Anybody Starting January 9th? 2nd challenge from the October 17th group

  • I'm still here too.  I'm around from the first round and had an awesome first challenge.  I've lost almost all my weight with about 3-5 more pounds to go.  I definitely don't have the cravings as bad during the day, it's just at night when I want to cheat, so I've started doing 2 cheat dinners a week (friday and saturday night), with alcohol and I tried to tell myself that it's fine, but now I'm thinking it's definitely hindering my progress.  I feel crummy all weekend and am more likely to skip workouts :(  I think I need to go back to Bill's advice - one cheat day!  

    Also does anyone think January is an easier month?  Not much going on, but then as Springtime rolls around, lots more plans on my calendar - that involve lots of tempting food and drink!  So I need to be good now, when it's a little easier......

    I need to go swimsuit shopping....that experience is usually so horrendous, I'll be sure to watch every morsel that goes in my mouth!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  • I'm here!

    Back from Hawaii and READY to dive into cycle #2!!  Day #1.

    From cycle #1... I lost a few inches overall and 3 lbs.  Like I have mentioned... I have a small frame... 5'2'' - and played University soccer.  My issue is that my body has a thick layer or cellulite EVERYwhere.  I can see muscle under all of that junk...  I just need to lose that!

    This time I am going to tweak a little...

    -not focusing on eating 6 times a day... but ensuring that I eat according to BFL when I am hungy.  I will always have protein bars on me.  I am going to listen to my body... eat when I'm hungy.  Aim for 1200-1400 calories a day, but not count calories.

    -I am going to do my VERY best to eat clean for 6 days a week! No cheating!  For me, that's no gluten, not white rice, no sugar, avoid salt... and no dairy aside from greek yogurt.

    -I am going to get my body fat tested

    -I took pictures this time and I'm going to post them on my fridge... ugh

    -And, I am going to do a minimum of 4 cardio days a week (20 mins HIIT and 20 mins at a good steady pace)... 1 arm workout a week... 1 leg workout a week... and 3 ab workouts a week.

    I'm gonna try this... we will see!!

    Wish me luck!

  • I hope everyone enjoyed the game Sunday!  I'm very excited to see my home team go for another super bowl win!  I need some revenge against the giants for '07 ; )  My cheat day was a lot of fun, ate chili cheese dip, plus every other bad thing you could imagine.  Felt like crap yesterday, and it made my opening week run very difficult.

    I'm expecting a good week.  I'm feeling much better, and I can definitely see a difference even though I'm only down 4lbs, it seem looks like a lot more to me : )  Today is upper body, but won't get to it until after kids go to bed.  I dont mind though.  It helps me sleep.

    BahamasBound-  Between birthday parties and the playoffs, I'm actually looking forward to the spring time.  Although I'm sure that will fill up quickly.  Good luck with your winter social "break" ;)

    Everybody off to a good start?

  • Hey Everybody are we already into Week 3???? Time is flying by!!!

    Sounds like everyone is doing an amazing job! Keep working hard and staying strong! I could use some encouragement today, I am soooooo wore out, haven't been able to take any break in days. I have been working out, working, and playing music everyday from sun up till sun down, fun....... but hard to jump out of bed every day when your body is so exhausted!!! I need to re-prioritize some things.

    bvolpe22- Thank you for the info on the kettlebells, I am going to try and buy some new exercise equipment for home this week, it will definitely save me some time and gas not going to the gym everyday.

    Have an amazing day everyone-

  • Jason- I think getting home equipment is definitely a good idea!  for me it is hard enough fitting in all six workouts every week, never mind the time it takes to drive to the gym then back.  Stay motivated!  It sucks at times but at least when each workout is over you're glad you did it.  

    I dont know if this helps or not, but since you are the one who started this thread I think we are all looking to you as a good example of dedication ;) PEER PRESSURE!

  • Hey everybody, I'm back on track, just needed get a few more hours of rest in, I didn't miss any workouts or eat bad, just needed to work out a little bit later in the day.

    bvolpe- Thank you for your encouragement, I need peer pressure! Definitely need to invest into some home equipment.

    Hope everyone is doing well and working hard! You can do this! We're almost a quarter of the way done! Hang in there and come here for support and encouragement!

