Anybody Starting January 9th? 2nd challenge from the October 17th group

  • Welcome to our group brecode, Michellesaqt, jendoesbfl, Shaney! Glad to have you! I wish you the best of success!

    Good to see you back tiataz, shb, linsforlife! Awesome to be working with you again!

    How was everyone's first day?

  • Thank you, Jasongitar!!!  :)

    I had an awsum first and second day!  I bit tired tonight- not sure why?  Any thoughts?

    My workouts have been so nice!  My body really remembers being strong- I sincerely feel a difference already- what encouragement!


    How about the rest of you?

  • I started my first challenge on Jan 8th (close enough!) and have already lost 4 lbs!  That was an unexpected start!

  • Thanks for the welcome!! I am on day 3 and loving the extra energy!! I am a stay at home mom and I workout at 5am and now I have my whole house scrubbed down by 9am!! loving it!! Although I do feel pretty tired tonight, time for some good sleep to let my body heal then cardio tomorrow.

    Anyone ever drink wine on a non free day?? I have been eating really clean but I decided to have a glass of wine today and im feeling pretty guilty! I guess I should save it for a free day.

  • Hey Michellesaqt, awesome to hear you had a great start! I can imagine you are tired from the new life style change. Your body will get use to it and I'm sure you will have more energy soon, hang in there! Keep up the great work!!

    Great job Going Strong!!!! 4 pounds already??? Damn that's awesome!!!!

    Brecode, you are doing great! For the wine, I'm not sure if it would affect your results or not, we all make those slip ups. Don't feel guilty, dust yourself off, get back on the horse, and focus on present and future!

    Everyone have a wonderful day, we are already half way through our first week, and time is flying by!

  • Hi Brecode,

    I'm from the original group so I finished my 1st challenge last week and started a new one this week.  Just thought I'd share with you my thoughts on the wine, for what it's worth, b/c I know everyone is different.  B/f the challenge I was doing an intense bootcamp five days a week but also enjoying my wine most nights of the week.  At the end of doing this for 3 months I found myself gaining weight and still not happy with how I looked!!!!  It wasn't until I stopped the midweek drinking and changed my eating that I really saw a difference.  I still love my wine and drink it every free day and sometimes one additional night a week :), but I know for me cutting it out most nights made a huge difference!!!  I definitely was sleeping better and working out harder each day.  I finished my challenge losing 14 pounds and several inches off my waist.  One thing I did each night was have a cup of hot decaf green tea so I tried to create a new habit instead of drinking the wine.

  • Also I thought I'd add this for the newbies.....when I first started my biggest question was about using the Bill Phillips Eating-For-LIFE cookbook that was written after the original book came out.  There are some pretty mixed reviews in the forum history and the people who suggest not using it do so b/c there are some recipes with small amounts of mayo, peanut butter, low-calorie cheese, etc.  

    I can say that I loved the cookbook and pretty much used it to make about 75% of my meals as I have to feed a family of 4 some sort of decent food :)  Also for me it was important to enjoy the food to stick with the program, so if you have this question just think about both the pros and cons of using the cookbook.  I especially liked the cheesecake and pumpkin pie recipes.  I made them almost every week and froze extra (each pie makes 8 servings) and that bit of dessert each night kept me on track and out of the M&Ms :)  

  • I'm in I started yesterday 1/11/2012! :)  yay!  Super excited! Okay, so I have to ask because I am brand stinking new  to this program and it seems that a lot of you have already completed this from what I'm reading.   Anyone have any guilt with the "free day"?  I want to know if you actually took and used it as he states in the book that you can whatever you want and however much you want.  Did you go crazy or did you kinda stay on track?

  • BahamasBound, that is some great advice about wine, good words of wisdom and experience! Sounds like you really got a lot out of Eating For Life, I keep meaning to pick a copy of that book up.

    Hi toophat4u2nv, welcome to our group! Sounds like you got an amazing start yesterday! To answer your question, I pretty much go all out on my free days, just about till I hurl. I'll wake up the next day feeling bloated and hung over, which always makes me get right back on track. I get to the point now where I don't like taking free days, because I know how crappy I'll feel. So my advice, yes totally go for it, just like the book says!!!

    Anybody feeling run down today? I had to really push myself this morning.

  • So far so good!  for my HIIT this week I have been using the incline on the treadmill opposed to increasing speed.  So I start at 5.5 speed w/ incline 1 then increase from there.  I'm still not sure which one I like better, incline or speed increase, but my legs are definitely sore.  Yesterday was my free day for the week bc last night I went to an after party and had a couple drinks then hit McD's on the way home.  I wanted to save it for the pats game this Sat but that's no biggie, I'll just focus on the diet cokes ;)  Overall I've seen a 3lb decrease this week and there is still 3 days to go, so I'm pretty happy about that.

    I end up doing most of my workouts at night b/c I get up at 5am for work m-f now, and although there are some who do it, I dont think I could get up at 4am to work out and keep it long term.  I have a lot at home so I dont mind waiting till the kids are down for the count and working out at 9 or 10pm, I actually sleep better.  

    Overall happy!!

  • Hey bvolpe22, great job on the workouts and weight loss, keep up the great work!!

    How is everyone doing this week? Is it me or does is seem like this week is flying by faster than any other BFL challenge? Hope you all have a great weekend!!

  • Hey everybody, congrats on making it through your first week!!!!

    Be proud of yourselves and go have a crazy free day tomorrow!

  • Jasongitar- Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!  Today is my last day of week 1- and I feel great about my decision to do BFL!  My body is a bit sore- which I'm seeing as a reminder of the muscles that are encouragement.  Are you feeling better than the other day...?  I bet your cheat day was a nice break! :)

    toophat4u2nv- Welcome!!!  I did BFL several years ago and then, found that the day off was as important as the days on.  I think it helps you stay on track throughout the week to know that in a couple days you'll have a break.  Also- I think it helps reset your body's metabolism...  So- I say enjoy!!!!  Give yourself total freedom, and see where it takes you.  Then, the following day- the first day of the next week- get right back to work, and know that in just a few'll have yet another break.  Let me know if you need encouragement!!!!

    bvolpe22- Awsum job losing so fast!!!  Keep up the great work! :)

    Happy cheat day everyone!  Hope your weekend was full of smiles! :)

  • Looks like the group has grown and some of the "old-timers" are still around :)  Sadly, I'm not going to be doing BFL, I'm gonna join my brother and complete p90x, at least get some of it knocked out before spring break when I go visit him across the state (KS).  He's promised me he'll complete BFL after that, and then we'll tackle some triathlons this summer, so count me in for this group if you don't mind me doing something a little different.  Strength in numbers, so I'll need all of you again!!

    I did enjoy some brownies and cookies in my 2 weeks off, but am ready to get back at it.  

    Count me in your group!!

  • Pushing forward week 1 down. 20ish days until Mexico and I want to eat way cleaner!! Any suggestions? Increase supplements or try to cook more healthy meals?