***We're All In - 11/7/11***

  • Greetings from beautiful San Diego,

    My very first post, my very first challenge!  Started on Monday and lurked on your thread and thought it was time to join you all.

    I relate to something in everyone's story...  

    I'm 44, Mom of 11 year old boy, married to a lovely Australian man, run my own real estate company. Packed on 20 lbs over the last 4 years, which may not seem like a lot, but I started at 105 and 5'1" so it is quite a lot for me.  Guess what they say about gaining weight over 40 is true for me.

    I became motivated to start because I can't fit into my work wardrobe, mostly size 4 & some 6 petite.  Went to the store to buy bigger clothes and said what the heck am I doing.  I need to get healthy and in shape again, not buy bigger clothes.  

    My downfalls are wine and chocolate.  Was having two glasses of wine with my husband every evening and treating myself to sweets when stressed.  

    This challenge is challenging!  On day 3 and I am exhausted, can barely keep my eyes open as I type this.  

    Day 1 I did my lower body - used mostly free weights and lunges, lots and lots of lunges....  Day 2 I climbed up Cowles Mountain, a 1300 elevation gain in 1.5 miles up.  climbed at a slower pace for 15 mins and then tried to do the hits towards the top of the mountain - kicked my ass!   I can still barely climb up a set of stairs.  

    Did my upper body today.  I need to get more familiar with the exercises.  There were no light dumbells at the gym, so I went to the machines.  The weight on some only increased in 20 lbs increments and my weak arms could not up the weight to do the lower reps, so I just did the lower weight until exhausted.  Will need to work on a solution to this.  

    Foodwise I am just grouchy because I can't eat and drink what I want to.  My son has an entire baset full of chocolate under the kitchen counter from Halloween and it is taunting me.  Last night, my friend delivered the box of mint chocolate truffles I ordered a month ago for her daughters school fundraiser.   I told my husband to hide them from  me so I won't be tempted to eat them.   My husband keeps offering me wine at night.  I bought myself Perrier so I can put it in a wine glass and feel like I am having a relaxing drink.  

    I have had to get up at 5:00am to get my workout in and still be able to get my son off to school and start my work day on time.  This has been the hardest.  I fell asleep on the couch last night at 8:30pm.  I know if I don't do it in the morning, too much can happen in the afternoon or evening to get me off track.  

    Others seem to be having similar challenges right now, so I am glad we can give each other encouragement, advise and accountability.

    We Rock!

  • SDNancy

    My very first post, my very first challenge!  Started on Monday and lurked on your thread and thought it was time to join you all...Others seem to be having similar challenges right now, so I am glad we can give each other encouragement, advise and accountability.

    Welcome SDNancy! I too am happy to have accountability and support partners. This is going to be a great and challenging journey!

    Caroline *smiles*

  • Topdog

    I bought a book by Bill Phillips call "Eating for Life" and it helps me out a bunch when it comes to food planning.  It has a lot of great recipes.  I spend Sunday cooking 2 recipes (4 meals each) and storing them in the frig for the week.  When I want a perfect meal I just pop out the meal, microwave and eat.  This makes eating right through the week much easier.

    Great suggestion, Topdog. I have the Eating for Life book as well, but got overwhelmed with all the choices. Your suggestion of picking out two recipes is awesome... small steps towards a big lifestyle change. Love it!

    Caroline *smiles*

  • Topdog

    I need to find an alternative way of working that last 12 rep workout for the calves.

    I did my last set of calve raises on off the brick step in front of my fire place. The extra range of motion really added that "umph" to the last set. I couldn't hold weights because I was lightly supporting myself with my fingertips on the mantle, but maybe ankle weights or a weighted vest can be used to enhance the calf raises?

    Caroline *smiles*

  • RockinIt

    @ Caroline - I love your attitude.  Remember that we all strive for progress not perfection so congrats on not getting frustrated with yourself for not being perfect right off the bat.  I think that you are incredibly brave to put your measurements out there for all of us!  I didn't even want my husband to take them for me much less share them with anyone :-/  I am excited to share this journey with you and have no doubt that you will achieve your goal!

    Hi Sharon! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, I really appreciate them!

    Caroline *smiles*


  • RockinIt

    @ TopDog - I am really liking the EFL cookbook.  What have you tried so far?  ~ Sharon

    i just made the albacore tuna casserole last night.  it was pretty bland, BUT super easy.  i'll have to find a way to kick it up a notch, but will probably make it again.

