The First Monday of the New Year 2012...

  • @ Luis- I am starting again on April 9...I really need a couple weeks off from body is weary. But, I will continue to eat as clean as possible during this break as I want to lose the fat layer I have...and we all know that abs are made in the kitchen! Best of luck on your next challenge!

  • Hi everyone, its been a long time!  

    Tyler those pictures are incredible!  

    I have been here and reading all your messages but I have been going through a bit of a rough time so I haven't been posting like I was before.  That doesn't mean I have given up but I did not stick to the workouts correctly after about week 8.

     I ended up doing a lot more walking and running for my own personal reasons.

     Anyway I do have some stats to pics yet as I am carrying on until end of may so I will post them then I think.  I am not happy enough with them yet...

                    2nd Jan   27th March

    Chest       38"             35"

    Waist        33"             30"

    Tummy     42"             38"

    Hips          45"             41.5"

    Thigh         26"            23"

    Weight      180lbs      165lbs

    BF I am not sure of as i still can't get the hang of calipers!

    My next goal is 144lbs and 34-27-39 stats.  I am following bfl again now but only doing 5 days of workouts and not doing hiit.  I know I will not get the best results this way but again it is for personal reasons.  My panic attacks will not allow me to workout to that intensity unfortunately.

    Anyway, are we starting a new thread or carrying on with this one??

  • sorry Bobby forgot to mention your pictures too, they are also amazing!  You have all done so well!

  • Great work BObby on your challenge results.  They are definately inspiring to all of us at the BFL Forum and wish you many similar results in any future challenges as well. Way to GO on Moving Forward!!!

  • Great job and great pics!  

  • I ended up with a 15 lbs loss- bf down to 21.3%.  Can't wait until Monday and the new challenge!!!

  • Angelcake -

    Those are some impressive inches and pounds lost, congratulations!  I'll bet you can see huge changes, way to go!