Staring Monday, Nov. 28!!!

  • Hi Everyone!

    I got behind on reading, so having trouble keeping up with who said what.

    I buy Myoplex Lite Ready-to-Drink at BJ's Wholesale.  I hope they don't stop selling it because it's the cheapest I've seen it.

    I love the idea of posting our pictures here next week.  I really need support.  The only thing I have proven to myself in the past few attempts at this is that I need support.  I start strong and then inevitably something happens and I give up.  I am not sure why.  Working on that....

    One thing that I have to say is that while I do believe BFL is an all-or-nothing program, in the sense that you have to follow everything and not make up your own rules, I still think you need to remember that just because you have a bad meal/day/week does not mean you need to give up and start over.  I personally am not trying to win anything, other than personal weight loss success.  I would love to be one of the people who can post their before/after pics with pride all over the website, etc. but in the end I will just be happy if I can prove to myself that 12 weeks is conquerable...and it would be nice if my clothes fit a little better in the process!

  • Great Job Kriskim! I also have to take it one day at a time, one meal at a time. This morning when the alarm went off I had to tell myself over and over again that "Winners do the things that losers don't do." Like get my butt out of bed! So I did. I have done this this challenge in the past but I found that the biggest obstacle was making escuses after work to not go to the gym. This time I am getting my workouts done in the morning. I don't like getting up early, but I love that when I go home at night I can focus on dinner and my family.

    So last night I went to Sam's Club and found an 18 pack Myoplex Lite for $24.00! Yeah! I did my 20 minutes cardo on the bike, came home drank my protein shake and headed to work. Even though it is only day 4 I am starting to feel better about my body. However, I need to work on the mind stuff. I need to practise positivie affirmations to myself to stay on track. I have NO problem with the exercise, but my mind is what REALLY needs conditioning! I am my own obstacle to my success!

    I want to leave you all with a puzzeling question. In the past I have taken Betagen (Creatine) but they don't sell it at my local vitamin shop anymore. So I just pick up a brand that had good reviews. How much creatine should a woman take and can it be mixed in the protein shake?

    Happy Day 4 of BFL!

  • I started the challenge Monday Nov.28 as well. Today I was feeling really down and my husband asked me why. When it came out of my mouth I realized how ridiculous it sounded. I told him, "I've been doing BFL for 3 days with no cheating and I see no results!" LOL, so I decided I may need some community support for a bit of a reality check.

    I will turn 39 during the challenge and I have 15 to 20lbs to lose. I did the challenge 9 years ago and saw wonderful results. I have 2 teens and a husband who eat whatever they want.  I travel for work so I will be bringing my lunch for up to 4 days away from home at a time as well as using various hotel gyms for my workouts.

    My free days will be once per week but not neccesarily every 7 days. I go back to work tomorrow so I am taking my first free day today because I'd like to take the kids to the movies and enjoy popcorn. My free days through Dec will be Saturday Dec10, Friday Dec16,  and of course Sunday Dec 25. I will not be taking a free day on my birthday but I'll be at work so it shouldn't be a struggle.

    My workouts and eating are going well. I'm adding extra cardio at the end of my Upper Body workouts. I use the EAS shales I buy them at Sams. My favorite meal this week is Peanut chicken  made in the crockpot with PB2 (very low fat powdered peanut butter) with at huge serving of chopped celery, tomatos, jalapenos, carrots and cilantro.

    Let's keep one another encouraged and accountable!

  • Same here, Angie.... I really do look for instant results eventhough I know you can't possibly do that.  

    I like your idea of adding cardio after UB.  What do you guys think about when you miss a workout?  Double up the next day or just pick up where you left off?  I'm trying to be realistic....not give excuses for missing workouts on a regular basis, but sometimes it doesn't happen and I need a back-up plan.

  • I am starting today.  December 1.  It is midweek, but I am not going to put it off.  Technically, I started the diet plan on Tuesday, but I didnt get to exercising until today.  I have done BFL before.  About a year and a half ago.  It was great!  I became a regular runner and loved it.  Then, my IT bands in both legs started giving me problems.  I went to hard to soon.  I completed the BFL, and turned my cardio days into a 5KM run.  Then, I was feeling so good, I decided to do 2 laps of the trail I usually did.  That lasted about a week, then the pain started....inexperienced, I ran through it, and walked a bit...then, it stopped me altogether.  Talked to a runner, and he was not surprised.  Apparently it doesnt matter what your fitness level...increasing your distance by 100% overnight is likely to cause some problems.  So I started only walking...then...the time...blah blah...then....(drama music here).....THE WEIGHT CAME BACK...the junk food...all of it.  I was done, and gave up.  I was amazed at how fast I lost the drive.

