Anybody Starting January 9th? 2nd challenge from the October 17th group

  • Hey everybody, just wanted to say hi, and see how everyone is doing!

    Brad- Good to hear you are doing well, let us know about your after pics!

    I'm stoked, I lost another pound this week! for a total of 4.5 pounds, 1 pound a week

    is totally fine with me.

    I'm headed out for Texas tomorrow, I will do my best to check in with you and post

    as much as possible.

    Have an awesome weekend everybody!

  • Hi everyone! I am down 10% body fat from October 2011! Interesting enough only down 5 pounds but my entire body composition has changed! I'm so glad I didn't weight myself often or I would have quite long ago!! Keep going everyone!

  • Is this the Body for life Challenge?

  • Got pretty quiet here!  Is everyone still going at it?  

    Great start to week five monday with an awesome run, and got my upper body workout in last night at 9:30pm.

    I've been dead on with my workouts but I think I could use some improvement with my eating habbits.  The previous two weeks went from being a free day to being a free weekend!  Although even with that I can still see a huge difference.  I have not done my 4wk photos yet, havent' had a chance to, but I'm doing them tonight even if I have to use the mirror.  

    Hi Ronel, this website is the body for life challenge, but we are just a thread supporting eachother.  Feel free to chime in!

    tiataz- that is awesome!  

  • Morning...

    Had to get back into it yesterday HARDCORE (2 days off eating Superbowl food and lefts overs)... Rocked an upper body workout yesterday (I also thru in a 2 mile run, as well as a 20 minutes session in the sauna)

    Since its week 5 I am taking on new lifts for body parts - keep it exciting! here is what I switched to :

    Chest - Flat bench to Incline

    Back Lat - Pulldowns to Rows

    Shoulder -  Press to Lat Rasies

    Bicep - Curls to Hammer Curls

    Tricep - Tricep Extension to Dips

    Its good to switch it up! if you record your lifts - can reach new goals -  i will do these lifts for the next 4 weeks!

    goals for the next 4 weeks!

    Diet Goals

    -eat a little cleaner and portion control

    so far so good, the scale hasnt moved much but def feelilng great and cloths fitting looser (not to mention people coming up to me asking if I lost some weight I can see it in yourface, Etc)

    Fitness Goals:

    - on cardio days , after the 20 minutes HIIT, do another 10 - 20 minutes of a low impact jog, or elipitcal

    - get in the boxing gym once a week on a cardio day

    Lets not lose sight on the PRIZE 12 weeks, not 5, 7 or 10 but 12 complete weeks! not only looking better but most importantly FEELING BETTER.


  • Glad to hear all are doing well.  Got out the measuring tape this morning because the clothes don't fit any longer.  Have lost 5 and a half inches off my waist since I started the BFL Challenge in October.  Right now, in p90x, we are in Recovery Week (week 4), so I feel lazy and inactive, just due to not getting my butt kicked every day.  We also added a 10k running program to up the ante in p90x.  Plan on competing in some triathlons once it warms up a little here in KS!!

    Keep working and stay motivated.  Like BKTUNA said, it's a 12 week promise to yourself.  The results are tremendous, and you'll all get there, just have to stay motivated and not put bad fuel in your bodies.  

    To some of the original ones, the veins I so desired in BFL are now popping out of both biceps :)  Yeah buddy!!!


  • It's really quiet in here, I hope everyone is doing well!

    So far so good!  I took some pics last week for my 4wk (more like 5wk), and I can definitely see a difference!  I will load them up as soon as I can.

    I caught the Tae Bo Bug last week as well.  It's a lot of fun, and I used it on my lower body workout days.  This week I am subbing it in for cardio as well.  My heart rate is has been through the roof!

  • Hey Everybody!

    Just wanted to check in with you! I'm still on the road vacationing out of state and visiting with family.

    Welcome to our group Ronel!

    Keep up the excellent progress bvolpe22, Ryan, Tiataz, and BKtuna!

    I'm keeping up with eating good and working out. I just picked up one of those automatic adjustable weight sets, these things are amazing! If any of you are near a Sports Authority, they have an awesome deal going on.

    How is everybody doing? Are you still hitting it hard? What are your results like? We're about at the half way mark! I just wanted to write in and encourage all of you to keep working hard!

  • Hey Everyone! Just wanted to say hello and check in with you

    How is everybody doing? Are you still sticking to it? I'm noticing that its getting quieter and quieter in here.

    I ended up getting one of the worse colds I have in years on my vacation, I pushed myself through the workout today, but I was feeling horrible horrible over the week last week. This has been a very challenging challenge indeed, but I won't let it stop me.

