Seeing it Through the End

  • Good Morning BFLers,


    I tried to write several times from my phone and found out today, that all messages were returned.  I cannot recall who wrote these thoughts but I just wanted to comment on them.


    1.  It is so true that many people do not make it past week 6-8.  I found that I was one of them.  I completed this challenge twice with a partner but when I had to do it solo, I never made it passed week 8.  In week 10, I normally see changes.  So staying the course was hard from week one.  I used to be an instant gratification type of person.  So I agree that making it to the end is challenging.  I know that I will.  I am shocked at my confidence.  When I say that I am doing the body for life diet, it amazes me that its a diet.  I need to eat.  Never feeling hungry on this diet is what works for me.


    2. I love how I am able to modify this plan.  The first two times, I was so restricted.  Everything else started to suffer.  I am a high school English teacher and the planning for my job is overwhelming.  I am also a Cheerleading coach.  I decided to try to do bodyforlife a few years ago three days a week.  I was very successfull.  Then I gave it up.  Not realizing that this was a lifestyle change, hint for life.....  I will be doing all six workouts in three days.  I may have longer am sessions or am and pm sessions.  The other days, I'm up early grading papers or cooking or....  People think teaching is easy.  It's overwhelming.


    3. I got used to the planning now.  Before, I became overwhelmed and gave up.  I have to plan for my job, gym, food, etc etc etc.  I got so burned out.  Now I see the planning helps with me get through the week.  I use many holidays to plan and complete back logged assignments.  I'm blessed to use the holidays to simply do more work.  Crazy but it comes with the job.


    Overall, I'm glad that I do have a support group.  I wish you all well and see you at the finish line.

    Giving love to oneself one day at a time. 


  • Welcome back to the BFL team.   We are glad to have you as one of us. I am sure with your renewed courage, inner strength and determination that you WILL finish your current and future challenges. Planning is a key aspect as I have often found out.  The BFL Success Journal has helped me to focus more during my last challenge this year (Jun-Sep period). It was a rough summer sometimes but I did make it and I sure you can as well. Best of wishes and remember to ask for help from the forum if you have questions we are all here to help out as best we can.