Day 1 Would love to have others join me!!!

  • I am 35 happily married and have 3 children ages 17,13, and 11.  I, like many other parents, am guilty of putting others first and neglecting myself.  I work for a great company that has a fitness center on site and decided it is time to stop all the excuses.  I have been going in and working out on machines since Oct 24, 2011 and have seen small results.  When doing a little spring cleaning before the holidays I ran across the Body for Life book that has been tucked away for years.  I re-read it and have decided to switch up my routine and follow the book. I will start free weights and eating better today.  I have to admit I am a little nervous because I feel like I am going to look like an idiot starting out on free weights but we all have to start somewhere and this is my day.  I would love to have support as well as be supportive. I have spoken to many of my friends who want to lose weight and live a better more positive life but I do not know that they are really ready.  It is my desire that they will see the change in my life and begin the change of theirs. Again I welcome anyone who is willing to go through this journey with me.

  • I start Monday lets help each other

  • Sounds great.  I am so excited!!!!

  • It's day one for me and my wife. We've both been disappointed at how we have let ourselves go and decided to give BFL a go.  After reading the BFL book, I've finally realize how misguided my previous attempts at achieving a fit body has been. I know its going to be tough but well worth it. Good luck to all, see you in 12 weeks!

  • Count me in gang.  I'm a 32 year old male.  I found another guy that started today as well in the Crossing the Abyss forum.  I worked out this morning and got after it.  I figure the larger my support group the better my chances of success.  I was in decent shape before moving to the midwest and packed on about 30 pounds.  I had workout buddies/accountability partners in other places I've lived so I need a team here.  Feel free to e-mail me at to keep me posted/accountable.  I'd appreciate and will do the same.  

    My goal is to lose 60 pounds and get ready for US Open Qualifying in May.  With the physical change, I'm also working on improving other areas of my life as well.  

    Let's do this team!


  • Hello Everyone!

    This is DAY 1 for me as well! Excited, but not amazingly excited to roll out of bed this morning at 4am! I'm going to stick with it though. :) Hoping we can all support each other through our transformations!!!


  • Hi Everyone I am right there with you I have tried to this umm maybe twice before but because i am doing it by myself i always tend to talk my way out of it... So I want to start today with you guys if thats ok hopefully with a good support team we can all see this thru....  

  • Hello again!

    Well, I got through my first workout and I must say, I felt the burn! It was a different feeling walking out the gym today. A good feeling! I have my meals plan for the day and so far so good. I've felt motivated before but now I feel motivated, educated and for a change I have a plan instead of my usual, just wing it routine. I'm with you guys, we can do it!


  • I'm starting today also and would like to join the group. Having un-officially tried the challenge last year I ended up quitting after 7 weeks. Maybe if I'm part of a support group I will make it through this time.

    looking forward to a successful 12 weeks.


  • I started today as well, I work offshore and its very hard to walk into the work out room and see all those guys thats been hitting it for years and I just let myself go and sacrificed my time for others. I started my free weights today as well. we go.i will join this journey with you. 89 days to go!

  • Gals and Guys............this is going to be awesome!!!!

  • Hey Gang,

    Another great day at the gym! You gottta love the 20 min cardio. I especially love the 1 min intervals, makes it go so quick but you still feel it at the end. Feeling more motivated that ever! Keep it up gang!

  • Hi Chandra!  I just finished day two!  Im 43, with a husband, two boys (21 and 11), two dogs, and a full time job with a schedule that is never the same.  I think that this eating plan will work out best for me because I usually dont have time for a sit down meal at work, we usually just graze.  I looked over a few diet plans and hated the way they all have such a big meal (with stuff I dont normally make) for dinner.  Thats why I know this is one I will be able to stick with.  

    Im in the same boat with my friends too, a lot of them say they will work out with me, then find any excuse not to.  I have set up my treadmill and dumbbells in the basement so I can get it done first thing in the morning and now I realize its taking away MY excuse that someone else is cancelling out on me.  

    Welcome to the first 12 weeks of our new lives!


    If you fail to plan, then you've planned to fail.

  • Hi everyone. First I want to say thank you for joining me on the awesome journey. Hope everyone is finding success so far. My day 1 was not so good as I had a flat tire and didn't make it to the gym. I did go walking with my daughter so I did get in some movement. Day 2 was better. I completed the cardio and I loved it!!!!! I was previously on the eliptical machine for  30 min at a time and did not feel much when I was done. That changed today. The intervals were awesome. I felt the burn and when I thought I could not go further I pushed. I have discovered my 10. I really am loving this! It is a bit of a challenge trying to eat enough. I don't have the time to eat much but I am working on this. Overall, I am loving this program. The best part, other than better health and new friends, I have already had 2 people ask me about the program. I hope that I will be the example they are looking for. What could be more rewarding than helping friends live a happier more satisfying life? Please keep me updated on your progress. I truely enjoy reading your posts. Best of luck!!!

  • Do any of you guys feel sore still? its wednesday, I have my lower body to do today, but my arms (especially my biceps) are SCREAMING!!!!