The First Monday of the New Year 2012...

  • Hi - starting tomorrow too! Happy to be joining all of you!

    ~ Sara

  • Good Luck Tyler.  I am starting tomorrow myself.   I just had my 54th BD on the 30th.  I am 5'3" , at 168 pounds.   I lost 35 lbs two years ago and have kept it off, but need to lose another 35.  I realized I am also very out of shape and very flabby.  2012 is the year I become the best I can be.  I know you will too.

  • Good luck to everyone, January 2012 will be my new start day. I start December changing my eating habits and commiting to 6 meals a day.I missed the dead line entering the challenge,but very much committed to entering the 2012 challenge and looking forward to the tranformation.

  • Congrats to all starting this week!  I wish all well.  I'm pushing back my 'official start' til next week.  I've learned from my previous experiences that just jumping into something new with unbridled enthusiasm, I've hurt myself which stalled or ultimately cancelled progress.

    I 'unofficially' started on Dec. 1, four weeks before discovering BFL, by eliminating all fast-food / drive-thru meals.  Tapered way back on the crap-snacks and alcohol.  Been working on BFL Nutrition & six meals this past week, while being sick at the same time.  Starting to recover, but wiped myself out yesterday just setting up my home gym bench!  

    My plan this week is to adjust my sleep schedule & ease into the physical parts with floor & bands excercising, and ramp up to HIIT cardio.  Also work on the weights routine sans wieghts to practice the movements.  In other words, getting in shape to get in shape!

    btw- I'm pretty much sold on the Powerblocks product instead of individual dumbells.  Anyone here use Powerblocks?

  • Hi Seadawg,

    I'd like to use power blocks. I haven't been able to afford them. I remember seeing them at a Sears years ago and I was very impressed. I have free weights here at home and the power blocks would take up less space.

    BTW, your plan to get in shape to get in shape sounds sensible. Being prepared in every way helps and if  you need that week for preparation then you're wise.  I took about a week to pull everything together before the last challenge. I printed out all the sheets to keep records, organized them in a notebook, went to the gym to familiarize myself with equipment and to "practice" truly hitting high points with the cardio, figured out how I was going to get all those little meals in and what I was going to use to make them easier, planned out what time I'd start workouts and how I'd make sure I could do that. It helped tremendously.  By the time my start date was here I was ready and it felt great to embark upon the challenge after preparing for it.

  • Good luck to all starting on the 2nd of January.  I am officially entering the challenge this time around--I have loosely followed BFL for years--but I really need to take it serious this time; look forward to hearing about everyone's success!

  • PatricaK and SeaDawg - I totally agree with your approach to this re being fully prepared before jumping in. I was planning to start tomorrow (and still might) but I just don't feel ready. I like to have things printed out, too, and well organized. But sometimes I over-organize and end up procrastinating. It's been said that when you make a decision, take massive action right away to move towards your goal. I've spent hours on this site, finding recipes, reading posts, reading the plan (can't find my BFL book), etc. So I've taken the massive action. *pats self on back* :-)

    I am planning to enter the contest, but realize it's very unlikely I'd have a chance at winning my category with my first challenge. I have about 40-50 pounds to lose and even if I lost 30 and gained a lot in muscle, that's a pretty huge amount to transform in 12 weeks.

    Still on the fence re when I'm starting...


    I am the culprit, and I am the cure

  • Hello many of you my wife and I were on the fence about when our perfect start date would be. After looking at our before pictures we both decided that the correct start date should've been 10yrs ago, but since that's not possible tomorrow will definitely do. We've sort of embarked upon this journey before, but never seriously. We would SAY that we're on the BFL plan but never officially entered, giving ourselves a convenient out...and we took it every single time. We've now officially entered, plan to finish, and will use the support offered here in this forum to inspire us when the road gets tough....and we all know that at some point it will get tough. We've never used the BFL community forums before so we're looking forward to sharing our lives, our trials, our tribulations, and our successes with people that are walking in our shoes...people that are headed in the same direction that we want to go. LET'S GO 1/2 CREW!!!!!

  • So ready to do this! I hate winter and really struggle with eating healthy during the cold months. Ready to make this next 12 weeks become a great time of year for me! Let's do it!

  • just a question? i want to start tomorrow too but how do I post to everyone to share support etc..

  • never mind. Guess i did it :)

  • WOW, the group has swelled in numbers since I was in here last :)

    Like others I've already started with the BFL eating plan, our gym is still closed for Bank holidays so I will start the training portion proper at 6am Wednesday morning! I've already spoken to my trainer who is also a friend, she's going to modify my current workout to align it with BFL.

    I've also given up smoking (16yrs) & haven't drunk alcohol for months due to health issues. Last night I went through the recipes on here, some amazing ideas & the best part is the rest of my family will eat it too.

    Dinner tonight is baked fish with steamed asparagus & carrots... I'm loving the seasonal summer vege here in New Zealand.

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life
  • Hi everyone!  I am starting january 3rd!  

    I have completed three challenges in the past...but that was three years ago.  

    I will complete this one!

    What helped me in the past was a daily accountability thread. You can post your Plan and then you post your actual meals and exercise.  It was a HUGE help.

    I am going to start the thread on the this main page, if I can figure it out and then others can join in if they'd like.


  • Hi Liz, good on you for taking the steps :)

    I wanted to start a blog but can't work out how... I can't even update my profile. I guess I'll just keep trying but in the mean time I thought I would do the same as you and start a My Journey type thread.

    I look forward to hearing your achievements & sharing mine,


    Today is the first day of the rest of my life
  • Hi Liz and Bonnie,

    I'm like you, I REALLY need accountability, if you find out how to post a blog could you let me know?