Staring Monday, Nov. 28!!!

  • Day 6 starts with cardio.  Everything still on track, down 5 pounds.  Looking forward to a cheat day tomorrow.  Hope everyone is doing well, all the best!

  • Good morning! I had a little bit of a struggle this week. I missed my cardio on Wednesday and I missed my LBWO yesterday so I am doubling them up today and then I will go for a long run tomorrow instead of the 20 minute cardio. I don't feel guilty about missing my cardio though as I have been doing cardio almost every day. I just like doing the interval training so I can build up my speed.

    I have lost two pounds this week! I am going to take weekly pictures and measurements to keep track of my progress. I am not sure I will post the pictures of me in a bikini in case my co-workers come on here. I told them I am doing the program. My avatar has me in it though during my first half marathon.


  • I'm back. My day 8 workout is done. LBWO and 20 min cardio. I took my measurements again today and I lost 3.25 inches. I also took pics again and I notice I stood a little taller with shoulders up more. I think this is due to more upper body strength and maybe abs too. What do you think?

  • @tbeards: posting weekly pix is a great idea -- soooo motivating to know there's going to be pictures!


  • this is sooo embarrasing! ah! but motivating too.

    My week: good workouts. Not i'm really tired. Had a bit of a free day today. hadn't planned on it but i wasn't assertive enough to say no to baking cupcakes for someone. Ruined my eating plan. I'm going to count today as my free day and try to hold strong until next weekend. I expect some hiccups in these first couple weeks, but i was still disappointed in myself.

    Progress, not perfection, right? and these are hard habits to break. But i learned a good lesson: no baking for the next 12 weeks. although I really want to try some homemade "ice cream" which is basically a frozen smoothie. That should be yummy and help with the sweets cravings-- and, maybe most importantly--it'll give me someone dessert-like that i can be eating while others are having cake and cookies over the holidays.

    @heydave: congrats on the 5#s!

  • Yeah, Day 7! Today is Day 7, but not my free day, since I wasted it earier in the week on some cheesecake. Last night I went to a Christmas party and I ate before so I wouldn't be tempted. It worked out pretty good. I didn't drink or have any sweets!

    Today I will be doing my Upper Body work out since I missed it on Friday. Then I'm spending the rest of today cooking for Week 2. Hope you all have a great week!

    TrishW congrats on the 5 pound weight loss! I'm not sure on why the body fat scale when up but what I can say from experience is the scale is the enemy on this program. Espically for women. The last time I did this I lost 2 sizes in 6 weeks and the scale hadnt moved, but I didn't care because I SAW the difference in my clothes and pictures. So I encourage you to focus on that instead of what the scale says in the weeks to come. Muscle weights more than fat so you might have weeks where you actually gain, but as long as you stick to the program you will have nothing to worry about!

  • I am extremely tempted to check the scale everyday, but after trying it on day 5 and getting extremely discouraged I have to remind myself not to-- the last thing I need is discouragement! I'm used to low carb crash diets, so by now I'd be down a ton of weight (I say weight, not fat.. at least I'm honest about it). Today's my rest day for exercise (I'm going to try and separate rest days from cheat days, so at least I'm burning off some of the junk) but I took a short walk by the river for some 'me' time. Gearing up for another week! I'm focusing on cardio workouts-- last week they were somewhat lacking. I don't think elliptical is going to cut it for all my cardio. I'm going to try running more often. Good luck this week! When you think of straying off the program, just remember: washboard abs are within our reach!

  • VaNess...I know the scale can be my worst enemy...which is why I ignore it all week and try to weight/measure only once a week. I do this to track my progress and to make sure I don't need to change things up a bit. I also realize muscle weighs more than fat...which is why I'm confused about the weight loss/BF gain thing...if I'm building muscle...the BF should have dropped...not the weight. I guess I'll be patient one more week...make sure I'm not doing something wrong before I freak out. (Patience is not one of my strong suites! LOL)

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!!

  • OK...week 2; day we goooooo!! Gonna try to kick it up a notch to see if I can increase my losses/gains this week!

    The dog is still a great motivator for getting me out of bed! And, now he has started keeping me company during my workouts! Dogs are awesome! :O)

    Have a great day, everyone!


  • So this post may be a duplicate because I just posted it but can't seem to find it so here I go again! Sorry if this is a duplicate!

