To weigh or not to weigh?

  • I started BFL for the first time 1/10/2012.  I have been doing quite well with everything so far.  As I am getting closer to the 1-week mark, I am begining to wonder how often I should weigh myself.  I know that it is best to weigh in only once a week, but I am afraid that if I do not see any results that I will be discouraged.  Should I skip my Saturday evening weigh-in?

  • Hello Artgirl2010,

    Congrats on your challange

    I weigh in once a week on the morning of my free day.  That way I have burned more fat while I slept and  it motivates me not to undo the progress I have made throughout the week on my free day. Now I know some say let your cloths tell you when your loosing, but for me anyway my cloths don’t talk fast enough. I hope this helps and good luck on your adventure.

  • Hello Soaring Eagle,

    Thank you for the advice.  I will give Sunday morning a shot.  I was wondering how long it would take before I starting "skipping" my free day.  My first is coming up and I must say that I am looking forward to it.  I am actually using it as a crutch.  Any time I start to crave something unauthorized, I just tell myself to wait until Sunday.  

    I see that you started a few weeks before me.  How are you doing so far?

  • I'm finishing week 6 as I type, and I still haven't weighed myself! What's the point? I know I'm doing everything right. I've completely changed the way I eat, and I exercise. I know I'm losing weight, but I also know I'm not where I want to be body fat-wise. I'm feeling good physically & mentally about my transformation, and I don't need anything derailing me, like a bad scale number! You sound alot like me. We're both concerned about what could happen if the scale doesn't reflect our hard work. I know for me, based on my history, it will totally discourage me, causing me to cheat on my diet and/or will set me back for weeks. I think it would kill my positive energy. Alot of people say you should weigh in weekly, but I don't see the point, especially if you're gaining muscle. Because muscle is heavier than fat, when you lose fat and gain muscle, the two offset each other from a scale stand point. I do however see the benefit in measuring myself. I measure that fattest section of my waist, and also measure how my clothes fit to gauge my progress. And too, I know how many calories I need to eat a day to maintain my weight, and I also track how many calories I eat a day, so I know my daily calorie deficit. And since there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, you can kind of get an idea of how much you lost by doing basic math! And by holding off weighing myself, it's going to make Feb. 23 (Day 84!)a really exciting day! I started this challenge weighing 205-210, and I'm hoping next time I step on the scale I weigh 168! Good luck to ya!

  • I weigh myself once a week and also measure myself that same day and have been keeping track of them in a excel table.  Normally I do Sundays, but I did a second measurement on Mondays to see how the cheat days effected my numbers, and honestly I saw a minimal difference that I needed to obsess over the day I took them.

    I like you need to see progress, but don't be fooled by the numbers on the scale or measurements.  My clothes have been a caliber of seeing what is going on when analyzing all three things.  I saw a huge drop in number over the first four weeks and have been in this limbo state of weight.  I am down 15 lbs, but I see that  I fluctuate slightly up and down depending on water and food intake.  I also had a week where my waist went up and was really discouraged, but then later began to realize that my abs are growing in strength, which mean it would just push out the fat.  Visually I see muscle definition and see areas where the fat is going down.  

    I encourage you to do as I do, but at the same time, don't lose yourself in the numbers and stay focused on the program day to day.  If you need support we are here for you!  I am currently in week 9 and I did this challenge over 10 yrs ago and it worked I just lost track over the years of what I had learned.

  • Steve, what you say makes so much sense but I'm afraid I'm a daily weigher.  The number on the scale matters to me and I just can't shake it.

    In fact, I finally gave up trying to shake it.  I just accepted that the number matters to me, by golly, so I'm going to check it every day.  My problem is that if I don't stay on top of it, it's too easy for me to put on three, five, ten pounds without realizing it.

    I'd rather deal with the stress of the minor fluctuations (and they do stress me out!) and nip weight gain in the bud, while it can still be measured in the single digits.

  • Hello to you Artgirl2010,

    Your welcome,  I do not skip my free day, but after a week of  telling  myself Sunday I can have something, when Sunday comes I have forgotten all those things I craved during the week and just eat what’s on hand which usually means I do not do so bad on my free day as far as food choices. Now as far as portion control well that is another storey :)  I love my free day. I weight in Sunday and cannot wait. I have lost 10 Ibs so far and other than a little muscle pull I feel great.

