***We're All In - 11/7/11***

  • My body didn't like the free day very much.  I enjoyed eating the food but my body wasn't used to it and this morning, how do i say this without TMI, let's just say 4 trips to the rest room prior to my workout was 3 trips too many.  My lower body workout went well.  I have a natural high after my workouts and feel really good when I'm at work.  Last week I was in more of a shock but so far this week I feel really good.  I've learned I can handle every aspect of the BFL plan with easy excluding the upper body workouts.  I dread those, especially the shoulder workout.  I do military presses and my knees shake when I'm trying to do that last rep.  The lower body and aerobics are easy compared to the upper body workouts.  Thank God there's just one of those this week.

    That's all for now.  I hope everyone is doing well and feeling the natural high.  Stay with the plan everyone.  YOU CAN DO IT!

  • @  Jmont6767: I prepared this for breakfast over the weekend: whole grain oatmeal with some flax thrown in (I like the nutty flavor and it gives a nutritional boost also), EAS vanilla protein powder, some dried cranberries, cinnamon and nutmeg to flavor and walnuts.  Topped it off with skim milk and a little Splenda.  YUMMY!

  • "Energy and persistence conquer all things." ~ Benjamin Franklin

    WooHoo - week 2!!!!  Happy Monday All : )

    @ momof2 - are you feeling any better today? Not feeling well would definitely make our challenge even more challenging!!!!

    @ topdog - fully how quickly our body adapts to eating healthy and "rejects" those things that are not good for us huh?  I, like you, also look forward and revel in the natural high I get from a good hard workout.

    @jmont6767 - There are a couple of recipes in the Eating for Life book that don't have eggs in them for breakfast: Golden pancakes, chocolate oatmeal, vanilla nut cereal, and fortified french toast.  I would be happy to pass along the recipe to any or all of them if you are interested.  Just let me know : )

    I am going to take a look at the BFL for Women today.  I have about an hour to kill between work and my evening class so I plan on swinging by Barnes and Noble just to do a quick comparison.  I see that a couple of people have asked about the difference in the workouts but I haven't seen a reply yet.  Hopefully I will be able to provide that for us all tomorrow : )

    Anyone have a good, low cal, protein shake mix (vanilla preferably) that they would recommend?  I have the EAS (Myoplex lite) but it still has 180 calories.  By the time I add to the shake, it is 200+ calories and I would like to cut that back a bit.  Suggestions?

    Have a great BFL day,

    ~ Sharon

  • WEEK 2!! Congrats to all the strong willed, its only going to get better from here. Week one was tough but I can say I am proud of myself and everyone who made it through!

    After evaluated my meal plans and progress through week one. I found I am pretty close to the 6/6 carb and protien ratio, but not even getting close to the water intake and I am going to focus on that this week. Freeday.. I found it really hard to cheat.. I enjoyed a small bowl of icecream and that was the extent of my cheating lol. I also went out for supper over the weekend and faced that challange where I ordered off the delicious healthy alternatives menu and felt good about my choice.

    Also noted that im eating alot of the same foods daily and am going to have to sitdown and find some new recipes or ideas to add a little more variety in my meals before I get sick of eating the same things. Anyone want to share some of their favorite meal and snack ideas?

    As for the workouts I am really enjoying the weight days. I am going to buy a few sets of heaveir dumbells this week :) Cardio...never been my favorite. Im doing this whole program from home due to the lack of time to get to the gym and back. Is anyone else doing the workouts from home??

    You worked really hard for week 1 so dont spoil that progress this week. Just think how great you are feeling already :)  Stay strong, results are just around the corner!! Lets work HARDER this week!!!!!!!!!!

    Jo ;)

  • @  Xx JDM Xx aka Jo - I have a home gym.  I find it more enjoyable then working out away from home.  I don't have to contend for a spot.  Since the whole routine is time driven (1 min between sets; 2 min between muscle groups)  I find working from home easier.  I've purchased extra dumbells so going from one weight to another is fast.  I know what you mean about eating the same foods.  I need to cook up something else to make following the diet more enjoyable.  I want to try the chocolate oatmeal recipe out.  I made it during my first BFL challenge and it was good.  Otherwise, egg white are a staple for me.

    Take care and kick a$$.

    ps - reminds me of a movie "they live", where the main character says "I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick a$$ and i'm fresh out of bubble gum".  LOL

  • Week 2  yeah!

