Starting on Monday January 16th!

  • Hello all --

    My name is Chrissy.  I am not a new BFLer but haven't been successful at it lately.  I supposedly started the last challenge with Cheatday, Monscal, and Helcat, but even though I followed everyone's posts, can't say that I ended up in that 10%... :(  

    That's ok cause today's a new day!  I let life get in the way and life will always happen, but it's 'live and learn', right???  So... I have alot of work to do!  1st goal -- I am a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding in May.  That bridesmaid getup is gonna have me self conscious enough as is so I'm gonna do everything in my power to prevent adding to it!  I'm doing this round with my girlfriends so I've got their support on my side too!  Looking forward to finishing with ya'll!

    Chrissy :)

  • Hey monscal, great to have you over here, I love reading your posts too. I'm wondering if helcat is going to join us, she was full of great advise and tips, here's hoping.

    Good to see the Swede is here too, I saw his post and recommended he drop by. This group looks like it's covering quite a bit of our planet, we've got an ozzy out here along with a swede, I'm up on the west coast of canada, lets here where you're from everyone.

    Oh ya, I can't ever really remember asking my girl friend if my pants make my *** look big... but usually the focus isn't so much on that side of a guys body ;-)... or not.

    Had a so so day of lifting and food intake so far, lost my moe-joe for hitting the 10's in my lifts because I didn't eat enough before my workout, I just can't push hard on an empty stomach. Cardio was interrupted by having to go out on a lengthy unscheduled meeting, life's curve balls are everywhere sometimes. All I can do is save it up for tomorrow now, and hope for a good training session.

    Hope you all had a great DAY ONE! We are officially on the way folks, enjoy it because it will be day 84 before you know it.


  • I'm really pleased to see so many people posting on here. I will need plenty of motivation.  The first day was excellent. I never realized how fast a minute could fly by between sets.  I'm already sore, but can't wait for tomorrow.  A good nites sleep will b no problem!!  Thanks again!

  • I started today!!  And I am so excited!!  I have tried starting a few times in the past, but I'm feeling that this time is so different.  I'm just DONE feeling so ugly.  I think what is going to help this time is the discovery of the Eating for Life cookbook.  I made the lettuce wraps tonight and they were heaven.

     I have 3 children 5 and under so they demand a lot of time and energy... Which is why this will be quite the challenge... But is also why I NEED to be the best me I can be.

    Bring it on!

  • Hey divacbird, good looking bunch over here eh? I think you're going to really get some good results this time, stick to it and with the help of your friends and everyone out here this change is going to stick!

    just sayin ;-)


  • Hello, I'm Dion. Starting the 16th also. New to this posting and blogging thing. HELP :)  Want to follow this to the end. Will be checkng in for support. Good luck all!!!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm getting started just a day behind you on the 17th. Let's do our best :-)

  • I'm another one joining you - fron London. I completed a challenge 3 years ago and have managed to undo all the good work over the last 6 months. I even tried to start a challenge towards the end of last year and fell off within a week - I wasn't in a good place...time to get all aspects of my life back in order - and I know BFL acts as a catalyst for improvement and discipline all around. Enough of avoiding mirrors and living denial, enough of compromising on dreams, enough of feeling hopeless.

    An upper body work out down and I'm still breathing (just)...bring on the changes. One day (hour) at a time.

    Good luck everyone - lets stick together!


  • Welcome to our group "workin", we believe you can do it, your children are a good motivation to make a transformation, good luck.  I love the Eating for Life cookbook, it is incredibly helpful because eating just plain chicken breasts and cans of tuna fish all day will only get you by for awhile...remember that variety is the spice of life, and having variety in your nutrition plan can make a difference, in my opinion anyway.

  • Welcome "The Dion", support is exactly what you have found here, we know you can follow this to the end, no doubt, make it happen.  Good luck!

  • Thank you for joining us Kate, I know how it feels to finish making a transformation, and revert back to old habits and lose that progress.  Its depressing, but its never too late to try again and its never too late to take back control. We are here for you, and here to support everyone who has joined us on this transformation experience.


  • Hey cheatday, what do you do for your plantar fascitis?  I had it 2 years ago and got rid of it with shoe inserts. I dont wear them anymore but know i need new shoes when my heal starts to hurt after a run! I just got off the treadmill, sitting here in soaking wet shirt and feeling sooooo good. I have been eating 100% clean too!  This forum just might be the ticket for me to complete a challange!!

    By the way I am from South Dakota.

  • Hey Happymom, I'm from Iowa--welcome neighbor!!!  I know you asked cheatday about plantar fascitis, but I also have issues--good shoes (I love my Brooks) are the best thing and I replace them before they look like they need it to insure good support.  Also, a therapist recommended to me to use a tennis ball and roll your arch over that when you are sitting to help with the discomfort.  

    Well, my eating is right on--but I missed my workout yesterday. rule is no sitting at night prior to getting my workout in!!!!  I earn the right to relax and call it a night once I have worked out!!!!

  • These posts are so helpful and motivating. My name is Danica and I am from Texas. Let's all take this one meal and one workout at a time and celebrate our succes in just 82 little days. The hardest part so far was the before pic. Yikes! The camera is pretty blunt about how I look. This is going to be a fun journey.

  • Hey all, I started Sunday the 15th ( want Saturdays to be free day). I am a 44 year old mother. My sons are in college and so am I. It is time to get healthy so I the energy to accomplish all my goals!!! I did BFL years ago and it worked! Haven t made myself a priority in a couple years and it is catching up with me. First couple days went well, just trying to figure out how much weight to start and finish with in the work outs. It is nice to have this forum, good luck to everyone! " Whether you think you can or think you can't, your right." Henry Ford