This is my first time doing the BFL challenge, and I'm about halfway through week 3. Week 1 was awesome, I lost 4 pounds. But, becuase I decided to start riht before the holidays, Week 2 didn't go so well for me. I haven't missed a workout yet, but diet is where I really struggle. For the past 2 weeks (weeks 2 & 3), I've taken 2 cheat days each. Now that I'm back home, I plan to get back on track but its tough. I came to the message boards for some support, hopefully from some folks who started the challenge around the same time I did.

A little background about me...

I'm 28 and a personal trainer. I'm not overweight, but I'm doing BFL for a few different reasons...

  1. I need to have a little more discipline when it comes to my diet
  2. I really would like to see how my body composition changes as I go through this 12-Week program.
  3. I start way to many things and don't finish them, I want this challenge to be something I complete.

Any words of guidance or support would definitely be helpful.