    Hi Sharon,  I use the muscle milk lite vanilla shake in the blender mixed with water and frozen berries.  Tastes o.k. and has less calories and fat than the bulk you up regular version.  I am open to suggestions if anyone has anything better.  

    New snack I like, but not enough protein I don't think - Piece of whole grain toast with a wedge of the laughing cow light cheese spread.  I think it will be o.k. if I eat a piece of turkey breast with it, any ideas?

    Breakfast I am still doing my non fat greek yogurt with flax and berries.  

    I ended up working most of my free day, so my free day was allowing myself to skip meals and have a handful of the jelly beans that were at the house I had open.  

    My cheats for the week were 3 fun size candy bars.  Still struggling with getting in 6 meals.   Thing I am most proud of, waking up every day at 5:00am to get in my workout!

    Laughable moment was this morning at the Gym.  I was trying to figure out how to use a machine that works your back muscles when a man finally came over and told me I was facing the wrong way and that's why I could not reach the handles.  He was very nice and I am glad I got to provide some comic relief for the others in there at 5:15 this morning.  I am really surpised at how many people are at the gym - I am going to 24 hour fitness - that early in the morning.  It is motivating to see the others there, yet still not so crowded that I have to wait for any machines.  

    Struggling still wtih exhaustion.  Probably from changing my wake-up time 1 1/2 earlier than I used to get up.  Right now, I just want to lay down and take a nap.  Back to work for me!

    Everyone keep up the good work.  


  • Well, wasn't able to get in my LB workout this morning. I usually get up at 5 and do my workout at home before I have to get kids up and get us all out the door. Back home from work, then we are all out the door to Life-group, then back home to put the kids to bed, and then i can do my workout. I feel telling you all my plan will make me actually do it.    Makes for good accountability!

    Sharon- I will be curious to see what your take is on the BFL for women. I skimmed through it to see what the major differences were in the workout area, but not so much on the food side of things.

  • Hey guys- I wanted to write so that you know that I am still in the game.  I just went back to work after maternity leave a couple of weeks ago, so I am relearning how to balance everything right now.  With that said, I haven't had a lot of free time to be on the computer.  Also- with working out in the morning, I've been kind of done and ready for bed by 9:00 at night.

    So far so good for me.  I finally got the guts to ask my husband to take my picture in a bikini.  Yikes...so painful.  I just keep holding onto the fact that I will look different in a couple of months.  I didn't lose weight last week, but my body fat % went down and I lost a couple of inches so I figure that's good right?  I think my free day included a good more bit of sodium than my body has gotten used to...

    @momof2 - Did you get your LB workout in tonight?  I hope so!  I'm doing the regular program.  The cardio kicks my butt, but if I notice that I'm not getting the results (fat loss) that I want I may increase the amount of cardio

    @Sharon-  I'm sorry about the sad news.  :(  Hopefully we can be of some support to you will your support team is away.  Thank you for your selfless gift of bravery and time for our country.

    @Caroline- Happy belated birthday.  Good job with the zumba WITH the family!  I love it!

    @JDM- I am working out at home.  Right now it's the only way it's going to happen. I am very protective of my time with my family so working out happens when I wake up or after the kids go to bed...

  • balancing act- what a perfect name! I feel that way too, trying to balance my job, my husband and kids and a house is a real balancing act. I kind of feel like that guy in the circus trying to keep all the plates spinning.  For so long it has been about being all I can be to them, putting myself on the back burner. Something I learned from my first challenge is that I need to take care of myself first so that I could take care of them better. After the first few weeks I saw the changes in myself, grew more self confident and had more energy for my kids.  Cannot wait to get to that point again!

    I did get my workout in! Although now my legs aren't so happy with me :)

    See you tomorrow!


  • "Insist on yourself. Never imitate." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


    Good morning all!  I came across this quote and thought...oh how true.  From reading your posts, so many of us put everyone else first and haven't taken time to take care of ourselves.  This is our time!  Insist on in...

    So I did go into Barnes and Noble prior to sitting through 4 brutal hours of Managerial Accounting last night.  I have to say that I really loved the BFL for Women book!  My intent was just to skim through it but I found that I couldn't put it down so I bought it. I read the majority of the book last night AFTER getting home at 10:45.  Let me tell you, my 5:00 alarm was not at all welcome : ).  Instead of the gym this morning for cardio, I slept for an extra 45 minutes and then took my 1 year old Golden Retriever for a 2 1/2 mile walk practicing the principles of varied intensity.  We walked, jogged, sprinted, and then started all over. By the end my walks were much longer than my sprints but I got my heart rate up and was good and sweaty by the time we got home. I don't think I would have been as pleasant at the gym but my girl always brings out the best in me!