  • "Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to

    become involved with experimenting with his own life."  ~Herbert Otto


    Happy Day 4 everyone!!!!  This is what we are doing...changing and growing by taking risks and experimenting!  

    I hope everyone is staying motivated and strong.  I have to admit that I had a difficult time getting out of bed earlier this morning. I am a morning person so the snooze button wasn't the problem.  The weather in Arizona is really nice so it wasn't too cold.  I got to sleep early so I had plenty of rest.  The problem was - I physically had a hard time getting out of bed.  My lower body, glutes and quads in particular, are ridiculously sore.  Sitting down and standing up are comical events to anyone who is watching me today : )  I pushed hard in the gym yesterday and I had honestly forgotten how much I used to enjoy weight training, lower body especially.  In my mind, I am still as fit and capable as I was in my late 20s/early 30s.  I will get back to that point or even better but my body today is definitely reminding me that I am now in my 4th decade of life!!!!  Pain is weakness leaving the body...goodbye and good riddance weakness...

    Have an amazing BFL day!

    ~ Sharon

  • RockinIt

    My lower body, glutes and quads in particular, are ridiculously sore.  Sitting down and standing up are comical events to anyone who is watching me today : )

    This is me too.  Every time I stand up I kind of wince.  LOL- then I laugh because it's funny.

    So far, so good.  I've gotten my meals in and I've gotten my workouts in.  I actually was late to work today because I "had" to work out in the morning.  I just don't want the workouts looming over my head all day.  So when I woke up late this morning, I still jumped on the treadmill to do the quick 20 minute cardio workout from the book. I forgot how tough it is!

  • I liked the mom's enchiladas (pg 114) and the beef sesame stir fry (pg 125).  The beef sesame was real easy.  i doubled up on the ingredients to make 4 servings.  Watch out for those red pepper flakes.  Once you add that heat you can't take it out.  Kinda like salt.

  • Previous post talking about the Eating for Life book.

  • HI Sharon,

    I feel your pain, I can actually feel my arm muscles aching as I try and type.  Must have a lot of weakness leaving the body!  

    So glad I just checked in.  First morning I did not get up at 5:00am, tried to and my husband grabbed and cuddled me and we had a nice morning cuddle time...  That through off my whole schedule so now I am working out of my home office and debating if I should just go out and jog around the lake and do my HITS or wait till the afternoon and get my work done.  

    After reading the encouragement, it's outside for my HITS, if you all are sticking to it, so can I.

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.  Caroline, for the calf raises I alternated doing them on each leg and went onto the edge of a piece of weight equipment and then held the weight in one hand and balanced myself with my other arm so I got a full range of motion on each raise.  The extra resistance of doing one at a time and increasing the weight I  held each set, really worked.

    Food Tip:  Non-fat greek yogurt rocks!  It has 20grs of protein per cup, no fat and about 150 calories.  I mix mine with berries and flaxseed for my breakfast, quick and easy.  I have also added it into vegetable soup.   I made a big pot on Monday and reheat a bowl and then after its hot stir in some of the yogurt.  It thickens the soup and give you the protein you need.  Costco was selling their own Kirkland brand, but it was not there yesterday, bought the FAGE brand instead.  

    I'm off to actually jog, something I have not been fond of in the past, but don't have time to get into the gym to get in cardio.  

    Thanks for all the support.  If you haven't done your work out - GET OUT THERE NOW!  Eat healthy, be kind to yourself and do the best you can.  


  • Day 4 and feeling great already!! Had to admit it was hard to get out of bed to get that cardio in this morning..  My thoughts "  Do I want to stay in bed for 30 minutes or do I want to get up and better myself? the decision for me was easy :)

    I find setting out  all my workout clothes on my nightstand makes it effortless to jump outta bed and get at it. One less excuse.

    The eating part of things for me have been pretty easy so far, I've practiced healthy eating for a few years now. Just making more changes like whole wheat pastas and rice and getting both those protiens and complex carbs in my meals also by practicing portion control.. The weekends are usually where I seem to think its a free for all, so I will have to keep myself disiplined for this long weekend lol.

    I am LOVING  reading everyones posts!!!! Totally keeping me motivated and much appriciation to those posting meal plans, excersizes and other helpful tips! Keep writing :)

    I just loving crossing those days off the journey to success sheet !!bodyforlife.com/.../journey-to-success.pdf

    Well I better get back to work, cheers to being over halfway through the week!  You are stronger than you think!!

