feel like i accomplished something.. BCTD thanks for checkin in Stay on yourself to get it done!

    Great work andys keep doing the do!! I'll check back tomorrow peeps.. aloha :)

  • Good morning BFL friends,

    So I am dealing with a minor setback this week.  I have some kind of pain behind my left knee.  It is like in the back of my leg.  It is not enough to stop me from working out.  I will ice it today and see how things go.  I must have done it Monday hitting my 11 on my LBWO… LOL  

    The pain cut my distance down by .10 on my run this morning so it is not terrible.  Tomorrow is my LBWO so I guess I will test it out in the morning!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Andys10, hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

    Island_Dude, an open air gym in March......I dream of that day (being from Canada I'd be wearing a parka and sweating would be very difficult....lol)

    Worked out LB last night, then dragged myslef up to do cardio this am....it was tough but gotter done.  I don't think I will do it again though, as it did drain me today.

    Enjoy the evening team and keep focused.....almost half way there.

    btw - Today I used a notch in my belt that had never been used before.....still probably 2 more to go, but hey its a start

  • Congrats BCTD!  Way to go pulling the belt in!  That is a great feeling!

    So I iced my leg almost all day yesterday 10 mins on 10 mins off.  lots of advil and I was back in the gym this morning at 5AM for my LBWO.  I powered past the pain and knocked out a good workout.  I am not going to let this get me down!

    Looking forward to the cardio tomorrow.  Last day in the first half!  

    Hope you all have a great day!


    Best of luck on the next 6 weeks!