    Here are some of the highlights from the BFL for Women book:


    ·      Perform some form of cardio 3 to 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes at a time

    ·      You have to sweat to get benefits

    ·      She references the 20-minute aerobic solution from the original BFL as an alternative if focusing on intensity and not a beginner to cardio

    ·      To lose fat and increase aerobic capacity, plan around FIT principles (Frequency, Intensity, and Time).  Play with the components to vary the workouts but don’t increase all 3 at once. 

    ·      Emphasizes warm ups and cool downs


    ·      Perform resistance training 2-3 times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time, preferably 45 minutes

    ·      Newbies burn 150-200 calories per weight training session

    ·      Will increase to 300-400 calories (in the same amount of time) as you become more muscular

    ·      Recommends 2 different exercises per muscle group.  Each with 3 sets of exercises (increase weight and reduce reps each set) – set #1 15-20 reps; set #2 increase weight but drop to 12-15 reps; set #3 increase weight again and do 8-10 reps. Repeat the entire set process with a different exercise focusing on the SAME muscle group.  You’ll end up doing 35-45 reps/exercise for a total of 70-90 reps per muscle group.  The original BFL totals 60 reps for each muscle group.

    Cross training

    ·      She recommends cross-training with yoga, Pilates or other activities (Tai Chi) that help maintain or build flexibility and balance.

    ·      In addition to cardio and weight workouts, not in lieu of

    ·      Great stress relief


    ·      Similar approach – eat 5 to 6 times a day; drink tons of water (10-11 glasses, 8 oz  each); avoid “junk” foods and eat “smart” foods instead

    ·      Goal is to eat Smart foods 80% of the time

    ·      Defines “junk” foods as processed foods (white sugar, white pasta, cookies, chips, pastries, candy bars, soda, etc)

    ·      Smart foods are divided into smart proteins, smart carbohydrates, smart fats, and smart snacks

    ·      Eat every 2-4 hours but try not to eat 1-2 hours before bed.

    ·      A meal consists of a smart protein and a smart carbohydrate.  2 meals a day should also have an extra nonstarchy vegetable serving. 

    ·      She doesn’t use a free day but follows the 80% smart foods instead

    ·      Focus on quantity (portions and servings) as well as quality of food (smart foods 80% of the time)

    ·      Plan and record meals

    ·      Eat 2-3 servings of calcium rich foods a day (low fat or ff dairy products, broccoli, spinach, soy milk, tofu, salmon, sardines, beans, okra, peas, brussel sprouts, calcium fortified OJ)


    Long post but some good stuff.  Have a great BFL day!!!!

    ~ Sharon


  • Wow Sharon,

    Great post, thanks for all the  info.  Are you going to follow the original plan, or the womans plan or a hybrid of both.  I think I will stick to the BFL workout plan for now, but add in a min. of one yoga or pilates class per week.  I have been concerned that their is no stretching, flexability or balance aspect in the original BFL program.  

    As for the food plan, I like hers better, but that does not mean it will work better.  Trying to eat perfectly clean all the time and then having a "free day"  seems to reinforce negative food behavior and trigger binging, etc ...  I like the idea of eating clean most of the day, but allowing yourself a little treat to not feel deprived.  

    Balancing act - good luck balancing it all.  Remember you can't always keep all the balls in the air, one is going to drop, just pick it back up and keep going.  You will not be able to keep any of them in the air if you are sick and run down.  Ask your family for help.  I had to do that this week and my husband and son are starting to get on board.

    I asked my husband, to please be responsible for getting our 11 year old off to school on time and take him for me, because with the workout time in the morning I was having a hard time getting ready for work, getting them feed in the morning and starting my work day on time.  It is a work in progress, he did get to school yesterday on time, but without a lunch.  Hopefully they made it on time today, I don't know because I didn't check, I did what I needed to do this morning.  

    Liz- I am proud of you for getting that late night workout in.  Great job, I know it would have been easy to blow it off.  You deserve that time to make yourself strong for the people you love.

    Topdog - Keep up the great motivation for us all.  You rock!  

