Protein Bars and Shakes

  • Does anyone have any suggestions to protein bars and shakes.  I know BFL recommends EAS bars but I am not enjoying them.  What should I be looking for when looking to use a different bar and shake.


    Thank you,

  • Hi LIssa,

    I use Pure Protein bars, the chocolate peanut butter is a staple in my daily diet.  They sell them at Target in a 12 pack for just under $12 bucks.  For protein powder I use Nectar brands, specifically Vanilla Bean and Espresso.

    You should be looking at bars and powder that help you achieve your goals, so focus on caloric values and protein/carb/fat ratios.

    Now, I will say I'm a bit of a protein bar/powder diva, its a little more pricey but it tastes good!!!  Best of luck!!!