    But the important part....I AM BACK!  And because I hvae seen it, I know I can do it.  Legs feel great (yeah for like a year now!...LAZY), and I am looking forward to it all again.

    The most important thing for me...and probably for the rest of you that have junk food laying around because of family....was to take FULL advantage of my free day.  I ate like a PIG!  And made sure not to exercise.  And the weight kept coming off.  It was great.  But you need to use that free day, and it must be completely guilt free, no holds barred!  Eventually, after a month or so, you will find your free day will get healthier.  Mine did.  I would eat a lot bigger portions, but of better food...just because it was around.  And found myself desiring a walk.  Just casual, but something.  But it doesnt matter.,,,free day is just that.  FREE,,ANYTHING!  Dont have to do nothing!  It gives you something to set your eye on and look forward to, and, it keeps your body from thinking it should be in starvation mode!

    Good luck to us all!

  • I was doubtful about the whole free day concept, but WOW. It makes such a difference! First of all, there's no guilt. None! I can still count today toward my 84 days, but I ate total junk. Secondly, I didn't want the junk as much-- in fact, it was pretty gross. I'm a sugar-aholic, but... I seriously was more than full after just a few bites. And instead of thinking about the guilt, and how 'I'll re-start my diet tomorrow" like I usually do when I make poor choices, I can say I'm still following my program. For some reason, this means I don't crave the endless amounts of sugar I usually do. I bet in the future I gradually will have less and less junk on my free day, because I just won't want it anymore. Woo! So glad this is a part of the program.

  • Good Morning on Lovely Day 5

    WannaHaveAbs: I love your name--I have been skinny before but never had abs.

    CC: I am afraid to tell anyone too. This is my fourth time and I have completed once (am it rocked- some 6 years ago I think). If I tell my family I am on day 5 they will roll their eyes. So I like the idea of pics. I think pics will help with the instant results too. Because we are building muscle and I do think maybe a pic every 2 weeks will help keep us going. We are morphing. I have lost 7 pounds but cannot really tell because I have so much to lose.

    Hey Dave: You have inspired me- I am not a morning person but I tried adding "You love to be up in the morning" to the hypnosis mp3 I listen to and well .... look - it is 5:47 AM!!!!!

    VaNess:Cheesecake is the enemy- remember it is creamcheese sprinkled with sugar and that might help stop you. Wish I never tried it. Wouldn't touch it as a kid. But then one day I ate a bite. Arrgh.

  • Hello Jclarke!

    I started my BFL challenge on 11/28/11 also. I have 3 roommates who eat whatever they want, so removing all the junk food from the house is not an option for me, either. We can support each other if you like...cause I also need all the support I can get.

    Here's to US...making this work, and achieving the best bodies we have ever had!


  • Right back at ya, Littlewulff!  In fact, everyone on here inspires me!

  • So, last night was the first holiday "test".  A small gathering from work at a nice place downtown, open bar, menu, etc...very tempting.  BUT I made it through with flying colors.  Had club soda/lime, gilled salmon, rice pilaf, and steamed veggies.  And NO BREAD which is typically my downfall.  Felt great this morning, looking forward to upper body arounf noon.  All the best!

  • @Littlewulff: I empathize with starting for a 4th time (or 3rd or 5th…) It gets frustrating and hard to believe in myself and that I really can do this. I try to think of it as trying to quit smoking: statistics show that the more times you try (again!) to quit, the more likely you are to succeed. Basically, just keep trying and you’ll get there ☺

    - also: it’s going to be hard not to nibble off your kids’ food…stay strong!

    I took before pix this morning – oh, I NEVER want to do that again!!

    @VaNess: I’m glad you confessed ☺ I should probably put a frowny face, but you probably are beating yourself up about it enough. I’m glad you threw the cake away—good job! I always say to myself “It’s okay, I just won’t eat anymore…” yeah right! I go right back to it and finish it off.  Nothing tastes as good as how you’re going to feel when you complete your challenge!

