***We're All In - 11/7/11***

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    I usually keep a small bag mixed of almonds and sun-rype fruit source mini bites in my purse with me at all times to satisfy both hunger and sweet cravings! In my desk at work I keep a bag of quaker rice cakes, a few peices of fruit and a box of oatmeal packs. This saved me today and kept me on track!!

  • Thanks for sending me the link to the thread...saw the other Nov 7th group but couldn't find the original one I had replied to.  Still trying to figure out the Forum.

    Day 1 was okay for me...did the upper body workout after work.  It was tough and I was feeling it today.  I had hoped to get my cardio in before I went into the office this morning but it didn't work...meaning, I hit the snooze ;)  I was able to do a zumba class on the Wii tonight though so it worked out.

    I don't have any of the supplements...don't really like that stuff.  I think I am going to have a hard time eating 6 times a day.  I have never been much of a breakfast person so just eating something in the morning is a big step for me.  I usually just have coffee on the way to the office.

    I am not sure I am disciplined enough for this but I am plugging away!  I really need to NOT hit the snooze tomorrow and get my lower body workout in since I have to meet my hubby and kids right after work for my son's track meet so there will be no time in the evening.

  • mommyribs - I could have written your post!  I don't do supplements either for the same reason.  I like the idea of Zumba on the WII - not big on doing that in public!  How do you like it?  I am going to get on the treadmill here in a minute.  For me, I wasn't disciplined either - thats why I need BFL. It really helps me get and stay on track with eating correctly and exercise.  So now I only eat all that crap once a week instead of every day!!  Breakfast is my hardest meal - so the night before I always make a half PB sandwich and put in the fridge and I make myself eat it on the way to work with my (now sugar free and fat free) coffee because I am just not hungry in the morning AT ALL. Or if you can just blend a scoop of vanilla protein powder and a half a cup to a cup of water and just down that....think of it as fueling your body rather than eating breakfast.  It really triggers your metabolism right away when you do that first thing in the morning.  I have taken those little cans of tuna or little container of cottage cheese to work and a plastic fork and just scarfed it down for my snack.  Just helps to have everything packed or made the day before so you don't make poor choices and if you are going to be working out you need the protein to build those muscles!  Just keeping reminding yourself of why you are doing this and picture yourself doing it!!  We can do this!


  • Great Job everybody on day 2!

    Tomorrow is LB, best of luck! I for one have an issue with my snooze button. It likes to be pressed. Hopefully I can get my butt out of bed and work out before work. It just seems to make the day go better when I get it over first thing.

    I don't know about you guys but I was drinking so much water today I was literally running to the bathroom sometimes.  

    Feeling a bit of soreness after yesterday.  

    See you guys tomorrow!

  • Day 1 went great. Day two not so good. Everyone in my house has gotten the stomach flu. I have been tending after throw up and sick kids and husband. Totally sucks. Consequently I have not gotten my work out in. I guess I still have time but the motivation and energy is lacking. Can today be my free day?

  • hey guys! i started on the 6th so i hope that counts! im 21 years old and i want to lose about 25 - 30 lbs. So far BFL has gone very good for me and my boyfriend who is also doing this with me. Im proud of myself for sticking to the workout and meal plan even though its only been 3 days. cant wait to celebrate 3 weeks! and definitely cant wait for my first free day! good luck everyone on our first week!!

  • Xx JDM Xx said: "..still not used to the 6 meals a day thing ( im usually the guilty one for only eating twice a day).."

    I feel you there. The eating more often is going to be one of my biggest hurdles. I am not a big junk food eater, but I LOVE my Wild Cherry Pepsi. I am a very impulsive person, so I will have to focus hard on being planned and mindful to eat the 6 times a day. My goal is to make small sustainable changes every week!

    Caroline *smiles*

  • mommyribs

    I think I am going to have a hard time eating 6 times a day.  I have never been much of a breakfast person so just eating something in the morning is a big step for me.  I usually just have coffee on the way to the office.

    I am not sure I am disciplined enough for this but I am plugging away!  I really need to NOT hit the snooze tomorrow and get my lower body workout in since I have to meet my hubby and kids right after work for my son's track meet so there will be no time in the evening.


    How about trying a protein shake in the morning on the way to work rather than coffee? Or start small with a yogurt and granola or maybe a boiled egg and some fruit? Baby steps! I don't typically eat breakfast either, but I know I have to start. Especially with the new work out routine. I have been tempted to mix my chocolate protein shake with my coffee, might try that tomorrow! You've got this beat already :0)


    Caroline *smiles*




  • Day 1 went well. Not perfect, but my victory is that I got started. This is my very first time doing BFL, so I miscalculated the time needed to orient myself to the exercises. Work in progress!  I didn't finish my tricep or bicep weight training that morning and was too tired to finish that evening. I did good by planning my meals, but I could do better with sticking to the regimen! Will work on being more mindful moving forward!

    Day 2, I didn't want to get out of bed to work out and I had no will power. Eating not so good, didn't plan or take food to work. I was bound and determined not to let Tuesday be a wash, so I made myself go downstairs to finish my tricep/bicep workout that I didn't finish Monday. I finished and took a nice long stretch, it was great! I've decided that I am going to monitor my weight and measurements weekly. Still struggling with taking before pictures and posting... trying to find the courage. I know it will keep me accountable because I will want to see improvement as I move towards my breast reduction surgery in December.  So my first step is to share my measurements... here goes:

    Chest: 53 1/2

    Arms: R 18 L 18 1/2

    Waist: 47 1/2

    Hips: 59 1/2

    Thighs: R 34 1/2 L 32 1/2

    Calves: R 17 1/2 L 17 1/4

    Weight: 284 lbs

    Height: 5'3'

    A recap on my goals:

    My first challenge will be only be 5 weeks due to my breast reduction surgery (as you can tell from my chest measurements, I need some help!) scheduled for December 19. I'd like to lose at least 30 lbs (I hear you can loose quite a bit of water weight the first couple weeks) and improve my health as much as possible before my surgery.  On January 2, I will officially register for my first full 12 week challenge! At that time, I'd like to realize a 1-2 lb weekly weight loss. A final weight of 140 lbs sounds good, it will depend on how I look and feel.  I love my curves, so I don't want to lose them! I can do without the rolls and bulges though! I want to be toned and healthy enough to run and play with my children whenever! To be able to dance the night away with my hubby and not struggle or fear that my ankles and knees will start to torture me. To sashay across the dance floor  looking good and feeling good! This change is to improve my quality and longevity in life :0)

    Glad to be on this journey with you all!

