Starting Jan 1st...tried of being skinny fat!

  • My goal of many many to many years has been to lower my body fat percentage to under 18%.  Now I have a huge motivation to do it.  I am almost 39 (that should be reason enough!)  getting married in the Bahamas in May, have a almost backless dress (as my avatar), also can't shake the reality I am going to be in a bikini in front of at least 15 other friend for the first time in years at the resort we are getting married.  I am not a big girl but with a wrist ratio of less then 6 inches and my typical size most of my life 0-2 and only 113-115 lbs.  Somewhere between 32 and today I got out of shape and bounce back and forth from 125-135 lbs. May not seem like much.  I think this challenge is exactly what I need! I hope to achive and have others with me in the fight to go from skinny fat to tone, tight, and fab!

    I would start today but have hives from something i ate over Christmas break! Seriously it's the worst and sweating OMG no way it makes it burn and swell! Should be good to go by the 1st....seeing the Dr at noon today.  LOL My luck! LOL 

  • I plan to start January 2nd... I had a baby almost 14 months ago and I'm still  holding on to quite a bit of that weight.  I'll be 35 next year and I would like to be fabulous! I think this program will help to give me the push I need into a healthier lifestyle.

    I'm not sure what my body fat percentage is or any of that just yet...

  • I just went on Ebay and ordered a digital body fat percentage calculator. I think this is going to get me way motivated, so sick of the scale and all being different from work gym scale to home scale to our WII fit one, I think if I have to stair at my body fat percentage daily instead it will be a huge eye opener! :) So i am hoping.

  • Before you get too hung up on numbers (I'm a scaleaholic....and trust me, I like to see numbers drop) I want to show you something.


     These womens body fat is THE SAME, and look how different they appear.

    Same thing here....15% can look totally different on women.


  • Im 43 and I want to start my challenge January 1st.  I am 5'6" and weigh 174.  I want to lose 40 pounds I think. Does anyone know anything about what is in the starter kit?  Do we need it to start  January 1? I have the book Body for Life for Women, does this program

  • oops I didn't finish....does this program match what is in that book?

  • Agree that in the photos are of one who lift weights and one who dont, this program has much weight training so i think you are not likely to be the girl without muscles. I want some just not  a lot lol  not sure about the kit vs the book i will check around.

  • Hi!

    I am starting my second challenge on 1st Jan!  The last one went so well until week 10 when, although I didn't give up completely, I did lose motivation.  Results were still good and I have managed to keep the weight off but this next challenge will see me go from overweight to healthy weight and body fat!

    My goals are;

    To lose 3 stone (39lbs)

    Get to 24% body fat from 37%

    Not to miss any workouts no matter how cold and tired I am!

    These goals will take me beyond the 12 weeks, I have actually given myself 20 weeks to get to these goals because I am so determined to succeed!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Since we are all starting around the same time, we need to motivate each other. I'm 5'6 and I weigh about 166lbs. I would like to loose about 40lbs as well, but during the 12 week challenge, I feel that I might only loose about 30-35lbs. That would be for me great as well!  We'll see...I plan to work hard at this!

    The reason I decided to start on Jan 2nd is because I know I'll be drinking and eating a lot on New Years Eve which will carry over into New Years morning. So if I started then, I'd be cheating...but maybe not...because I could use Sunday as my cheat day for that week. However, going forward, I would like to have Friday or Saturday as my cheat day.

  • Sounds good to me!  Darn I should have thought of the drinking on the 1st! Good call, but since I promised the boys at home I would embarrass myself and complete 3 songs on my Zumba 2 Wii  game on New Years for him to see it may make up for it. LOL HAHA  It's hard work! LOL  

    We can't loose motivation, when you seem to have nothing to do it for (and yes a lot of us need future events to motivate us not just doing it for our self it is what it is) then plan something! A pool party, vacation, or post you bikini on your fridge you want to be in, maybe tell someone who looks up to you so you feel more likely to complete it, or do what I did years ago sign up for a 5k/10k/half or full marathon or something with a friend. Well do it!

  • I have a holiday to New York planned for the end of May and really really want to feel good about myself! That will be my motivation!

    Jennah-I am currently a gross 178lbs :(  and within the 12 weeks I aim to get to 154lbs then 133lbs for the end of May....only managed it once before and that was 10 years ago when I was 18!

    Snowykitty- I decided on the 1st so that I don't over indulge on New Years eve but I will see how it goes, may end up starting on the 2nd with you!

  • So great to hear from everyone else who is starting soon.  I agree the Jan 2nd date might be best due to New Years drinking!  I'm thinking of some motivator that will work for me to look forward to snow kitty.  So where's everyone getting most of their info about what you plan to do starting on Monday?  I have the Body for Life Book for Women.  Do you think that will be the main source of info?  Also, what about purchasing the supplements?  When do we start that? Yay!  I'm glad you guys are here!  

  • I'm in too!  Starting on the 2nd with a clean slate.  Can't wait to lose those pounds and have a great before and after picture to share with all of you.  I'm 5'4" in 157 lbs.  Gotta lose the weight so I can get into all my clothes again.  I hate having to wear the same fat clothes every day.  Glad to see others are starting too!

  • The book is good but considering I have areas  I want to work on more then others (starting with my flat behind!) I gathered all the leg, glute, arms, shoulder, back, and ab workout and split them into two.

    I want to do 30 cardio then 20-30 in weights then another 30 cardio lower intensity in the evening.  Like Monday is cardio and arms (focus on biceps, tris, and shoulder) tuesday cardio and legs (calves, quades, and hams) Wed all cardio thurs Cardio and abs and glute. The next week I set up same but arms days is all different weight traning movements and focuses more one back, legs the second week is more (innter thighs, outer thighs, and glutes, the second week glues and abs is all different moves focusing on the well...abs and glues LOL, so  I plan to workout everything but adding more glute in the cardio with the stair master and elliptical.  I have obsessed over my plan and laid it out careful, discussed it with a real trainer and she gave me the thumbs up so if anyone want it I can send it but as the book is seem  to work perfect lord knows I am no expert or I would be in the shape I want already LOL

  • I'll be another Jan. 2 starter!

    I'm a 47 y/o M that went from 160 to 190 lbs. over two years on a drive-thru meals habit workaholic diet.  I need to either drop 20-30 lbs. or trim this gut fat to healthy muscle.  Most people see me as a skinny guy, but I know different.  I used to climb mountains with ease, now I get winded just climbing the stairs!  I'm looking forward to working with this community on our Challenge(s)!