Anyone Else Starting January 23rd? I NEED TEAM MATES! :D:D

  • Thanks guys!! :D

    BTW- my hubby was thinking my portion sizes and protein bars and using butter was the reason why I wasnt losing weight, but I have not been using butter or going over portion sizes! I only saute with Pam olive oil, etc. Only use egg whites for omelettes, no salt, lots of water,still trying real hard to get in all of my protein though. He was just trying to figure out why the weight is not melting off, I will explain the whole muscle/fat stuff to him. I can see a difference sort of. My belt can cinch a little more and my pants are a little baggier, but not much. I had a good workout this morning, had jelly legs going down the stairs. Last week I went up in weights and since my plates only would let me go from 13 to 18 lbs, it was a shocker and I am still sore from it, even though I took last Friday off to heal my shoulders. I will try not to take too big of a leap so I do not get too sore again. I just thought I wasnt pushing myself hard enough. (One step forward, two steps back). Thanks again everyone. LET'S HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!  

  • Transformation is not the result of one big step you take in the future; it's the result of relatively small steps you take right now. -Bill Phillips

    Each day we eat right and exercise is one more day closer to our goal.  I too am scared about not seeing the "8 week miracle", but then again I know I will see a miracle at some point (maybe at week 10 or 12 or maybe I'll need a 2nd challenge) regardless - I'm not going to let it get me down, as long as I'm making progress that's what's important.  Too many times I started a program and got discouraged and threw in the towel because I wasn't seeing fast results.  If I would have just accepted it and kept going I would have reached my goals.  The time is going to go by anyway, what you do in that time is what's important.

    Chin up everyone! Keep sweating and pushing, and remember where we started from and what was the driving factor that made us decide to do this.


  • Hi Team

    need a little moral support for a bruised spirit today :(  I have been bustin my butt working out like a crazy woman, eating like I have never eaten before ,feel fantasitc and feel that I am starting to look like things are happening for me.  I am so realistic and know what to expect from 12 weeks (proabably need 3 challenges, but thats all good) to the point, I work with my sister who just lost 112 lbs, looks AMAZING, gets compliments like crazy (and she sooooo deserves it) She achieved it through Weight Watchers/working out and a client commented today on it.  She said how wonderful she looks etc etc, then she turned to me and said "you should go with your sister"   deflated balloon, defeated spirit, I wanted to bust out crying but kept my emotions in check.   That hurt and it really bothered me and what did I say back to this woman (who I have know since I was 5)???....NOTHING..ughhh

    I know what I am doing for MYSELF and I also know it takes time.  I am so on program and on track but wow did that feel like a gigantic slap in the face ...Ill regroup and move along but for the minute I am a little taken back..ughhhhh words are like knives sometimes, arent they?

    thanks team..thanks for listening and on a totally positive note, after 5 hours of restless sleep last night, I did have an amazing workout this morning :)

    thanks again !!!!

    JODI   :)

  • Yea, I started off knowing I'd need four challenges to reach my goals.  Hey don't worry about the comment.  Sounds like a long time friend who felt comfortable making that comment to you.  She was just probably trying to be helpful.  The bottom line is that you are doing something, and you are changing your life. You will look like your sister.  First, you've started and thats the hardest part.  Second, you have your sister to be an inspiring story and PROOF that what you are doing is going to work.  I'm in the middle of my second challenge and there are people who haven't said a word about how much weight I've lost, even though I've lost 40 pounds.  FOCUS, FOCUS FOCUS on your program and believe what others in the forum are telling you.  I'm sure your sister didn't lose 112 pounds in 8 weeks.  Stay with it and you'll reach the same results.  

  • Jodi

    I have many friends that did weight watchers and had wonderful results, while they were on the program. BFL is a "For Life" program, while Weight Watchers is not. With BFL it teaches you how to eat this way for life. It teaches you how and when to eat certain foods that works best for your body.

    I know you are happy for your sister because she has achieved such great results but she started before you. So give it some time and you too will see great results! You will gain more muscle each week and lose body fat each week. Remember the first body fat you lose is the fat around your organs. Then you will start seeing the outer results.

    As for your friend. Sometimes people don't think before they speak. She probably didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Maybe she doesn't know that you are doing the BFL Challenge. If not, I would let her know (in a kind way) that what she said hurt your feelings and then tell her about the program you are doing and have her check it out. Tell her you too, will have great results in time.  

    Like Vinny V said, she has friends who have not said a word about her weight loss. I think sometimes people just find it hard to give complements to others. Not that they aren't thinking it, they just can't get the words to come out. My advice is complement them and maybe that will break the ice for them and make it easier for them to express what they want to say.

    Sometimes through defeat is where we find the strength to work harder. Congrats on the great workout today!

    Keep up the great work!   


