Staring Monday, Nov. 28!!!

  • Hello all!  I'm getting started on Monday, Nov. 28 for my first ever BFL experience!  I'm so excited to see the transformation that I can achieve.  I'll need all the support that I can get.

    I live in a household where my hubby eats anything he wants and never gains a pound.  Between his eating habits and those of my 4 sons, I don't really have the option to completely remove all junk food from the pantry.  I'm going to have to rely on my fierce determination and grit to get through these next 12 weeks.  Help, help, help!

    Is there anyone else out there who wants to start this with me and be an accountability partner?  I'd love some help!  Thanks.  Can't wait to see my before and after picts when the time comes.

  • Wow. I admire you. I would LOVE to start with you but will need just as much encouragement and stern talks when I don't stay on the wagon. With Christmas around the corner, it might be a bit tricky but I have a goal to work towards! My sister is getting married 16 March 2012. I have to be in shape by then!

    By the way, I'm from South Africa. I assume you're from the states?

  • Me too!! Have been wanting to start for sometime and decided that no time is a wonderful here I go! I can't stand the way I look anymore!! (And Thanksgiving weekend didn't help). I am so very excited but nervous. I have never done anything like this before, but I am determined!! Even with the holidays coming up...expecially with the holidays coming up! (that is when I always gain!) Here we come tomorrow morning!! I'll jump on in the afternoon tomorrow and see how your morning workout went and report on mine! Sure I'll be sore. btw, I am a mom of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl) and they eat everything they want too! Aghh!! I want to loose 40 pounds (or look like I have lost that much...gain muscle in the process), should my goal be so lofty?? (I want that but don't know if it is possible:). I am determined!!!! Are you buying the Myoplex shakes? I found a protein shake at Walmart that looks comparable but cheaper...what are you doing for all your meals?  

  • I am in! I also share your pain in having others in the house that can eat whatever they want and not gain anything. Also I do not have the option of removing all junk food out of my house so these next 12 weeks are going to be tough but definately possible! I think having someone to be accountable to would definately help. This is my first time initiating BFL into a new lifestyle so excited to see the end result. I look forward to reading everyones posts on how their first day went. Good luck to everyone on Day 1 of Week 1!

  • Yay! I'm in with you all starting November 28! I was hoping to find some folks starting on the same day as me. I really want this to work and I think that lending and receiving the support of like-minded people will help a ton.

    I'm not sure how many friends / coworkers I'm going to tell at first, other than the BFL community. I've been talking about BFL for so long and not following through and doing the challenge, that I feel a little self-conscious bringing it up again until someone asks.

    I'll be checking in tomorrow evening. I need to get up early and get in my UBWO before work.

  • Hi everyone! I am actually on day 4 but would like to join you. I guess nobody really wanted to start the day after Thanksgiving LOL! I just finished my day 4 20 minute aerobic solution and feel great. Got done, went upstairs, enjoyed a cup of coffee and now two of my girls are up. I have three girls, ages 4 and 2-1/2 year old twins. The last couple of years I gained and lost 55 pounds mostly from weight I gained during the pregnancies but I am not toned or have much strength so here I go (again). I did the BFL challenge about 10 years ago and had amazing results. I already feel like I am getting more toned and leaner if that is possible.

  • Count me in!  I did BFL in 1999 and had amazing results, so I'm looking forward to doing it again.  I've always tried to take care of myself (well at least since I left my 20's), but was diagnosed w/ colon cancer in 2001, had radical surgery, chemo, etc.  and have let myself go down some since.  I'm currently 6'2 243#, but would like to get to about 210-220.  Figured this would be a pretty good way to celebrate 10 years cancer free!

  • I am in TOO!  Just registered today. I will be counting on all of ya'll to get me through Dec. 22 - Dec. 26 when I am at my in-laws. Can we say mayonnaise salad, mac & cheese, fried turkey, and cheesy creamy casseroles?  Lord help me! Turning 40 in 14 weeks and it is time to see the woman in the mirror I've always imagined.

  • Happy Day 1!  

    @Joranda.... Yes!  I live in the US.  I actually live in Las Vegas (someone has to).

    @iafanh... I have not bought any Myoplex products.  I did buy some Muscle Milk Light at Costco.  They have 150 calories, 3g of sugar and 20g of protein, so I figured it would be a good choice.  It was about $30 for 24 of them.  I think you should aim high and bust your tail to get there!  :)  That's my plan as well.  I'd like to lose 30 pounds/gain muscle in this process.

    How did everyone's workout go today?  I was struggling to get through it and had to use lighter weights than I planned.  I was disappointed in myself, but also figured that would give me room to improve.  

    I've never done BFL before, so this is a new experience for me.  I know this isn't the best time to start, but is there ever a good time?  We do have the holidays, and I also have 10 birthdays (including my own and 2 of my sons) and my wedding anniversary in the next 84 days.  Lots of sweets and cake to either turn down or work into my free day!  I figure that these 84 days are going to pass regardless of what effort I put forth, so I might as well work hard and enjoy the results!