    Caroline *smiles*

  • Day 3 already did my leg workout this morning and ate my first meal according to my plan. Feeling much better this morning than yesterday. Headache, tired feeling, must be crappy food withdrwal. Tracking my days on the tracking sheet is great, I love crossing off the exercise and the eating portion before i go to bed. It really makes it feel like I accomplished something with my day,

    Good luck to everyone today. Remember we are trying for progress not perfection.

    Keep the faith people!

  • I bought a book by Bill Phillips call "Eating for Life" and it helps me out a bunch when it comes to food planning.  It has a lot of great recipes.  I spend Sunday cooking 2 recipes (4 meals each) and storing them in the frig for the week.  When I want a perfect meal I just pop out the meal, microwave and eat.  This makes eating right through the week much easier.  Another tip is eat fat free cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese is know to be as close to a perfect protein as you can get, that and eat whites.  I know what you're thinking, "cottage cheese, YUK!" but when you mix a finely slice banana with it, it's palatable.  Not great mind you but I can eat it.  This is an easy and quick way to get a meal in that fits the program to a T.  I my opinion this is more of a challenge of the mind then the body.  Do you have the mental fortitude to make it?  HELL YES!  Good luck to all of you and don't quit.  You'll love yourself for it.

  • I hit the snooze button this morning again...but only once.  Then I drug myself up and did the LB workout.  I didn't do a ton of weight and I missed some reps at the end but at least I got up.  For breakfast I had a slice of wheat toast with just a smidge of peanut butter and a hardboiled egg.  Will have some fruit for mid morning snack and then I have a baked potato, salmon and salad for lunch.  

    Feeling good about having gotten up this morning but good LORD was I tired...I seriously could have gone back to bed!  STUPID WORK!  LOL!

    I think I over did my upper body on Monday because I am having such a hard time moving my arms still.  Think I will take the weight down for a few workouts.  I get the whole "no pain no gain" thing but this is just ridiculous!

    @Sally-for-life -- I am loving the zumba on the Wii.  I used to go to local classes but then the instructor changed and I just didn't like it as much anymore plus it got harder to get to the classes.  I was lucky enough to get a copy of the Zumba Fitness 2 before it hits stores next week and I like it even better than the first one.  If you have a gaming system I highly recommend picking one up.  There are different levels of intensity as well as different length classes.  I was picked to host a Zumba 2 party (which is how I got the game early) and I have some coupons for $5 off the game at GameWorks.  I will most likely have extras after my party on Saturday so if you are interested you can send me your address and I will pop a coupon in the mail to you.

    Good luck to all today!

  • Question for everyone.  How do  you work your calves?  I did standing calf raises with dumbbell in hand on the same side as the calf being worked.  I did that for the 12, 10, 8, 6 and then seated calf raises for the 12.  Well I couldn't get enough weight on my thighs to work the calves during the seated calf raise.  I had 2 25 pound weights on my thighs near my knees but I could do it 50 times.  I need to find an alternative way of working that last 12 rep workout for the calves.  What does everyone else do?  The exercise animation link at bodyforlife.com/.../tools has only one exercise for calves.  That exercise animation link is useful.

  • "Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow."

    ~Doug Firebaugh


    Hope everyone had an amazing Day 3!!!  

    I am still a bit sore from Monday's workout but I had a great lower body workout this morning in the gym. I was motivated enough to stay and take a spin class.  I haven't done an indoor cycle class since my last knee surgery over two years ago.  I thought - why not burn the legs out a bit more while getting some additional cardio in...  The instructor was energetic, great music, packed house and an overall awesome ride.  To be honest with you all, I was very self-counscious walking into the class since plenty of triathletes and serious cyclists take this class at 5:45am.  Lots of in-shape, hardbodies entering that spin room.  I debated internally for a few minutes but in the end I realized this is my own insecurity and I just need to GET OVER IT!!!!   I was proud of myself for doing it but GEEZ - I forgot how painful the seats on those bikes can be  :-)

    Have a terrific BFL Day!

    ~ Sharon

  • @ Caroline - I love your attitude.  Remember that we all strive for progress not perfection so congrats on not getting frustrated with yourself for not being perfect right off the bat.  I think that you are incredibly brave to put your measurements out there for all of us!  I didn't even want my husband to take them for me much less share them with anyone :-/  I am excited to share this journey with you and have no doubt that you will achieve your goal!

    @ mommyribs and Sally-for-life - I am going to venture into a Zumba class at the gym tomorrow.  I am excited about it even though I am sure I will look like a total idiot!  I love to dance so why not give it a try right?!?!  Any advise before I do the class tomorrow?

    @ TopDog - I am really liking the EFL cookbook.  What have you tried so far?  Any favorites?  I did a search for calf exercises this weekend and liked some of the ones shown on Bodybuilding.com.  Here is a link to some calf workouts - hope it helps!  www.bodybuilding.com/.../calves

    ~ Sharon