    Cardio today was climbing up the mountain by my house.  My husband came with and my flashlight at 5:15 am.  The lady who was by herself last week was there as well and came up with us too.  We got up today in 39 minutes!  Last week it took us 48.  Last week her and I chatted on the way up, this week, no way, we went non-stop at my husbands 6'2" leg pace (i"m 5'1") and pushed ourselves hard towards the top.   This mountain is in the middle of San Diego, at the top you get a 360 view of all of San Diego.  Watched a beatiful sunrise on the way down.  

    O.K. back to work for me, just want to keep encouraging everyone to stick to it.  

    Great thought for today:  When you are interested in something, you do it until it is not convenient.  When you are committed to something, you do it no matter what.  Are you interested in finishing BFL or committed?


  • I hope everyone is having a great day.  I wanted to share some thoughts on the cardio workout.  I have a problem keeping my eye on the clock to see if that horrible high point minute is up.  I have a tendency to close my eyes and ride my exercise bike like a crazy person.  My face gets so sweaty that I can't see the clock or my wrist watch.  I figured that a minute goes by in about 27 breathing cycles.  Does that mean I'm really out of shape, I don't know.  But the technique works for me.  Also on the last 2 minutes when you're supposed to hit a 9 and then a 10 is a real mind game for me.  When I hit a 9 in the middle or the cardio workout I need a recovery minute to catch my breath.  When I'm on the last 2 minutes I don't go as hard on the 9 level minute as i would at the beginning or middle of the workout.  I guess the idea is to push yourself as hard as you can and i feel like I'm doing that to the best of my ability.  During the last two minutes my legs are burning so much that they feel like they are on fire and there's only so much I can take.  How does everyone else do their cardio?  Bike, treadmill, running outside.  It's getting a tad cold in the morning so running outside is not an option.

    I lost 5 pounds already.  I'm a guy so guys lose weight easier the woman so you ladies out there, don't get mad at me OK.

    Keep up the good work everyone and don't quit!  You'll look and feel so much better when your done.

  • You all ROCK! I love to read all the posts. It is so motivating! Please keep it up!

    Week 2- I'm so proud that we have made it through the first week. The issues that I need to work on is having a tighter control over snacking. I find myself craving a salty, spicy treat a lot and I end up having some hear and there in between meals and that has to stop. I'm thinking of making my own baked whole wheat tortillas with spice for those times. But, overall, I have been pretty good with the diet and followed the workout (Original BFL plan) to the T.

    @TopDog- First off, congrats on losing 5 lbs already! I dont plan on weighing myself until atleast week 4. I also work out at home and do cardio on a treadmill. I don't think your sweating translates to you being "out of shape" at all. I think you are just kicking ass and trying your best like you should be! I also find that I need a little break when I hit a real 9. So, instead of taking a complete break, I have lowered my level 6 and 7. That way I'm able to collect myself a bit, but my heart rate is stil high. And you are right about the level 10...it is a total mental game. I feel like a 1 minute has gone by and I look down and it's like 20 seconds! LOL. But you just have to push through and get to the end and the satisfaction of completely a kick-ass workout is priceless! I do admire your total control when it comes to food and I concentrate on doing the same this week.

    Nancy- Love your quote- Great thought for today:  When you are interested in something, you do it until it is not convenient.  When you are committed to something, you do it no matter what.  Are you interested in finishing BFL or committed?


  • Hey everyone!  Im just starting so I am a week behind you but Im jumping in there with you all!  I had started BFL this time last year but gave up after week 6 but now im in it to finish it!   Did lower body last night and boy am I feeling it today!  Smith Machine squats are no joke!  Anywhoo lets do this and great job on your first week!!     Oh...and someone had mentioned head aches the first week and I totally remember last year I had terrible ones from the no sugar.  But they did go away after the first week or so.  

  • Man what a morning! I got up and did my cardio (free run for 20 min on my wii fit). The minute I am finished I hear my son crying in his room because he had thrown up. While taking care of him, my daughter starts sobbing in the room because she missed her brother. This is all at 5:30 am. Then my mother comes down-she lives with us- and is also sick.  

    Can i just say yikes!

    Rockinit- Thanks for the pointers on the BFL for women.  I may end up going and getting the book it sounds interesting.  It is interesting the differences between the two systems.

    On a positive note- bmi is already going down! Sweet!

    ANybody  else up at 5 am to workout?

    Keep at it everybody!