Anyone Else Starting January 23rd? I NEED TEAM MATES! :D:D

  • The hubs and I are starting another challenge on January 23rd. Anyone else in :D MK
  • YUP :D Yikes, I'm quite nervous, new to Body for Life and really hoping I can stick with it... team mates would definitely be nice :). I think some accountability might be good for keeping me on track! Good luck with your preparation.


  • Hello! I am SO excited to begin this journey with you. :D:D

  • I just decided to commit to the challenge, but plan on starting January 22nd. I have practiced some of the bfl program in the past, but have never done a full 12 weeks. I will need motivation and encouragement to stay on track, get up in the a.m. at an ungodly hour each day. I am working on specific goals, meal and exercise schedule now. I've never communicated with other participants and am hoping this will help me. Thanks!

  • im also starting on the 23rd.  can anybody suggest suppliments for weight loss and muscle recovery?

  • Would you mind if I joined your group, too?  I've had previous sucess with BFL but due to injuries have been away from the program for the last couple of years.  Time to get back on board.

  • MattsGettingMarried - as for supplements.  Myoplex lite and Betagen are great supplements.  Particularly the Betagen for muscle recovery.

  • I've been reading through the plan this week and am ready to start on the 23rd as well!

  • I read the original book by Bill got lots of information also available here on this website.I am glad to join this group and start my 12 week challenge/commitment from 23rd .Also need lot of information sharing here .Lets enjoy!!

  • Hello! I am also starting on 1/23. Did well with it before, but never completed the 12 weeks. Hoping this Forum helps!

  • I am starting tomorrow too and I am also looking for tips and support. Does anyone know if you can get the Body for Life Book as an ebook?   


  • I am also starting tomorrow. I have actually spent the last week getting my nutrition in line and eating habits readjusted, but the real work begins tomorrow!

  • Everyone feeling prepared? I sorted out my gym membership today and stocked up the fridge so fingers crossed! Good luck to you all :)

  • I am starting on January 23rd too! This is my first challenge. I'm feeling excited, but nervous. I know I can do this!

  • Starting on Monday 23rd too! Sounds like a good idea to have people to motivate each other along the way. Wishing everyone success with whatever they want to achieve!