  • Heyyy, so I've been missing from here for a while.

    About a month ago I got really sick, ended up in hospital for a week and then needed surgery so I've pretty much been out the game :(

    I'm about a stone lighter but its through sickness not health! I'm gutted I've had to stop but I'm feeling much better and I'm going to try and get back to the gym next week. I think I'm just going to restart my 12 weeks.

    Hope everyones getting on well and reaping rewards :)


  • Emzoid

    I am glad you are feeling better! It is probably a good idea to start at the beginning to avoid injury or disappointment. You may even see results a little faster this time?

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!



  • Ok where is all of our group members? I have looked back on the posts and there are a lot that have not posted anything since the first few days. Are you guys still with us? I hope you haven't given up! If you have please let us know so we can encourage you to start again!

    Hope all is well! Please post updates soon!



  • Hey Guys

    Just realized I never thanked Vinny and Zavi for the moral support..I did get over it but it still lingers in the back of my mind but 9 weeks down in Challenge 1 and I couldnt be more proud of myself.  I will have to do probably another 2 challenges to be anywhere close to what I would like but look how fast 9 weeks flew by and progress is obvious.

    How is everyone else doing?  so many were a part of this thread you must be out there somewhere..fill us in on your progress good, bad or indifferent..its nice to hear and we need to support each other.  I need it :)

    How does everyone do with their free day?  I always want to go crazy but then I hold back because I'm in a good place right now with the food situation so I do enjoy a good meal and a snack I wouldnt otherwise eat (snackwell cheese popcorn is my weakness, and maybe pizza or taylor ham egg and cheese on rye..yes taylor ham..i'm from NJ  lol) would love some chicken parm too :)

    Good luck to everyone and hope to hear from you

    JODI :)

  • I'm happy to hear the time has flown by.  I need the time to fly.  I am ending my 3rd week today. Down 6 pounds. lost 7 inches overall.  Tomorrow is my birthday - it will be my first real cheat day.  The last two I only had a glass of wine with dinner.  I will look forward to your before and after pictures.  I live in Las Vegas so I will be going to the Paris Hotel for lunch tomorrow with my daughters and grand daughter.  I plan to cheat - but probably not all day.  I  only have 7 weeks until I see my hubby. I want to look very different.  

    So excited to hear about your successes.  Enjoy!


  • Hi all,

    Well 9 weeks has certainly gone by fast.  I am making progress, slower than I anticipated but it's progress!  I am down 12.5 lbs and my body fat went down 4%.  I would like to lose about 25 more lbs and get down below 20% bodyfat so looks like another challenge in the midst.  I am so comfortable with this eating plan that I don't really crave much nor do I feel like cheating.  I drink tons of water and for a treat I have herbal iced tea (tangerine/orange is my fav).  I'm proud to have cut out diet soda (most recent accomplishment).  My cardio workouts have room for improvement, I seem to limit myself when it comes to reaching my 10's. I'm sure if I was pushing myself harder when it comes to the cardio I would have seen a bigger % of fat loss.  That's something I need to work on.  The weight training is going well, I'm doing more of a circuit training with dumbbells, I seem to get a better workout than using the machines at the gym.

    Keep up the great work!


  • I'm made improvements - but I have to admit, the cardio is the struggle for me.  I have pushed to the 10's but - man was it hard! And the cardio is the one thing I don't look forward too.  Trying to figure out how to improve my attitude toward it - it's the longest 20 minutes of my life!  Workouts - I love them! Oy!

  • Hey all. I haven't posted in a long while. I'm sort of doing a hybrid of BFL. I am taking classes at my gym that are more fun than just lifting weights. Even though the classes kick my butt, the hour goes by a lot faster. Mondays I do bootcamp which is a mixture of cardio and strength training. Tuesday I do what is called "Body Pump" which is a full body workout. Wednesday is a cardio day where I do the 20 minute interval training and hit whatever I didn't hit hard in the class the day before. Then Thursday is abs and legs class. Then Friday I do upper body and cardio. Saturday rest. Sunday legs.

  • Nice to see some of the team is still going strong. Finally not feeling as sick(morning sickness all the time) and I started walking last week.  I think I take the cake in the scale movement. Up 16 in 8 weeks. I will start the journey again January 2013. That will be the soonest I can start working out hard for weight lose.

    Hope some of you will post pics of yourself or your total progress. Excited to see the changes you've all made in your lives. Almost there. Keep up all the hard work!

    "Never give up. Never Surrender."

  • I didn't know you were expecting!  How exciting.  I think the important thing for you right now is healthy eating. Retaining some of the principals you have learned in BFL will most likely  ensure not only your well-being and the baby's - but my guess is it will make losing the weight later much easier.  Thank you for all the good encouragement. and congratulations.