    Ok! I know I said I wasn't going to get on the scale or do my measurements until day 14 but I couldnt resist this morning, I wish I could have:( i have gained 3 pounds and have no change in measurements. Very disappointing but I know it is only the beginning of week 2! I also know from past programs (not BFL, as this is my first experience with BFL) that sometimes last weeks persistance doesn't become apparent until next week! I will continue on for another week if I don't see changes at the end of week 2 I will start investigating my meal breakdown and exercises but until then forward I will go!

    I hope everyone had a great first week and looking forward to reading about everyones progressions in week 2! One day (or meal) at a time! Keep up the great work everybody! Looking forward to week 2! Enjoy;)

  • Happy Week 2! Wow, I forgot how good exercising makes you feel! I thought I'd compose a list of what I love about BFL :)

    1. Free day

    2. Eating 6 meals a day = never having to be hungry

    3. The energy boost from exercise

    4. Sore abs make me think thin ;) = I have less of an urge to cheat

    5. Having you guys for support and encouragement!

    Today is mine and my husband's 19th wedding anniversary <3 We're going to celebrate Saturday (this weeks free day) at a swanky downtown restaurant, I'm soooo looking forward to it.

    So far my workouts have been good, but I too feel like I could take that up a notch. My eating has been good too. Favorite meal of the week= a huge salad with grilled chicken and lowfat cottage cheese.

    For cardio I've been doing a mix of eliptical and treadmill but I'd like to mix it up a bit and get my butt out of bed for a 5:30am spin class Thursday.

    My results are not yet visiblle but I know I feel better and they will come. It seems like the last time I did this challenge (8 yrs ago) I started to see a noticable difference after finishing week 3, even my coworkers noticed a change. So, heres to seeing a change at the end of week 3 :)

  • @angiedora: 19th wedding anniversary? **Congratulations**  Is your husband doing the Challenge with you?  Have a fantastic free day 

    Angie and VaNess: Thanks for sharing your experiences with your previous challenges.  I’m trying to remind myself to be reasonable, but after all this hard work and excitement (and looking at the success photos on the bfl website and/or book everyday)… I want to see changes!! So, anyways, thanks for sharing how it worked for you two the last time you did the BFL challenge.

    @wannahaveabs: I think I’m going to split my rest day and free day, too. I like to sleep in on Sundays, but on Saturday my schedule is hectic and there’s usually a social eating situation, so Saturday’s I expect will be hardest to eat clean.

  • Good morning everyone!  Sounds like week two is going well, glad to hear that everyone is working through the temptations and trials.  You can't beat yourself up for minor indiscretions as long as you get right back up!

    Had a great week so far. Was in Nashville at a meeting yesterday and was limited on UBWO because the most weight they had was 50 lb dumbells, so I compensated with extra reps, pushups, etc.  Was able to eat clean though.

    Cheat day was great, but I surprised my self (and my wife) and ate somewhat reasonably that day.  Actually, it was more like a day that I would usually eat before I started BFL.  I did notice that I didn't sleep well, not sure if there's a tie there, but will let myself believe so.

    @angiedora....Happy anniversary!

  • Good Morning Fellow BFL buddies! Today I woke up and my abs were SOOOO sore! I love having my abs so because that means somewhere beneath the flab there are some abs! It felt great! Yesterdays workout was amazing, but I had a long night so I didn't wake up for cardio first thing this morning so I will do that tonight! Have a great Tuesday all!

  • HeyDave: 50 pounds is too light?  Omg. I have not once made it past 20. And right now I am at 15 because 20 hurts my wrists. That is awesome. Don’t forget  elastic bands are not too bad for travelling. Big love on the 5 pounds.

    Angiedora: Love your BFL list! Happy Anniversary!

    VaNess: Sore abs are fun- especially when the first time I never knew how big my muscles were there!

    So I am down 9 pounds. Yahooo!!!

    And I am thinking: it is so hard to follow threads what would you all think to 2 Google docs to share: One excel to track weight loss and goals, ect.

    And one for before and after pics. Post them here too but that way we would not need to scroll to compare?

    If we want that I will get on it!

    Go team! Should we have a team name?

    Like :

    Holiday Warriors

    Yes, We will weigh less after Xmas!

    November New Bodies