Starting on Monday January 16th!

  • First day of lifting was ok. I need to get my husband up to the gym with me to show me around so I don't feel intimidated. I couldn't find a back machine for the life of me and ended up doing reverse situps! Oh well. Once it becomes more of a habit, and I'm not reading my notes so much, I think I will have more confidence. I am feeling the burn today though. And the cardio this a.m. was great. I just trained for a half marathon so I thought a 20 min work out was going to be a laugh. Not so! Following the increasing levels of intensity was awesome. Used the speed and incline to increase the intensity. It was an awesome 20 mins! Might try the cookbook - I am ok w/ food options right now, but like jferg said tuna and chicken breasts will only get you so far. Has everyone discovered greek yogurt? The Chiobani has a ton of protein - been a great bfast for me w/ fruit and toasted quinoa granola.

    I love all the quotes too. During my last race one of my faves was "No matter how slow you are going, you are lapping everyone on the couch!"

    And this might be something just for cheat day - but is there any alcoholic beverage that's a better choice on BFL?

  • Hi all,

    I was watching the documentary "Body of Work" on my itouch earlier today and Bill Phillips had a great quote: "Half of getting what you want, is knowing what you have to give up to get it."  During this experience of developing a new lifestyle, we are all going to have to sacrifice some things, some more than others, but in the end I believe it will all be worth it.

    Never give up, and if you slip and fall, please pull yourself up and get back on track.  We are all here for each other, so don't be embarrassed to share your setbacks when and if they take place, we understand and want to help.


  • Hello, Im a returning b4lifer (2006) and am so not use to this new format. I would love to see that documentary. Is it on here or do I have to google it? I definitely needed that quote!!

  • Congrats! Im with you all the way. I am working 3jobs and have a 12yr old son. I did this program in 2006 but my life was not as hectic then. The cookbook is a new discovery for me as well and a great asset to this program. Im not use to feeling "ugly" and now that I do I hate it and just refuse to remain this way. Its not me and I am not representing my inner character well on the outside! When I turned 30 I said it would be my best years, my wish was to regain myself but be better-be my best! Well, the 1st yr went by and now the 2nd is half over. I could not see myself celebrating yr 32 as I am now.

    It is definitely time to BRING IT!

  • I have got to say that this is a great group of BFL driven people we have on this thread, very impressed and empowered by all of you right now- THANK YOU FOR TAKING PART EVERYONE.

    I remember something someone posted a while back about missing workout or slipping into some old nasty eating and drinking issues, it's something that will happen every now and then, you will screw up and feel like quitting because of a slip up or five. The thing is to think of the 12 week challenge as if you are walking up a stair case, as you continue you may stop and sit, maybe even trip and fall a little, the thing is to know that you aren't going to fall all the way back to the bottom. When you trip up, just get up and keep on climbing the stairs, pretty soon the view you'll be getting will just make you want not else but to climb higher.


  • Thank you for the motivation people and thanks for posting about your experiences over the day keep it up! Day 2 was good for me, was eating 6 times and the running (Cardio) was really good could force my self the whole round without a single break! To all of you a little motivating hint: If you feel tired in the cardio training,You can do much more than you think dont let the psyche put you down be strong and show the body who is in charge. I am loading for day 3 and wish you a good luck in your third day.



  • Hello everyone...good to see the activity. My second day went well. I'm wondering about the before pics. Are those to be downloaded to this site somehow? Or do I just hang on to them until I send in the whole package? Anyone have any idea? Thanks

  • Hi Dion, just go to the "media gallery" section on the tab at the upper section of this page, you can download pictures there. You can also insert pictures into you post on this thread by using the "rich formatting" option in your post window.

    Hope that helps.


  • Hi everyone,

    I've survived the first lower body session and actually enjoyed it (!) - I agree that its a lot about getting to correct weights in the first few days (I can definitely increase them a little). i was just wondering what people do for abs training - do you stick to the same reps and sets and use some sort of weights? I found that when I the 6 rep set, it wasn't anywhere near the intensity I think I should hit. What do other people do?

    I'm so inspired by everyone here; I loved your quote about climbing the stairs cheatday, I'll definitely remember that - and Joe what you quoted from Bill about sacrificing for success is unnervingly true I fear.

    Keep up the good work everyone!


  • Hello Nattey,

    The Body of Work documentary was made in maybe 1998, so I'm not sure how easy it is to get ahold of, I actually ordered it from this website years ago. I checked youtube, and people have uploaded it in sections of 10 minutes, it's a great motivator. It's about how this Body for Life idea started and is an incredible documentary piece too.  When I ordered it before, I actually called EAS about it and they told me how to order it, I wonder if they would still do that.

    Hope that helps.


  • I am really liking the Chiobani for my before bed meal! So much protein, no fat and moderate carbs and excellent taste!  

  • Mamamary, I forgot about the tennis ball trick! My heal quit bothering me after I got new shoes. So I can run again without problems. I have been feeling really tired and fatigued. It feels like my body is wore down! I took a look at my calories to see if I was too depleted in my nutrition but they are at 1300-1400 a day. I am doing some longer cardio days instead of HITT (like 2 days long and 1 HITT)  so I dont lose my conditioning for spring when I can get out to run.  Maybe I need to cut back? Any thoughts??  

  • WOW fit4life I just looked at your profile! You are an inspiring example of BFL!! WOW No way do you look like a 50 year old.  

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to join your group! I was one in the >10% who succeeded in getting through with Cheatday, Monscal and others in the last this is Challenge #2 for me. Even though I made it all 12 weeks (one of my original goals), I definitely have gotten too lax about my eating, and i KNOW that is the biggest part! So, this challenge is all about nutrition for me. So glad to be in a group with other inspiring individuals... I hope I can help keep you accountable as much as I know you'll be keeping me accountable!

    All I have to say is BFL WORKS. That's all there is to it. But, "Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right." (-Henry Ford) And you have to put that belief into action.

    Here's to a great journey! April 8th will be here sooner than we realize!


  • fit4life,

    You are my new inspiration! I will start to really focus on my nutrition side of the process.  That is the part that always trips me up because it's so easy to become overwhelmed with calculating what your body really needs.  I need to grasp an understanding like you mentioned of a clean diet. Do you have any examples that may help with an understanding?

    Nutrition is the hardest part for me, the gym is hard, but the kitchen is so much harder for me to understand scientifically.

    Thank you,