Anyone Else Starting January 23rd? I NEED TEAM MATES! :D:D

  • NancyDavis

    I have not received the kit either. I was however to register online and input my information there. They only require before pics no measurements. I took measurements anyways for my own benefit. I would try emailing them to see what to do.   


  • Thank you so much Zavi! I have been trying to look for a help number or email all over this site and cannot find anything. Does anybody know where I can go to get help?


  • Great pep talk KimB - It is amazing how just one day with the scale moving up instead of down makes you want to throw in the towel.  But we are doing this "way of life" for more than just the scale.  It gives us more energy and improves our long term health.  I did check my belly measurement and that is down.  so much goes into the daily weight fluctuations - just stay the course and there will be improvements.

  • Hello everyone,

    I've had problems with my computer and that's the only reason I have not posted. I have been walking an hour every, even on my free day. Going to the gym on my lunch to get my strength training in for today. Battling a sinus infection but not allowing it to stop me. Not letting adversity into my circle what so ever. My meals are going  well. No carbs or grains in the evening for me. My metabolism is very slow but it's getting better. How is every one? We all started this togethe,lets finish it together. You all motivated me and I made a vow that I was not going to let my team or myself down.

  • Hi team, hope everyone is doing well!  

    Today is the day.....I put away my scale.  

    I am going to go by how I feel...I feel stronger.  

    I am going to go by how my clothes fit....they feel looser.  

    I know I'm getting healthier and stronger each passing day and that's all that matters.  At previous attempts to lose weight/get fit, the number on the scale would pretty much throw me over the edge and I would get discouraged and just give up.  This time is different (this forum has really helped), I'm in it for good and I know my body will reward me for all this hard work, I just need to be patient.  I am looking forward to my 4 week progress photos, that will be my next benchmark, not a number.

    So who's with me? Hide that scale!!!

    Other posts on this forum recommended  this site:  It has some great information, very enlightening.

  • I started on the 23rd!!! I still haven't got everything down packed yet but I would love to join the gang...

  • Imhof1971 thank you so much for you post. I'm feeling very discouraged this week because the number on the scale hasn't budged... In fact, it's gotten bigger, by .2 Ibs. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I think I may be taking in too many calories with this 6 meals a day lifestyle, so I'm gonna try and cut back on my calories. I guess the problem for me is that any time I've tried to lose weight in the past, it's come off quicker and easier. I think as I am getting older, that just isn't the case anymore and I have to get used to it and be patient, as you said. It's sooo hard though, and the scale is definitely to blame for how discouraged I feel right now!

    I'm joining you in hiding the scale and judging my progress by how I feel. The first couple of weeks I was feeling better, but this last week I just feel like I hit a plateau. I'm gonna pick up the pace with my cardio and see if that helps.

    Thanks for inspiring me! And thanks to the rest of my teammates too! Getting my daily email updates from everyone really has helped me to stay motivated and keep things in perspective. I hope everyone is doing well!


  • Nicole,  please keep up your spirits.  I too have struggled to break through.  I am on my second program.  I lost about 20 pound on my first program and have been stuck at the same weight for about 4 weeks.  I have pictures of champions posted in my bedroom, and I just keep looking at them and trusting that the program can provide those extraordinary results for me.  I remember reading that this is a "fat loss" program, not a "weight loss" program.  There are times we HAVE to operate by faith when we don't see the results.  Those pictures help us to operate by faith and faith alone during the rough times.  I did that for four weeks.  At the recommendation of others on the greater BFL forum, I changed up my routine and started doing resistance training three days in a row, and then four days of high intensisty cardio for four days in a row.  The first week I tried this I lost five pounds on the scale.  However, the scale can't be our measuring stick.  We have to rely on our body fat measurements, how our clothes fit and how we feel.  Keep up the faith.

  • I'm with you.  Throwing the scale out the window.  

    Hey, I heard about that Hussman Fitness site too.  Its a great source of information.  

  • Thank you Nicole.  We can do it!!! Have you read the Champions Body for Life book? It is so helpful.  I read portions of it daily to keep motivated as well as look at the tranformation pictures online and essays.  Visualize your own transformation.



    This was posted on FB today, how fitting!!!

  • I just found this number and email address. I'm sure if you call they will have an answer about the kits.

    call us at 800-297-9776, 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday EST.  Or send us a message on the site here: Let us know if you find anything out.   


  • Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I logged on. It looks like it's been a while for everyone. NO posts here since the 12th!!! Is everyone okay? We still on track here? DO NOT GIVE UP! I NEED YOU!  You all have to realize that if we stick together we are stronger.

    On a side note about sticking together, have any of you seen that YouTube video called "Battle at Kruger"? It's a standoff between lions and water buffalo. You have to watch it past the half way point to see how it supports the point that we have to stick together. It makes us stronger. WE can battle anything TOGETHER! If you haven't watched that video, check it out and use it as a reminder to stick with your support group like glue!

    I also want to let you know what victories I've had this week, besides being down another 2 pounds. I had family coming over Monday night and they were all going to be there by 6 or 6:30. My workout time with my girlfriends (four of us now doing this together) is 7:00 pm. I went to the gym at 5:00 and did my workout alone! And, I kept thinking that I was afraid I'd be too soft on myself because the girls weren't with me so I kept pushing myself, and I upped my weights a little bit even. I am more sore from Monday night than I was all last week! So, first victory was that I went to the gym alone Monday night for my LBWO. :-)

    Second victory was this morning. I have had something thrown in my way for tonight's workout now. My pregnant daughter who lives almost 2 hours away has asked me to come up and visit and bring my 2 yr old grandson home with me for the rest of the week. I again have to miss my workout tonight at 7 pm. So, I got up early this morning and went to the gym and did my UBWO alone. Well, I wasn't really alone because their were several people at the gym, but they were all MEN BODY BUILDERS; all doing their big workouts with the big weights. And here I am, a woman surrounded by big muscular men, doing my BFL UBWO. I did it anyway and got some pointers from one of the guys. He also showed me his picture from when he won 1st place at a body building contest 9 years ago! He'd gotten old since then, he's 69, and shows it. at 60 he looked amazing!

    When I did my dumbbell chest presses, I do 12 20#'s, 10 25#'s, 8 30#'s, 6 35#'s, and 12 25#'s, then I do 12 Flyes at 20#'s. A couple of the guys said "impressive". :-) Made me feel good. I am rather impressed that I can do 35# dumbbell presses too. It's my accomplishment from last week, my proud moment. ---At any rate, it was a bit intimidating doing my workout with all those guys around me. But I did it anyway!

    That's all I got for now. I hope everyone has a good day today and get your workout on! Get your sweat on!

    BTW:  Nicole and Imhof1971, Good going throwing the scale out. that's not the part that matters now. AS we build muscle, we will start dropping the weight more. Don't give up people! We started as a team, we need to finish this 12 weeks as a team!


  • Good Day Team,

    I was a little disappointed when I didn't lose weight the first 2 weeks, I think it was also because of my eating plans that I didn't stick to. However, now I've lost 5lbs since I checked last week, and a total of 7 inches. I feel more energetic, flexible and toned. It feels good to have a little change...I can't wait to exercise nowadays :)

  • Thanks Zavi!! I have been building up some questions but I forgot where I put them all because I thought there was no help in finding a real person to talk to! I will look for them and shoot them an email.