!st Week in February

  • hey all keep up the good work.  Had a great ubwo on friday and def hit some 10s and was very sore the next day which was nice.  Made yesterday my free day since my gf had a ton of friends over for her friends bday.  from the bagel at break at work, the peanut m and m's to the bunch of beers after work, chips and dip, pizza, cupcakes lol.  was nice to eat whatever i wanted but def didn't have as much energy.  Next free day not going to go that crazy though.  Now trying to pry myself out of bed to do my cardio.  Really want to run outside but may a lil too cold out today.  everyone enjoy there free day but prob not to the level that i took it to lol.  i see a lot of you guys just do one free meal? or do you have an all day fest? lol

  • Hey gang BTCD, andys10, trashman good work!! I missed the second half of this week due to crushing my thumb in my trunk *talk about dumm* Im almost good enough to get back at it again.. keep it up u guys truly inspiring!

  • Ouch, sorry to hear! Thx, I finally did peal myself out of bed and did my cardio and had a nice salad after, looking forward to lbwo after work, I work 6am to 2pm so it is impossible to workout first thing in the morning for me.  Hope everyone has a good day today. Trying to quit smoking today also so wish me luck!!

  • Good morning February BFL friends!  Hey Trashman best of luck with the smoking thing man!

    Week 5 - Bring it on!  had a great UBWO today!  I can really feel myself getting stronger!  I am still struggling in some parts but it gives me a great point to focus on next time.  I went a little nuts on my free day yesterday and really need to dial that back.  I know it is slowing the process.  I did brave the scale before my free day started and I am down a total of 9 pounds so far!  I am thrilled with that!

    Hey Island_dude, best of luck with that tumb!  OUCH!  hope it heals up for you!

    Have a great week everyone

  • Thx man! Gonna be tough but I know I can do it!

  • Hey everyone.  I haven't been active on the board in the past couple weeks.  My 1 year old has been really sick the past 2 weeks so I haven't got all my workouts in.  I am back in full force and ready to make some progress.  Hope all of you have been doing well.

  • Hey Kabbott,

    Glad to see you back!  Hope your little one is better!

  • Thanks Andys10 - she is much better and now just teething - always something.  I got my cardio in and feeling good.  We are heading to the childrens museum today but I go armed with a chobani yogurt, nuts and a chicken sandwich on wheat bread and my water.  Make it a great day everyone!

  • I pushed hard this morning on my cardio!  I hit a new personal best!  Is the goal to try to increase your distance by .25 miles every 3 weeks reasonable?  I have noticed that the end of my first 3 weeks I was .25 better than when I started.  Next week will be the end of our 6th week and I am .05 away from increasing this 3 weeks numbers by .25.  is it unrealistic to think that over the next 6 weeks I can increase my distance by .50 miles?  I am just curious as to how everyone works towards setting achievable goals on the cardio days.

  • Hey guys checking in here.. had great workouts both yesterday and today really starting to own that 24kg kettlebell :) for my cardio along with that versaclimber machine.. Sweat value indeed andys Kabbot, trash, BTCD keep on chuggin.. stay strong aloha

  • Good Morning,

    Got most of my workout in before my little one woke up and then finished with her crawling around as I did my sit ups.  Feel good and dropped a couple lbs so I am back down to where I was when I finished my first challenge but need more toning for sure.  I also hope to drop another 5 to 7 lbs so hopefully.  Made another great stir fry last night with asparagus and broccoli so good that I am having some for lunch today - yum.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  • Good evening all,

    Been focused and staying on track all week.  Could not get my UBWO in this morning, so I am off to hit it now.

    Island_Dude - 24 Kg Kettlebell...wow, you are the man.  I did my wife's kettlebell routine the other day with the 5 kg and struggle.

    Andys10 - Nice job with the personal bests....I don't think your expectation is unreasonable.

    All others - keep it rolling !!


  • Hey team! Good to see the usuals checking in :) BCTD I started with a 20lb and have been progressing there's also a 32kg! at my gym.. I try throwin that one around and It kills me .. lol that thing is HEAVY! Hit the gym with some deadlifts took it to 295 for 6 I wanted to go for 8 but my grip gave out lol.. stiff legged deadlifts and leg extensions finished the job :) I gotta work on my water intake I know I haven't been drinking enough will work on it.. keep going team aloha

  • Good morning February BFL friends.  CONGRATS to everyone starting the first week of February, we have finished our first month!  How about we only have 7 more Monday workouts!  My plan is going to be making them all count!  2 more workouts this week, lets finish strong.  

    Has anyone changed up the lifting exercises yet?  I am thinking about finishing up next week with the same UBWO and LBWO then I am going to change out all of my exercises.  I was just curious if the group that started the first week in February has changed anything yet.  

  • Just realized that none of my comments via my phone (which is all I've done lately) have actually posted. Sorry for the accidental absence. I have really enjoyed reading all your successes. It makes me try harder knowing that you are too.

    Things are going really well. My sugar cravings are beginning to lessen and my energy level has increased. I missed my LBWO yesterday so I'm off to the gym now... guess I'll have to double up on legs and cardio. Ouch!

    To Andys10... I don't know if this is taboo, but I mix up my exercises every other workout. The first UBWO I go as hard as I can, then the next UBWO I do the same exercises and try to surpass all my previous attempts, even if by just a bit! Then I change it up for the next 2 UBWOs and push my muscles to work just as hard with new exercises. This works for me, I feel I am challenged more this way. My muscles and my brain get too complacent otherwise.

    Have a wonderful day; I'm off to the gym....