    In gearing up for our holiday treats that we send to friends, I did make a batch of fudge today.  Guess what?  I didn't touch it!  Not even to "test for freshness".  I figure I have to celebrate the little steps that I'm making along with the big ones to transform my body.  I've been checking out the transformation pictures to keep my inspiration going.  Can't wait to see what I earn in these next 12 weeks!

  • Great workout today. Shoulders a little weaker than I expected. Great meals, little hunger. Dreading cardio tomorrow

  • Hi guys, well done everyone on getting started!  Stick with it through that first week though, it's a little bit of trial and error as you get accustomed to the exercises that suit you and the correct weights etc, don't lift anything too heavy while you get started, I found I was starting with a level 7 instead of a 5 initially but once I got to week three I had things pretty much sorted.

    I found making sure I had enough protein was difficult in the first weeks too, carbs are easy to find but protein is a little more difficult.  The shakes certainly helped in that regard.

    In about week five I discovered beef jerky!...Heaps of protein and little fat/ carbs so that's my snack food if I need one now (Check the lable if you're buying this though because soem are better than others)

    I'm in week 7 now and I can honestly say this has gotten way easier for me as ttime ticked past, I love it now.

    I too have a house full of junkfooders but I have strategies for getting past it, especially after dinner when the tv gets turned on.  I drink tea instead of beer and make sure I have that last meal ready for around 8pm so I don't kid myself that a cookie or snacks will "fill in".

    Go hard team! I almost wish I was starting again with you, the early results for me were phenomenal...even with slow weight loss, the extra energy is a huge boost.

  • I just decided tonight that I am starting NOW!!!!    Count me in.

    I am no stranger to BFL but I have never made it the full 12 weeks.  

    I just stepped on the scale....208.  The only other time I weighed that much was when I gave birth to my 3rd child 2 and a half years ago, and even then I was in better physical shape than I am now.

    Just ran a 5K on Thanksgiving and someone asked me what my time was.  Hadn't looked, so I searched for results and found it was 42 mins.  Just a year ago I could run it in 36.  I've gained about 20 lbs since then, so I guess when you are carrying around an extra bowling ball or two on your @$$, it's harder to move!!!!!


    Looked at the calendar to map out my challenge, and if I start TONIGHT, Day 84 will be my 38th birthday.  What a great birthday gift to give myself....the completion of a challenge.  Then I will have exactly 10 weeks (perfect) to train for my first half marathon on 4/28, which is another goal of mine that has been on the back burner for way too long.

    THIS IS IT!!!!  So glad to have a group starting at the same time.  

    Ruby, too....can't even talk about it yet because I'm tired of telling people I'm gonna do something and then not doing it.  That's why I need you guys.....SUPPORT!!!!  

  • Hey! This seems like a very energetic group, so I think I'll join. I started the day after Thanksgiving along with T, but as she said it wasn't a particularly popular idea, haha. Unfortunately my starting weight is the same as what I weighed AFTER the holidays last year. I'm not looking to have an upward trend here, so this season I'm going to weigh less instead of more. I've gotten very good at crash-low-carb dieting, and it's miserable. I don't just believe this program will get me fit, I KNOW it will as long as I stick with it.

    My arms workout today was EPIC. Truly, I don't think I'll be able to move tomorrow, since I'm having trouble straightening them all the way tonight. I'm one of those women who isn't afraid to work her guns because I know I'm not going to get huge and manly-- I'm going to get toned. I'm going to enjoy getting ripped just in time for pool season (in west Texas, March IS pool season). I also like that I'm finishing a few days after Valentine's day--  because I'm going to buy myself an awesome red dress as my reward for finishing and because of the holiday, they'll be in all the stores. :)  

    I really think preparation is they key. At work, my lunch hour was cut short so I couldn't go home and eat, and because I was in a new building I didn't know if there would be a fridge so I couldn't pack anything. Without my drive to complete this challenge, I would have been like, "Oh look, burger king..." but instead I was like... "Oh look, Subway... turkey on whole wheat, no dressing, extra veggies." I should be good tomorrow, because I found a fridge and microwave in a breakroom. I'm having a baked potato and chicken. TIP: I found some cooked chicken breasts at walmart near the lunchmeat section. They're whole breasts, some plain, some lemon pepper, etc, and they're in individual packets that only take a minute in the microwave to heat up (two in a box). They're perfect!

    I'm so excited to see everyone's after photos and stats!

  • Well day 1 of week 1 done. Was pretty much what I expected, except for the 1 hour I slept in typical Monday in my world. I did cardio today and it was hard, but I felt good when I was done. Went to buy the Myoplex today just to find out GNC doesnt sell it anymore, so am trying Syntha-6 was told they r comparible products. Anyways other than that meals were OK gunna take some time to find out which recipes I like and which ones I dont care for. All part of the process, the more struggles you face the better the results feel. Look forward to reading about everyones 1st day.