  • Art Girl,

    I'm one of the rarities on this forum, I check my weight literally daily.  However, I have had to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes and I'm not letting the scale be a false gauge, the mirror and the clothes are just as representative to me.

    So why do I look everyday, its psychological.  If I can see that I'm making little progress everyday, or at least that number yesterday wasn't a fluke, then its a little moral boost for me, a nice "atta boy."

    I will say, it can be obsessive so look at the scale with healthy skepticism, having your pants not fit is a much better barometer!!


  • Thanks to all for the advice.  I went ahead and weighed myself before the start of my free day.  As I stepped on the scale, I kept saying "just one pound...just one pound" and was absolutely delighted to see that I dropped 4.5 pounds.  I am very proud of my progress and it will be enough to keep me motivated for awhile.  I know that I shouldn't expect this type of change every week and my weight loss will slow down over the next few weeks.

    On another note, I went out for a big brunch today and although I didn't eat too much I feel yucky.  That was enough for me to stop half-way and go back to the BFL eating pattern.  Bleh.

  • Awesome weight loss! Are you gonna take pictures too?

    Our plan is to take pictures once a week. I am a serious "weigher" my husband has even hidden the scale from me. I have been on my weight loss journey for awhile now. I seem to have goods days and longer bad days, in the past. With weight loss and then weight gain. I love having the scale but I know that it can also "lie". The proof is in the pictures, the way my clothes fit, and the way I feel. Today is day 10 and we took pictures. The changes were amazing.       You are so right about the eating. When we go all week without eating processed sugars and then shock our bodies sometimes we pay for it. LOL... but i love chocolate and cookies...I would have to say the yuk is usually worth it for me. heheheh....


  • Artgirl: Congratulations on starting your fitness challenge. This has been a debate it seems like forever. I will share my opinion and thoughts and then each one has to chose for themselves. I've been doing bfl for 9 years. BFL is not a weight loss is a "fat loss" program. On this program you will lose fat and gain lean muscle. Muscle is like pure is very valuable. In my first challenge back in 2003 my "scale weight" changed 1 pound.....that is not a typo.....1 pound....but my body completely changed. The scale cannot tell the difference between muscle and fat. If you lost 5 lbs. of fat but gained 5 lbs. of muscle the scale wouldn't budge and yet your pants would be looser and your arms would look more defined. My recommendation is to weigh yourself no more than once a month. Every 4 weeks is plenty.....I've done a challenge where I only weighed myself on day 1 and then day 84. Let your pants and belts be your guide. PANTS AND BELTS TELL THE TRUTH. Weighing yourself and not seeing the "number" you want will be very discouraging meanwhile your body is making great strides forward. All the best to you in your fitness journey!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Hi I just completed Bfl round 1 and started round 2. You can see our thread under October 18 round 2. I didn't weight myself for the entire 12 weeks. I measured myself and took pictures every four weeks. I had my body fat analysis before And I have it scheduled for a couple of weeks from now.  The scale makes me feel down so I need to avoid it as much as possible!

  • Jendoesbfl, we sound a lot alike... right down to our names!  Do you know a daily weigher's biggest nightmare?  A broken scale.  My toddler has broken two scales.  Now the third one goes up on a shelf where he can't reach it!

    I was heard saying, "Naughty baby!  Now how is Mama supposed to know if this is a good day or not??".  Okaaay... that's nuts.

    There's no way I could go twelve or even four weeks without checking the scale.  My clothes have too much give to them.  By the time they get tight, I've put on ten pounds.  And weirdly, even though I've been exercising for a month and have lost of a few pounds, I can't break into the next lower size.  I swear, I'm going to be this size forever!

  • I can relate to you Villagejen ! I am also a daily weigher ! trying to shake it myself. Btw, i enjoyed reading your blog. You are doing a great job !!

  • I was thinking about this thread as I got on the scale this morning.  I really have to stop weighing right now.  I'm actually UP a couple pounds.  I know this is because of my muscles holding on to water, but it still discourages me.  Stinking thinking.  I'm going to stick with the tape/clothes measure for a while.