    @cc: start strong, hit those bumps and challenges life throws at you, and then start strong again tomorrow. I’ve committed to RE-committing myself every day…I’m really good at giving up on things, so this time, every day for the next 84 days is a DAY ONE as far as I’m concerned. If that makes sense ☺

    also, CC, thanks for your thoughts on all/nothing. It’s too easy to think that because we hada bad day, we’ve blown the whole Challenge. Not so. I loved what you said “I want to be happy and prove to myself that the next 12 weeks are conquerable”.  

    For me, this is about changing myself and progressing towards a better me (not just my clothes size, by my eating, my activity, how I take care of myself physically and emotionally). I also want to prove to myself that I can CONQUER this.

  • Day 5 - again meals are on track, exercise is also on track. I did lower body and abs yesterday and am REALLY feeling it today. My legs are incredibly sore today but nevertheless I pushed thru and got my 20 minute cardio completed. I was actually able to increase my speed today not alot but every little bit still counts as progress. I am trying to stay off the scale and keep the measuring tape in the drawer until day 14 that way I can't get discouraged about not seeing instant results. I am going to have my free day tomorrow and it can't come soon enough! First thing in the morning I am so having a moccacino, I can't get my mind passed that so I will just take it as it comes. I am going to try to stay within reason because I have been reading other posts and others say they went crazy on their first free day and were sick that day and or the next, and since sunday is not a free day I need to eliminate my excuses before they surface. I think for me the trick to this system is to try and foresee the excuses and eliminate as many of them as possible until this becomes second nature.

    Reading everyones posts really helps me to keep motivated, and keeps me in reality by reminding me that change is not easy and we should strive for positive changes and not perfection, its ok to slip up just make sure you keep moving forward towards your goal(s). I can't wait to read the "day 84" posts from everyone as I am sure if we all take it 1 day at a time we will all be posting on day 84.

    Enjoy your free day and your weekend!!!

  • So frustrated! Ok, I need to vent. I went to sign up at a nearby gym. The website has a free 7-day pass, so I signed up and printed it off. I saw the class schedule and decided to try a Zumba class this evening. I take the paper to the front desk and said I had a 7-day pass from the website and wanted to workout. They had me sign a bunch of paperwork for insurance, etc. I hand it to them and they try to pass me off to a sales rep. I say thanks, but I really just want to workout. That's when they tell me they don't actually accept the 7-day pass from their own website, but he might be able to get me a 1 or 2-day pass. I ask why I wasn't told that before they had me fill out all the paperwork to workout. They said they didn't know-- how could you not know? You're the only two people working right now, and you've both been standing here talking to me all this time. You knew, you just wanted me to pay to join by getting me in the door. I didn't appreciate them playing dumb. If I hadn't said I didn't want a tour and I just wanted to exercise, they might not have told me they didn't accept the pass for another 20 minutes! I just said thanks and walked out. Grrr!!! How dishonest is that? To have a pass on your website that people can't even redeem? I won't be going back.

  • @heydave: good job while eating out with friends!

    @wannahaveabs: what a bummer about the gym! that would deflate all my energy for working out that day.

    @TrishW and the others who can't get the junk food out of the house: in the BFL book it says to lift and lower weights while saying "BOdy for life" in your head so you know your speed is I walked around the kitchen today chanting, "Body for life...I'm building a body for life. Body for life...I'm building a body for life." (I've got a nice little rhythm that's kinda catchy...) anyways, it really helped. Stay strong! focus on the goal! (and remember that you'll be posting pix on here for all of us and that junk food is gonna show in a bikini! haha)

  • M Sheep...thanks for the "mantra". I'll have to try that!

    I have one roommate who is trying that no carbs diet...and the amount of fatty foods in the house is unreal! I keep trying to get her to at least read the details of the BFL plan, but she's just wont do it. Hopefull, after she's sees the results I'm achieving, she will pay more attention...and get all that fat out of here (one can hope, right?)

    Well, here it is, day 6 of week 1 and I'm still going strong! I got a little ahead of the game yesterday and weighed myself. While I lost 5 lbs on the body fat % went up by 2. What's up with that?? Can anyone shed some light there for me?

    Hope everyone had a great week 1! Here's to an even better week 2!!