Anybody Starting January 9th? 2nd challenge from the October 17th group

  • tiataz - I've found success in planning a whole week, then only buying whats on the list.  It takes some time, but it makes me more disciplined.  I also put some diligent planning into the weekend meals, and that keeps me from going in the wrong direction. Hope this helps.


  • Messed up this weekend.  I ended up drinking Sat night and eating some not so healthy foods after already taking my free day thursday.  The ending result was being down 0.5lb for the week instead of the 3lb I was down going into the weekend.  Not to mention I felt like crap all sunday as well.  I'm sure I set myseft up for failure this weekend because I knew I was going out to watch the game Sat night but used my free day Thursday anyways.  I think this week my primary focus is going to be on keeping that free day for this sunday and avoid the spur of the moment descision to use it early.

  • Tiataz - don't keep the bad food in the house.  Throw it away after free day - or freeze it and save it for next free day.  We had a dinner party on Sat. night and I made a very fattening lasagna with lots of cheese and I immediately froze what was leftover for next weekend.  I didn't throw away the hummus and cheese and snacked on it last night :(  It was just beckoning to me in the fridge.  I need to take my own advice!

    Ugh rough weekend.....two sick kids, I'm sick and I have pink eye in both eyes and it's so annoying to do cardio in glasses - I feel all woozy and dizzy :(  Seriously I've never been as sick as I have been these last few months on BFL.......I think it just coincides with the fact this is first winter both my kids are in "school".  Argh just venting :)  

    How's everyone kicking this week off?  

  • Thanks!  I'm going to use my free day because it might be the only thing keeping me sane over the next 12 weeks!  It's really hard when you don't plan but I managed to choose the right foods and I have officially completed week 1!!  I am excited!  The work outs are great and I'm feeling good!!!   Can't wait to see everyone's transformations!

  • Welcome to week #2 everyone, I am so sore from last week, I am dragging myself to the gym tonight, hopefully tomorrow will be easier :)

    Ryan- Great having you with us, definitely want to hear you progress on P90X, I have been tempted to try it one of these days!

    BahamasBound- Sorry to hear you had a tough weekend! Hang in there, I know you will get through all this, keep doing what you are doing!

    toophat4u2nv- Sounds like you are making some excellent progress, keep up the great work!!!

    bvolpe22- Its a new week this week to give it your best! I am sure you made good enough progress last week, even with a few slip ups, you did awesome!

    Michellesaqt- Glad to hear you got a good start!

    Tiataz- Have you checked out the book "4 Hour Body" there are all kinds of great tips and tricks for eating clean. And of course there is "Eating For Life".

  • Successfully made it through a rough week 1!! WOO HOO!!!! Had my cheat day on Sunday and had a bit of a free-for-all... but it was back to business come Monday morning!

    Having the restriction of a gluten free/dairy free diet is hard enough!!! Went through a bit of withdrawal last week... was not my nicest self... but I think I am over the hump of that!!!

  • It is -40 here in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I had to walk 9 blocks in that! I'm counting that very cold walk as cardo, I think I have frost bite on my nose!! Ate very well and working on 9 glasses of h20!  Good job everyone!

  • GlutenFreeGirl917- Great job! I was curious, how does the gluten free diet effect how you feel, and how long have you been doing it for? Keep up the great work!!!

    Tiataz- Wow that sounds brutal, but also awesome dedication to the program! Hope your nose is ok!

    Hope everyone has a great day and a great workout!

  • How is everyone doing this week? Almost half way through! Hit those high points hard and work your butt off!

    Have a great week everyone!!!!

  • Looks like everyone is doing well!  Tiataz, sounds a little cold up there.  I'm in New England, we're having probably the warmest winter that I can remember. ;)

    GleutonFree- Just curious, what are the benefits of having a dairy free diet?  Hope it's going well!

    Great week so far.  Sticking to my guns about eating.  I missed monday due to a cold, so rather than doubling up on the workouts tues, I just started my week that day and have been moving forward and making good progress! Also trying to find some good ways to use my kettlebell in the program.

  • Hey bvolpe22!

    I actually have celiacs disease and am allergic to casein and am lactose intolerent.... Quite the bag of tricks right there! lol... so for me its the only way to go.

    Eating dairy free does have it's health benefits though. It reduces the amount of mucus produced in your body and for anyone with chronic sinusitis, ear infections.. anything in the ENT arena... a reduction in mucus can be a miracle worker! In addition to my full time career, I went back to school to learn about Holistic Health.

    Many, many issues can be resolved by either eliminating or limiting dairy or wheat from one's diet. They are the top 2 culprits in disease.

    That being said, many people have many viewpoints on this type of statement.



  • Lisa- Very cool :) Thanks for the info, I have had many people tell me to try gluten free for at least 30 days to feel the difference, I will give it a shot hopefully in the near future.

    bvolpe22- Sounds like you are doing terrific! Keep up your excellent progress! I too have really been interested in using the kettle-bell, there are many trainers including Bob Harper that swear by it!

  • How's everyone doing? it getting kinda quiet in here :(

    Hope everyone is have a great work out week! Keep up the great work everybody!!!

    Almost done with week 2 already woo hoo!!!

  • Lisa- I'm temped to give it a try on both accounts.  It would harder for me to give up dairy than wheat, mainly b/c of my coffee ;) (that I cannot ever give up!).  Def worth looking into.

    JasonG- Kettlebells are fun!  If you get a chance, look at "Enter the Kettlebell", or the "Russian Kettlebell Challenge"  by Pavel, at minimum very interesting reads (he has a brief paragraph about Russian bear wrestling).

    Hope everyone did well this week.  I'm waiting for tomorrow with open arms!  Pats kick off at 3pm, so it chili cheese dip and Sam Adams for cheat day this cheat day!  

  • Had an awsum week!  So many good choices, and workouts.

    Then today came- which isn't my cheat day- and I never worked out.  Worked my full time job yesterday followed by a great LB workout...then- went out dancing till 1 AM.  Up at 6 am to drive my son to his school for his ski trip- then lots of errands.  

    I never worked out- and am so tired that I feel a bit sick, so I've decided not to push my luck.  Also- while making dinner for a sick friend and her family, I ate a cookie.  It's the first non-cheat day cheat I've experienced.  The cookie wasn't worth the disappointment it caused.

    TOmorrow is my cheat day- and the Pats game.  I'm from MA- so it's a big day for us!  I'll enjoy some time off, and then hit the ground running on Monday.

    How are you all doing- Jason- you're right it is quiet here....I hope everyone is sticking with their goals.

    Enjoy your cheat day tomorrow- and the Pat's victory!