    JO <3

  • You guys are AWESOME! I may not be posting everyday, but I read every single post by every single one of you and find a ton of inspiration and motivation. So, thank you ALL!

    I'm right there with everyone who is feeling super-sore from their lower body work-out yesterday. My legs felt like linguine and I almost fell going down the stairs! That is how ridiculously weak I am. And that is why, I loved that quote- Pain is weakness leaving your body. I've been chanting it all day.

    I had thought that maybe I would do cardio this morning, but I think my legs need to recover a bit. So, I am planning on doing Cardio this evening. I know today's Cardio will be particularly tough, since my legs are in agony to begin with, but I am just going to focus on how awesome I will about myself once I finish today's cardio, since it will be especially challenging.

    On the diet front, so far so good. I've been getting in about 5 meals per day and drinking tons of H2O (practically living in the bathroom). My only issue is finding a good protien bar. I used to buy South Beach Diet protein bars and they were perfect. They were small, low cal, and had 9 g of protein. But I can't find them anywhere. I don't want the giant protein bars that have like 250 calories and 25g of protein. I have muscle milk for that. I'm just looking for a small quick cereal bar that has a high protein content. Any suggestion?

    Rock on, Everyone!

  • Like you all, I too am sore!!! Not just the lower body-ALL OVER! Due to the extra activity, I have been sleeping like a new born baby. Getting up in the morning is definitely not an easily accomplished task. Days 2-4 I haven't been able to make myself do morning workouts, but I made sure that I worked out at some point during the day *woo hoo!* I would try to psych myself out and think about how I felt and before the thoughts sunk too deep, I shook them off and just got to business. Walked in from work straight to the bed room, changed into work out clothes, and did my thing!

    This afternoon, I did a 20 minute Zumba session for my workout today. The dancing and music is great-makes me feel beautiful and sassy! Makes me appreciate and celebrate being a woman :0) I made it a fun Mommy and kiddies event while we were waiting for my hubby to get home from class. I realize I want them to participate with me in my journey. I want them to see these healthier habits and enjoy being active with me! I am excited about thinking of other aerobic type things we can do together as a family, hubby included!

    Working out through the intensity levels is CRAZY! I've never done this before and learning how to pace myself through the stages takes a lot of focus and discipline. Especially when I am tired as all get out, burning and tingling in areas I forgot or never knew existed, and trying desperately to keep my breathing under control! There were quite a few times when I was dancing and literally screaming at the same time! I kept on going though :0) Of course, my kids thought it was hilarious.

    My workouts have been planned and orderly, but my eating has not. I am moreso focusing on eating smaller portions more often as my first steps towards eating better. My plan for Week 2 is to follow TopDog's suggestion to pick a couple recipes from the Eating for Life book and use the weekend to cook and store up for the week. I am also a newbie in the juicing world, so I will pick one or two juice recipes to try each week as well. Not too much to overwhelm me, but just enough to keep me challenged!

    Thank you all for sharing your successes and challenges. This forum is keeping me motivated to do and BE the best I can be :0)

    Here's to yet another day towards a better tomorrow!

    Caroline *smiles*

  • Working the upper body today was tough.  Since I was still sore from Mondays workout I had trouble lifting the weight I successfully lifted on Monday.  I'm not too worried about it.  This is my third challenge and I remember from the previous ones that the first week is the toughest.  Your body is going though a huge shock.  The lack of blood sugar, although it being more constant with the frequent meal, gives me a week feeling throughout the day.  I do believe that tweaking your meals can be performed.  I'm consuming 3 egg white for my first meal.  I might bump that to 4.  My first challenge was very successful for weight loss.  I lost over 50 pounds.  Some might consider that a bit too much.  I may bump up the protein a bit to aid in muscle growth but i'm really strict when it comes to following the plan to a T.  I don't cheat, at all.  I figure if i'm going to do this and go through these brutal workouts then i'd better eat right.  I'm contemplating buying a food scale and weighing everything i eat.  For all that are doing this for the first time let me give you this advice.  The first week it the hardest.  This is a challenge of the mind.  Push yourself, it's only 12 weeks.  Haven't 12 weeks gone by quickly in the past?  

    Thanks to all for your great posts and let's push each other to the next week.  Free day is almost here.  :)