Just Starting...are you?

  • BrianZ - that sounds like a great way to start. I just started today and am trying to find my way around.  I could use a lesson or two.  I just don't know where to begin.

  • Starting next week after I get everthing together, how is it going so far?  Any advice for the newbie?

  • I would love to join yall!! Today is day 1 for me and the first time I have done the challange. Im also a stay at home mom and have to hit the gym at 5am before anyone gets up. I was just diagnosed with pnemona yesterday but decided to go forward anyway. I did a stretch and light resistance this morning so as not to push myself to hard. I did follow my meal plan which is where my biggest challange is!!! I actually enjoy working out.

  • Brecode-I also struggle with the meal plan too, we have a lot of junk food in the house and its incredibly easy to slip up and have some chips or pretzels with my lunch. So far I've been strong and resisting.  I've also been pre-planning all of my meals including snacks, which has helped.  Also take care of yourself, and I hope you feel better soon!

  • Acerbis-Thanks!! I also have junk food laying all around the house. My husband is trying to put on weight, he has a tall slender build, so eat what ever he wants. I gotta say though im feeling very confident and excited about this challange!! I just recenlty tried the HCG diet and it just wasn't for me.

  • Starting next Monday. 1/16. Need to lose 20 -30. Hoping by may

  • Allison- sounds like a great workout!  I did UB today too.  I cant lift what I used to, but I know that I'll get there with consistency.

    Had a great day one today!!!

    Doing cardio tomorrow?


  • Wow!  You must be determined to start even being so sick!!!  Be careful, and you'll do great!

    Feel free to come to us for support if you need a lift! :)

  • Today was day one for me. I started with cardio. Planning my UB exercises right now for tomorrow morning.   I too will be working out at home.  I need to really do this.  Just calculated my BMI from chart in BFL for women, it's 31.5. UGH!  Glad to know you are all out there

  • I started on the 2nd and I already feel so much energy and hope. Every day completed feels like a step in the right direction and a small accomplishment. One day at a time, one meal at a time with an "I can do this" attitude goes a very long way. Good luck everyone, we got this!

  • Please join us!.  If we each  hold each other's hands and pull each other up when needed we all will make this happen.  For me it has been very enouraging to have the responses and to find so many wearing the same shoes as me.  We all for various reasons are going to make a change one step at a time.  Although is it so easy repeat the patterns of the past we are not.  Each time we say no to our old patterns we say yes to the new ones.  let's stay pumped and make it happen!!

  • Good morning!  Yesterday went well - I stuck with my meal plan and I spent an hour on the treadmill, walking at a moderately intense pace.  I will be working my upper body tonight, as well as doing 30 mins. of cardio.  So far, things are going well - I work away from home, which I think makes following a diet a little easier - I pack my lunch and snacks, and I don't have any junk food within easy reach.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing!

  • Great message Lindy! I NEED those positive vibes : ). Cardio done today- it was very strange to only spend 20 minutes on the treadmill, but I did HIIT and definitely got a good workout.

    Question: How often does everyone plan on weighing themselves? I have a full measuring/weigh-in "scheduled" for week 6, but other than that, I'm on the fence.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Hi Allison!  Everyone is different, of course, and what works for me might not work for you.  Personally, I can't take getting on the scale daily or even weekly - if I don't see any change or, even worse, if it goes up, it just really derails me.  Even though I tell myself logically that we all have fluctuations in weight and it often is a matter of retaining water or whatever, it just bums me out.  What works best for me is a monthly weigh in, and relying on the fit of my clothes in between weigh ins to give me an indication that I'm moving in the right direction.  However, I know some people need the accountability of more frequent weigh ins, so you have to figure out what will work best for you.

  • Just started today!  Excited to start the rest of my life.  Read the entire book and got all of my daily logs together, exercised this morning and have all my meals planned out!  Yay!  Bring it on!  :)