    How is everybody doing? Anybody noticing any differences in their body???

  • Hello every one

    Had a good start these last  3 days.

    I walked the treadmill,dumbells and worked  on the equipment.

    Have some foods  pre cooked so there is no question.

    Enjoy and stay positive.

  • Good morning all!!  Dieting is going well here in the great state of KS!!  We started planning all meals on Sunday morning before church, then only buying what's on the list.  We're saving $$ and eating much better than before.  We make enough that we'll each have a serving for lunch the next day, so it eliminates all splurges and impulse eating.

    I'd encourage everyone to try to recruit a workout partner if you don't have one.  I started this week with and 18 year old and a 21 year old, both former athletes I coached, and those two are making me great, just by pushing me past my "limits".  I'm doing p90x, but am forever grateful for BFL, as I never would've been able to accomplish this demon without first getting back to being healthy.

    Keep challenging yourself, daily, with food and exercise, and stay motivated. is a great way to pick up books at a cheap price, and I'd encourage everyone to buy and read 10 minute toughness by selk.  It can/will get you to where you want to be :)


  • great week so far.  The only issue I am having is that I work out from home, and I am limited on leg workouts.  So I started doing cardio kicking boxing on leg days(a la dvd).  seems to be working so far, and I do like do the kick boxing.

    Looking for your opinion:  I was reading another post about someone who asked if it was ok to have beer on thier off day.  My response was that its your off day, do what you want, just keep in mind that the water retention can take a week to work off.  I got a lot of nay sayers on that one (about the water retention).  Any thoughts?

  • Hey everybody! We made it a quarter of the way through, be proud of yourselves!

    bvolpe22- Sounds like you had a great week! And I would say most people probably do drink alcohol on their free day, and I have never heard anything bad about it. Isn't the free day your ticket to rewarding yourself with whatever you want? I'd like to hear more about what you had heard.

    Ryan- Good to hear from you, glad to hear you are doing an awesome job with P90X. It definitely makes a huge difference to have a workout partner, me and my girlfriend and sometime my roommate will all go together, it definitely gives a boost towards getting it done.

    Lielia- Good to have you in our group and it sounds like you got an amazing start, keep up the great work!

    How is everyone doing? What has been helping you stay on track?

    I was stoked to make some good progress this week and also got some good weight loss in.

  • Jason- I think the disgreement was about the duration of water retention.  Everytime I drink on a free day it will literally take me until the next friday to get it off.  but from what I've read, most people do seem to loose the water weight a lot quicker.

    Day one-week 4!  Going to snap some pics this weekend.  We'll see if I have it in me to post them!


  • Hey everyone, I'm still here!! Pushing myself and feeling good! Mexico in 7 days and I feel great! Eating lots of protein bars to keep eating clean!

  • Had an amazing LBWO yesterday and am paying for it today. I didn't get enough sleep last night and am startingto fall asleep as I type. Will try to swing a nap in at lunch to help me through the day. My cardio today is going to be rough as my legs are worn out. Great feeling knowing I gave it my all and am looking forward to friday to do it all again.

    Might be on the road for work next week, so will have to cross that bridge any way I can, but will persevere and keep on keeping on.

  • Welcome to week number 4 everybody!

    Glad to see you are all doing well!

    Brad- I hear you about the water retention thing, like you said I would think that it would all clear out after a few days. How are the new after pics?

    Tiataz- Glad to see things are going well, what are plans for Mexico?

    Mrjames81- Hang in there, I know its tough without sleep, but you will make it through today!

    Keep up the good work! I got to drive to Texas this week, and I'm going to have to create a new strategy for eating clean and getting my workouts in. Shouldn't be too hard but always weird when you are use to your routine at home!

  • I'll be grabbing some pics this weekend, end of wk4 for me, and hope to have them up no later than the beginning of the week.  I may be recovering monday from the pats win ;)

    Had a great workout last night.  did upper body in my basement at 10pm.  I'm starting to get used to working out late at night.  On the plus side, I get go to bed shortly after, so I have been sleeping a lot better.

    Discovered Chobani Greek Yogurt this week.  14G protein, and 19g carbs.  I can live with that.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    Best of luck!