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    I am a 37 year old female teacher working 14 hour days.  Getting to the gym isn't always possible.  I work out at home and have to keep things interesting or I get bored.  I teach and coach Cheerleading.  My job has a lot of Prep time which has to be done out of the classroom.  I go to the gym but would like to do more. So one year ago, I inquired about purchasing parts for a total gym that was given to me.  It doesn't work well and the parts are out of stock, not made any more, etc etc.  So i price a new one which cost close to $3000.00.  I said forget it.  So I received a call January 2nd where I can get a new one for $750.00. No interest, tax, or shipping.  If I do not like it, I can return it for free within 30 days.  If I keep it, I can do payment of $60 a month, no interest and no tax for one year.  My name was selected as a lottery they said because I called in. I am aware that is the sales pitch. Any thoughts if this is a good machine, buy, etc etc.?  Or should I send it back.  I do have free weights and a bench at home.

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  • In my opinion as a physical therapist the total gym is great for rehab but as for achieving results from a body for life type workout I would say you are better off with the free weights and the bench.  I don't think its worth the $ that u will spend for the total gym.  Follow the free weight workout, it's definately better

  • My 2 cents, you should be able to do BFL with free weights. These total gym in my opinion is a waste of money. Bow flex has a free weight system and there is another company out there you may want to check out. Also I recently trained with a trainer and she introduced me to the TRX Suspension training system. It uses your body weight and will give you a total body workout. It is so compact and light weight you can take it with you anywhere. My new favorite workout toy. A huge difference from weight training easy on the joints,you are not stacking them like in weight training. Hope this helps.


  • I have the el cheapo from 10 years ago ($199 back then) and I find it works fine for me in the early stages for upper body and for abs, but ower body not so much, except for hamstrings.  Because you use your own body weight only (this model has no way to attach a weight bar), and the max is 70%, I quickly exceeded the benefits possible from squats or claf raises.  It's impossible for me to get any quad work done unless I hold some free weights for squats.  still, it is compact and convenient and works as a last-resort backup in my tiny little home where there is no open floor space.  I have to put it away each time when I'm done.  I would love to have a room with the expensive model set up all the time, but if I had space I'd like a bowflex more.

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  • For that kind of money, you could buy a set of SelectTech dumbbells from Bowflex, and a really nice bench.That is what I use at home, and they are great. Like other posters have pointed out, Total Gym is good for flexibility or rehab, but the lack of real resistance will hamper you as you move forward. I got a used set of those dumbbells on Craigslist for $180, so there are deals out there.