I am back again this will make my third challenge, My first two were good (1st one I did almost the whole thing, 2nd one I finished but the last 3 weeks I modified it as I seemed to hit a stand still, but worked) I am back for a third challenge as after I completed the 2nd one I relapsed and put alot of weight back on, shortly after that I was in a bad car wreck and was sidelined for almost 2 months, well I am ready to hit it again.  My second challenge was great because I had a great group on here, well I am looking for another great group.  We had around 15-16 people and most stuck with it.  My dates are flexable but want to get started asap.  If no groups out there, I dont mind making one, to put progress, advice, or just someone to talk to who knows what u are going through.  Let me know.