Starting on Monday January 16th!

  • Getting a grasp on a clean diet is 90% of a successful fitness journey. Put alot of focus on planning your meals and making sure to eat 6  balanced meals a day and drink alot of water. In my experience over the years most bfler's put tremendous effort into their workouts but not so much into  their nutrition and then fail to see the results they desire. All the best to you in your fitness journey.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Hey Joe and everyone on this forum... I've had the body for life book for a very very long time and have read it several times but never decided to take the challenge but I think I'm ready.  So, we all can be a support for each other.  I will be starting tomorrow as well.  Let's do this!!


  • Hi all, I am Val.  I started a challange on Saturday the 14th. I absolutely believe in BFL. I know it works. My stumbling block is being so impatient for results to show. I need to focus on each day and do my absolute best that day and just have faith that I will reap the reward at the end of the challange.That is what I will need help with! Patience!!!  

  • I as well am starting today.  I did the program with my wife 10 years ago.  I was in the army at the time and didn't need to lose any weight, but did put on 10 pounds of lean body mass.  Now that I am 230 lbs and need a big change and the body 4 life program is the best.  Good luck to everyone who is starting today.

  • Hey gang, fit4life's stat that says that 90% of the major transformation process is actually sticking to the eating plan... We all have a wicked  set of abs right now, they're just hiding under all that sugar, salt, gluten and alcohol ;-)  Plan on failing on your eating plan everyday, so be prepared and stock up on meal replacement bars, powders or anything you can put together and have on hand every day cause things always get tricky with our priorities.

    Another great stat for us all, only 10 percent of us on this 12 week journey will be here to cross the finish line successfully on Sunday April 8th, try not to be tin the 10 percentile folks.

    Another BFL friend of mine (helcat) has a great quote at the bottom of her posts:

    "Discipline is remembering what you want"

    Just keep on remembering.


  • I started yesterday as well!  Cheatday, I can totally relate--I finished a BFL challenge in 2003, took a week off as a reward and it turned into 8+ years!!!!  I will be in the 10% that cross the finish line in April--and will continue my journey and new lifestyle well after that! My reward is my health--not lapsing back into old, bad habits!!


  • Wow - so many people starting today...add me to the list. I have got to get to the store ASAP! And get get over my fear of looking stupid at the gym. I am a runner, but haven't done weights since college. Here goes nothing. Love the quotes too. Here's mine (from one of the 2008 Champions, I knew her growing up): "If you want something you've never had, you have to try something you've never tried." Love it.

  • "If you want something you've never had, you have to try something you've never tried."

    srbrown, thanks for that one it is perfect! I have to remember that one.

    Here's another to add to our list, it is what Merlene Joyce's coach lived by, and she won 20 combined medals at the Olympic and World games:

    "Do as little as needed, not as much as possible"

    Now that we've committed to pushing for those "10's" and working out 6 days per week, the biggest mistake you can do is to do too much. Henk's quote is about following the program, no more no less. Bill Philips has got the perfect system all laid out here, results will come as long as you just do what's needed everyday... as if doing just what's needed is as easy as it sounds ;-) One of the biggest obsticals you will come across during these next 12 weeks will actually be from doing too much and getting an injury that sidelines your ability to finish successfully, be careful. Warm up, drink a lot of water, then drink more water, stretch stretch stretch. I'm limping around right now because I pushed too hard on my run a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm trying to recover from plantar faciitis in my right foot.

    I'm off to do a long cardio ride on the exercise bike right now, then I'm doing my lifting program... talk about "doing too much" eh? it's my long day today, I like to start my week with a long cardio session after my rest day, I've made a few modification to Bill's training week, but this is the beginning of challenge number 3 for me, stick to Bill's system for your first if not your first and second run through the challenge.

    Plan ahead and make your workouts part of your day.


  • Hello fellow BodyForLifers :-)

    I'm also starting today with my first challenge! Today is the day to change something in my life and i'm really looking forward to see what will happen. I'm excited and motivated. Let's help each other and be strong and get our BODY FOR LIFE!

    So far i can say: DAY 1 DONE :D Feeling great! Looking forward to keep in touch and hear how it is going for all of you! Greetings from Sweden, Amir

  • Wow! I never thought I would be so inspired! This community is just what I need to finally find success. People actually care about what everyone has to say.

    The gym went great today, I've missed that good burn in my muscles that comes from an intense workout.  Everything else is coming along too, but its going to take a shifting of my patterns that can sometimes be a painful process, but I know I will make it with all of your support.

    I also plan to be at the finish line in April.  Thank you for that piece of truth Cheatday, about the 10%, this is a very hard thing to finish, but when you do, the rewards are great.

    Lets hit our high points on cardio tomorrow!


  • Hi Cheat day, I just learned how the rating system works, I put one star on one of your posts by accident and it wont let me change it, but I meant to put more, sorry. I love your posts because they are straight to the point and they come from experience.  Thank you for commenting, it is very helpful.

  • Hi, everyone.

    I, too, am starting my third challenge today.  Cheatday and I go back to 01 Aug when we started the first of our challenges.  Cheatday is full of information and I am inspired by him, so I am tagging along on his coattails, hoping to glean all I can from his knowledge and experience.

    Day 1 - UBWO.  Check.  I'm still struggling with eating six times a day, but I have eaten three times today and might fit in one or two more small meals.

    Amire - IT forensics in Sweden.  How exciting!

    I made my black bean salad and am ready for tomorrow.

    I look forward to getting to know you all through BFL.

  • Just quickly scanning the posts above, I think I'm seeing a lot more men this time around.  Hmm.  Interesting.  Are men more disciplined than women when it comes to transforming one's physique?

    Men - Do you ever ask your wife/girlfriend/female friend, "Do these pants make my butt look big?" or "Do I look fat in this?"  Do you ever sweat it when it comes to eating dessert or chocolate or anything else that might cause a fluctuation in your level of chub?  Just wondering.

  • hi! I've started the challenge on the 16th aswell.  Into day 2 now!  (I live in australia and so I'm a day ahead).  Things are going really well!!  I am just sick of feeling uncomfortable and out of shape.  I know this is going to change my life :)  all the best zips!!

  • I just started my challenge today. I have done the challenge before and had GREAT results. Unfortunately I did not have a plan for when I was finished and I have gained thirty pounds. I feel like such a failure.

    I'm about to start nursing school, tomorrow, and I am nervous about doing the challenge and school at the same time. It's going to be intense. So excited about this group. Let's help each other out. Also, I have a blog.