    Well I hope everyone is doing well and staying on target, please post how you are doing in here. Keep working hard!!!

  • What's up!  I heop everyone is doing well, it's been super quiet in here.  Yesterday marked off the start of week 8!!  

    I have a confession to make, last week my family went away to Va for the week, and I had more of a free week than a free day.  Wendys 2x, ice cream 3x,  and lots of beer.

    But I'm back on track this week, and off to a good start.  it seems a lot easier getting back in the swing of things than it was when I first started.  For anyone else who fell off the wagon, and haven't gotten back on yet, nows a better time than every to get it going again!

  • Welcome to week 8 everyone!

    Hey Brad- good to hear you are still going strong and getting a good start this week. keep up the great work!! Everybody falls of the wagon every now and then, sometimes I wonder if it can be positive thing, like it may help boost your metabolism and help you over the 12 weeks. I know when I'm going perfect by the letter, I seem to stop losing weight and making progress, like I go into starvation mode or something.

    Good to see a little bit of life in the room. I hope there are at least a  few people left in the group still going strong. Having weights and exercise a equipment on the road and at home has made the biggest difference for me for those days I can't get to the gym.

  • Hi everyone, im still hanging in there. Two weeks in Mexico had lots of food and drinks but managed to exercise with resistance bands! I worked out on my balcony watching whales swim by the resort:)  struggling getting back in routine but pushing forward!

  • I'm still here, more of a lurker with p90x being my new friend, yet have to give BFL all the credit in the world for making me able to get through this new BEAST!!

    I kind of miss the BFL cardio, as it was truly a KILLER!!  I'm staying around the same weight (165) as where I ended BFL, but have lost a significant amount of bodyfat.

    Brad, no worries on a crash or binge, that's what makes us all human and that's why 90% of the population is overweight.  Besides, crashing makes us all appreciate how disciplined we were and refreshes our desire to be healthy.  Bad food makes me feel like @$$, therefore it's easy to eat better, knowing I'll feel better!! :)


  • Hey Guys!  Especially Jason, Ryan, Bahamas, littlemrsstacey, shb, tiataz ... from the 10/17/11 challenge -  Missed you all.  I thought I posted on this forum early on but I can't find it now.  It's been a while since I've been on the BFL site.  Lots of crap in my life right now.  Foreclosure, bankruptcy, really struggling to feed my family.  Stress, stress, stress.  Beginning of January was the topper - I fell and ended up with a torn rotator cuff and separated ac joint.  Can we say OUCH?!?  That was really what put me over the top.  Immediately my two main stress relievers (exercise and crocheting) were taken away from me.

    So, I've spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, which doesn't help anything.  This morning it dawned on me how much the BFL community was a positive energy in my life, and that regardless of the fact I can't really follow the BFL exercise plan  (or ANY exercise besides PT), I can still be here.  I have (for the most part) continued my BFL eating plan (with some binges here and there, I'll be honest).  I know I can keep up on eating well and maybe even lose some more weight.  But really, I just need the positive energy you all give!  So here I am!  Hope you'll take me back.  :)  My life is still very full with 6 amazing kids that are home with me, so for obvious reasons I can't be online a whole lot, but I will check in more - I need you guys! and I hope that I can be an encouragement to others as well.


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • LIns... it means something that you came to your BFL friends... and we will be there for you!

    I'm so sorry that life is difficult at the moment... I can imagine your stress, frustration, and sadness.

    If I could give you some words of support...

    Although it's hard... continue to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that this time will pass.

    The injury, the finances, etc.

    It will.

    It is during these times that your true personality shines.

    If today is sh*t... understand that it could always be worse... and look forward to a new day tomorrow.

    Be thankful for the little things... as those are the most important things anyways: smiles, hugs, words...

    Appreciate everything... even the things that seem negative or challenging... as if you can appreciate those things you will truly appreciate the wonderful things.

    As you may know... I have a health condition... in laymans terms it's called "sudden death syndrome."  My heart stops perfiodically and my doctors have not been able to figure out the cause or the solution.

    At thebeginning of March... my heart stopped.  This puts a huge amount of stress on my body... as my internal defibrillator has to "shock" my heart to start pumping again.  I had to take a month off of any exercise or eating plans... and unfortanately lost a lot of muscle and gained a bunch of weight.

    I wish that it hadn't... but I need to focus on the crucial things during times like this... My friends and family.

    --- and when the time is right... just get right back on that horse and start it up again.  (I just started walking last week... this week I am going to add weights!)

    I think of you at home with 6 kids.  wow.  You are truly a superwoman!

    Thanks Lins for coming to this group and sharing...

    you are in my thoughts.