Questions about the Diet

  • Hi Everyone. I just started the BFL challenge on Monday and I have a few questions about the food.


    1. Can I snack on veggies whenever throughout the day? The first couple of days it has been hard to not think about snacking or eating something every few minutes. Are veggies ok to have just whenever I want to chew on something? I know carrots and snow peas are high in carbs, so what about peppers and celery? Thoughts?


    2. What is hummus considered? I loveeee hummus and usually add it to my wraps. Is that ok? Or should I stop adding it as a condiment?


    Thanks for your help!




  • Hi there, there is actually a list in the book as well as on this website. You are supposed to have protein with each meal and have about 6 meals per day evenly spaced out.  I would watch the hummus as it doesn't have enough protein and isn't on the approved list. However, I think there may be a recipe on this site that incorporates tahini, garbanzo beans, etc...

    As far as snacking, if you are having 6 meals a day with a good amount of protein, you should not be that hungry. Try eating filling foods higher in protein and fiber and add plenty of veggies. Hope that helps...